Weight Loss Dailies


Time for summer Tuesdailies! (Read 10 times)


    Seriously, its supposed to be 85 degrees here today. 

    RR:  I'm planning on running with a friend after work, probably six miles.


    NRR:  Work, run, hang out with DF.  The usual for a weekday night.  I woke up with the worst crick in my neck, so hopefully that will go away soon.

    FR: I'm hoping for some Chipotle tonight.  It's been awhile since I've had it.


    Shouts from yesterday:

    Seattle:  Nice job on the tempo run yesterday!  DF proposed at a state park, so it’s just out in nature and quiet, which is kind of hard to find around here.  It was the perfect place for a proposal.


    OU:  A medieval fair sounds awesome!  Is it similar to a renaissance fair?  Nice job on your twenty miler!


    Snowden:  I sometimes do the same thing with MFP.  In fact, I did that last night.  I like Seattle’s goal of tracking everything this week even if its bad.  It sounds like you’re ready for a weekend!  The wedding is coming along nicely, we’re almost there!


    SJP:  Wow that sounds like some crazy winds at the race!  Way to finish it!  Do you have another race coming up anytime soon?


    MIA:  WTH!  You had an appointment to interview with someone and that person wasn’t there?  That’s terrible.  I hope something works out soon!

      rtr: wow 85? That's warmer then us in OK!  MMMM chipotle sounds awesome!!!!  Not sure what a renaissance fair is, but the medieval fair is a bunch a people dressed up in attire from that era walking around vendors and booths that sell merchandise like in a street market from that time period.  They have reenactments and other entertainment, and of course food!  the people watching comes in with the 300# people wearing corsets and other non appropriate attire!


      mia: kitchen looks fabulous!!!


      rr: 5 miles last night.  headed out for 3 and kept going.  windy as all get out so stuck to an east/west only type of route!


      nrr: stayed up way to late watching the championship game last night.  gonna feel that today!


      fr: got the cheesy crust pizza from pizza hut last night that they have been advertising, delicious cheesy goodness!


        Morning!  A little sore today from all the ladder climbing and bending down while painting.

        RTR:  yeah the person I was supposed to interview with wasn't there and they had 2 other people interview me. I never got a call yesterday, a little disappointed, okay ALOT.  in my mind, I would go to the interview on Friday, get offered a job start would have started yesterday. Maybe I'm a little unrealistic

        ou: thanks!  It was a lot of work. I have one more room to paint (well more than that but only bought paint for one more) but I'm going to work outside today since its nice. Fantastic job on your 20. You are ready for your marathon!!


        RR: went for a 6.5 mile run yesterday and then lots of painting.

        NRR:  really liking my colors in the house. I don't think it's been painted since it was built, the whole house is the same color "builders beige". Bummed I didn't get a call yesterday about the job.

        FR:  When I'm busy, I'm good about eating. I guess that means I'm a bored eater.



          I want summer...!  hopefully not too much longer for us (although it waiting until after my marathon would be ok with me)


          RR- Had a great climbing session last night in addition to my run.  Today is 8 mi after work, hopefully the weather will keep tentatively holding on to nice and dry.


          NRR- Lots of meetings and busywork at work today, hopefully the day goes by quickly.  the new accounant is taking over all the stuff I used to do to keep busy during the slow time of the month so I'm not sure what to do now...  will talk with my boss about it and see if she has any ideas (at least so she's aware it's an issue!) Need to do some grocery shopping and such after my run, and then will try to do some more reading for class.  It was really nice to see DBF last night!


          FR- Chicken enchiladas last night, delicious.  Not sure tonight, maybe orange chicken and rice?


          Will try to be back a bit later for shouts!


            Rainy rainy Tuesday.


            RR- Ran a bit over 7 yesterday. I'd like to run today, but the rain is really coming down and I'm feeling wimpy. We'll see what happens.


            FR- Just went and updated MFP for my stupid snacking last night. Trying to be consistent logging again. The numbers were finally starting to help a bit.


            NRR- Work Friday! Or at least it better be.. I could really just a day off to get my spirits back in order.


            RTR- Love love LOVE Chipotle! Enjoy your incredible weather. Your a vegetarian right? I don't eat a lot of meat, maybe once a week. But I'm really trying to find ways to get more protein in my diet. Do you have any food suggestions that give you protein? I eat a fair amount of beans, but I'd like some variety.


            OU-. Mmmmm pizza. I'm drooling over here.


            MIa- I am a bored eater too. Really really bad. Sorry you didn't get a call back. The whole situation just sucks. Is it proper etiquette to call back yourself in a day or two and just ask where things stand?


            Seattle- I'm ready for summer too. Really ready for summer.


              Hi all,


              RR: As I feared, my running fell off with the trip to Aunt Mary's birthday in Wichita and subsequent trip to Vegas for business meetings. Headed home soon but I guess there's a blizzard going on in Denver so hope I don't get delayed. Really need to pile on the miles over the next few days to make up for the goose eggs the last 4 days.


              NRR: Too much traveling, not enough sleeping. The weekend was fun -- great to see all my cousins and look at some ancient movies of my grandparents and aunts/uncles from back in the early 50s (must have been the first home movies ever!). Lots of driving, but it was a fun road trip with my mom/sister.


              RTR: Yay for your nice weather! Maybe this will be our last snowstorm ... although we can always use the moisture. Hope your six-miler is pleasantly warm and not too hot.


              OU: Good for you to stretch to a 5-miler even in the wind. I love medieval fairs -- used to go to one in college that was really fun.


              Mia: You are inspiring me with your paint projects. I just need to break it down into one room and a time and get busy. Hope you hear about the job soon. I had a friend at work get a job offer about six weeks after she had given up on the company -- apparently they were confused internally about who was supposed to tell her she was still in the running. So you never know!


              Seattle: I bet you are loving a spell of dry weather!


              Snow: I think i'd rather run in snow than rain ... hope it clears up for your run. I don't eat much meat either -- I keep trying, but eventually I drift back to my essentially vegetarian ways. Except I love seafood, so I usually order that when I eat out. Do you like quinoa? I've been having that with black beans, veggies, and salsa. That's a decent amount of protein.