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    Good morning!  It's 40 degrees here, I have no idea what's going on with the weather.


    RR:  I ended up running 3.1 miles yesterday.  I was really tired, but it felt alright.  Today I'm meeting up with a running buddy and will run six miles.


    NRR:  I got a great night sleep last night so now I feel normal again!  Today is work, a run, then I'm not sure what the plan is.  Nothing too exciting I am sure.


    FR:  The usual.



    Foco: It sounds like you’re having quite the whirlwind trip!  Too bad the agenda is so packed  in New Orleans.  It would probably be nice to see some of the city.


    Seattle:  That’s really weird about your aunt wanting you to cook.  She’s not supposed to invite people over for dinner, then ask them to cook!  Yeah, I don’t understand those totally over the top Bridezilla people.  Wedding planning isn’t that hard (so far, knock on wood).  I have one facebook friend who posts stuff like “I’m so stressed about the wedding, only ten months to go!”  Seriously.


    Java:  It sounds like you had a great weekend.  I love how you and DH had a night away at a hotel, then brought the kids in the morning so they could go swimming.


    SJP:  Way to be patient with your foot!  That’s been going on for awhile, right?  That must be frustrating.


    OU:  Have fun at crossfit!  Let us know how it goes!  Don’t they recommend a paleo diet?  Are you going to follow any special meal plan while doing crossfit?


    MIA:  Have you recovered from the jet lag?



      MC-have fun at the last part of your trip. that is so much traveling! I bet you will be so excited to get home.

      rtr-i agree, its brrrrrr! yay for a good nights sleep. My heel has been bugging me for about a month. I know I could probably run through it right now, but I just don't want a set back plus, its still barely 40* here in the morning when I run.

      RR: elliptical and bike today. lots of foam rolling per usual.

      NRR: I am so ready for the end of the week already. I bought a washing machine last night--they had $200 in rebates so I ended up with a high efficiency one since that was less money than the conventional. going to pick it up on friday when my parents come down with a truck, i got the last one in stock. whew.

      FR: trying to be cognizant here, i know my activity intensity level has decreased, but I also haven't felt as hungry, so hasn't been too bad.

        rtr: you can have the crazy weather - i'm excited not to see 30* in the outlook forcast for once!  They do have a nutrition section of crossfit, but I don't think I will really do it.  I'm not much of a fad diet type person - i just prefer to eat wisely.


        mia: did you get caught up on school work? It's amazing how quickly that stuff piles up!  Either of your DD moving home for the summer?


        seattle: wow another marathon! awesome!!! I guess if you have the training under your belt why not!  especially if you live someplace gorgeous like you do.  I would probably do more if I had prettier places to run.  I get to go hiking in July in Colorado, I'm so excited, i'm jealous that you get to hike whenever!


        java: this team is killing me! stayed up till midnight watching.  Already decided I'm going to bed at halftime on Wednesday!  Glad the workshop was good and painful!!!  Mom's day weekend sounded wonderful!


        rr: ouch!  wow that was intense.  Crossfit is a lot like P90X if I had to compare. Every day is different and you just push yourself to the limit.  It's going to be really good for me because I hate strength training and don't know how to do it so its a nice guide for me.  Gym is a new branch of a bigger gym so everyone is really a newbie which is awesome.  Definitely feeling the pecs this morning!


        nrr: stayed up way to late watching bball last night - nursing the coffee this morning.  Super busy at work so back to the grind...


        fr: made blackened tilapia and mushroom risotto for dinner last night.  It was amazing!!!!  Love it when I take time to cook instead of just grabbing restaurant food on the way home - tastes so much better!


          Good morning!


          RR: Hot yoga tonight!


          NRR: Nothing exciting. Yoga, dinner, baths, etc. Didn't sleep well at all last night, so I hope to go to bed early.


          FR: took the kids and my niece to McDonald's after karate last night - was really hard not to get anythig, but I did it!



          seattle - thank you so much for your sweet words yesterday. It is a lot, and it is crazy, but I wouldn't trade it. Hardest part is finding time to exercise! I don't really get to train for long races right now because finding 2 hours for a run a every week in addition to the shorter runs and a few days of yoga is pretty impossible. But eventually they will be bigger and I can get back to longer distances.


          rtr - Glad you slept well!


          sjp - yay for a new washing machine!!



            RR: Went for a short run yesterday that ended up a disaster.  It was sunny when I left then got stuck in a horrible windy downpour.  I was running at an odd time of day for me and had eaten about 5 hours earlier so my blood sugar bonked and I had to stop and walk.  Today going out earlier and will eat about an hour before I run.

            NRR: Picking up Mom at the airport at 1 PM.  She'll be here (or with me in Portland) until Monday.  It will be weird having someone else in the house.  I'm so used to being alone and quiet now.  Won't see DBF until Thursday and he is just coming down for dinner.  Weird being so busy and not being able to see him.  School is going well, I like the way they  have the courses set up and they pretty much lay everything out in steps for us to complete.

            FR: Better but I did eat a little too much chocolate that I brought home from Austria yesterday.  So yummy!  Bought lots of fruit and veggies to eat though so I had salads for lunch and dinner yesterday.



            MC: busy, busy, busy.  I bet graduation was great though!

            RTR: Some people just seem to make things harder than they should be and more stressful.  The goal is for you to enjoy your wedding day, not be stressed out by it.  I'm pretty much recovered, still waking up too early though.

            SJP: funny when buying a washing machine is exciting isn't it?

            OU: Yes school work is all caught up.  I am liking the self paced course thing.  They do lay out a plan and what we need to accomplish each week but other than that we can do it pretty much whenever.  Some things are due Wednesday others are due Sunday.  Both girls are staying put until at least August.  Older DD has her lease until end of July and then will be home for a short time.  Younger DD is taking summer school classes.

            Java: Hope you make it through the day on little sleep and get to bed early tonight.



              Good morning!


              RR- 4 mi lunch break run over work.  The weather was really wild yesterday so hopefully it's a little calmer today!


              NRR- Had a nice relaxing night w/DBF yesterday.  We just cooked dinner, gave each other massages and watched some TV, and went to bed super early.  Tonight I am going to happy hour with a friend, then running some errands and doing some cleaning and homework.  I'm looking forward to happy hour at least!  This week is going to be super busy at work covering for vacations and such, keeping my fingers crossed it doesn't get too overwhelming.


              FR- Place we are going to for happy hour has a delicious bacon pepper mac n cheese... I am totally splurging for that!


              Back in a bit for shouts!


                In case anyone is curious, this is the marathon I signed up for:  www.nodm.com


                  Seattle: That is a fabulous marathon and I would do it with you if I had been running longer distances lately.  The most I've run is about 10 as a longish run.