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    Good morning!


    RR:  I'm taking a rest day today so I can get some more Christmas shopping done. 


    NRR:  Work, Christmas shopping, then we have to take our cat back to the vet to get her stitches out.  I have to find a present for DF and I'm kind of hopeless.  He hasn't given me any ideas and every time I ask, he says he doesn't know.  I'm sure I'll find something, I just hope he likes it.


    FR:  Nothing too exciting.


    Have a great day!  I'll try to make it back later for shouts.

      morning!  Happy birthday SJP!!!!


      rr: got in 3 miles with some tempo work last night.  Also did a 15 minute leg strength routine.  those things always make my legs hurt!!  Hoping for another 3 tonight


      nrr: visited nephew last night in the hospital, he is so adorable and cute and tiny!  can't wait to spoil him for his first Christmas!  I'm already over this week - ready for the holidays and a few days off work!


      fr: trying to be conscious, but people keep bringing xmas goodies!


      rtr: yes this is the first, my parents are going nuts being grandparents for the first time!


      snowden: i've used livestrong for years, but people keep saying the myfitnesspal is great - I might have to try that this time around.


      mc: baby is great - tiny little guy, only 5lbs 6oz or so, but I guess they haven't had any trouble with him so he must have been far enough along.  enjoy having the kids home!  


      mia: enjoy last week of WW! are you happy to be leaving? glad xmas with TLC went good - sounds like he is really happy being with you!


      sjp: any big plans for tonight?



        snoweden-glad you got to hang out with your mom even if it didn't involve a lot of running. its nice to be able to spend time with people if you don't get to see them all that often. congrats to her on the weight loss!

        MC-mmm i love adding green peppers and mushrooms to everything, gives so much flavor. enjoy your kids being home!

        mia-glad you had a fun time meeting TLC's family, of course they'd love you! if you are happy and he is happy, people can tell Smile feel better, being sick this time of the year is the worst.

        seattle-i agree, i am ready for 4 day weekend!

        rtr- i think boys are so hard to shop for, good luck finding him something!

        ou-thanks! saw your pic on fb of you nephew and melted. so cute, you will love being an auntie! it is so much fun, do they live nearby?

        RR: 11 miles this morning on the treadmill, it is absolutely pouring here today. gross.

        NRR: had my company birthday lunch/christmas party yesterday. it was fun. we made company t-shirts with nicknames on the back for the bowling (we bowl againg the company that we share an office with), it was fun. i'm tired today though from a sort of late night, and its only tuesday...

        FR: had pub food and beer last night at the party, though bowling + finger foods grosses me out so i only had 1 small corner of a flatbread.


          Snow, Snow, Snow . . . wonder how the roads will be.

          RR: Okay still nothing.  I did go shopping with Younger DD yesterday afternoon so got in some movement but I need to just get out there.

          NRR: After being sick on Sunday it was amazing how much better I felt yesterday!  Went shopping with younger DD yesterday – mostly done now, a few gift cards left to buy and some candy for stockings.  Massage scheduled for this afternoon!!!  Older DD will be home Thursday evening instead of Friday. 

          FR: Went our for a burger ( I actually had a French dip) with DD yesterday when we were shopping.  It was yummy.



          RTR:  Exciting that you are getting all the wedding stuff in order.  I am kind of happy to be in my last week at WW, although I love the job and loved helping people get healthy, the corporation isn’t good to work for – they treat their employees like doodoo, work us to death for very little compensation.  It was time to leave when I was starting to get burnt out.

          Seattle: SNOW!!!  Drive safely.  Have you looked at anymore apartments?  Was the snowshoeing fun?  I really want to try that.

          Snowden: Glad you are enjoying your time with your mom visiting.  How much longer will she be there?  Yes, TLC, is the man.

          MC: How nice that your children are there now.  ENJOY!!  My older daughter is getting home on Thursday night rather than Friday,  I am excited to see her and actually have time off to spend with my children for a change.  Hope the chiro helps your back pain.

          OU: How exciting being an aunt!  Enjoy the little munchkin.  My friends had their baby about a month early as well and she weighed in at 6 lbs.  I need to go visit but didn’t want to bring them any germs. 

          SJP: Nice to be done with shopping isn’t it?  Sounds like a fun party other than the food. LOL  HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!  Any special plans?



            Good morning!


            RR: Hopefully a few miles after work with the dog.


            NRR: Things are not going well with Winston. He is apparently a biter, which I told the rescue was the one thing I was not willing to work with since I have very small children. He has bitten my dad, my sister's boyfriend, and me. None of the bites were hard enough to break skin, but there is no doubt what his intentions were. So for now he is on a leash at all times (even in the house) and is not allowed to be anywhere without being attached to me. I'm at a loss now because we are attached to him, but I am obviously concerned for my kids. I think I am going to give him until we go on vacation and if he hasn't stopped by then I will have to send him back. I'm hoping he's just learning his place in our "pack". I'm a bit upset with the rescue because they stopped us from adopting another weim because they said she was aggressive and they didn't think she would do well in a home with kids, but then didn't tell us Winston had aggression issues with his foster family until I called about the biting.


            FR: SO bad yesterday - had a doughnut at work and then Tucker's (burgers, fries and a shake) for dinner. Today I'll be all the way on the wagon!



            B: WW toast w/ PB, coffee w/ ff creamer

            S: Special K bar, coffee

            L: lean cuisine

            D: salad and probably a sandwich



            sjp - HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!! I hope you have a wonderful day. Never thought about the bowling and finger food thing - I'll never be able to bowl and eat again!


            rtr - good luck buying for DF! I'm sure you will find the perfect gift.


            OU - saw your nephew on FB. He's adorable! Congrats auntie!!


            mia - glad you feel better!




              RR - 3 mi lunch break run today... possibly in the snow?? It has been really chilly the past few days and the s word is starting to creep into the forecast.

              NRR - Looking forward to a relaxing evening - dinner with mom, grandma and brother, and then probably just doing laundry and wrapping Christmas presents. Will be nice to have a night to catch up on all that stuff with no gym/class/etc. Got a lot of baking done yesterday for DBF and for his friend in CO that we are sending a care package to!

              FR - Think I will have a chicken caesar spinach wrap and sweet potato fries for dinner... looking forward to it!


              Happy birthday sjp!!!


                Morning All


                RR- Yesterday I spent some time on the treadmill. Last night I woke up from pain the on the top of my foot. It starts somewhere halfway up my foot and runs down all the way to the tip of my right index toe(??? right next to my big toe). I'm thinking it a muscle problem and was just over worked a few weeks ago but it didn't hurt too bad while my mom was here because I didn't run much. But the 30 minutes on the treadmill over did it I guess because I can't walk normally yet. I'm currently looking up foot stretches. So no running today, but I plan on hitting the gym and using this as an opportunity to strength train for a while. Any thoughts?


                NRR- Day off today. Unless I get called in later. Going to the gym, cleaning, walking the dog. And probably going out to dinner with DBF. Tuesdays are the only evening we have off together.


                FR- Starting fresh today. No sweets today. I've totally been overdoing it in that department lately. But I did do good on getting more protein yesterday and plan on that again today. Probably going to hit the store to find more protein foods, Any favorites?


                rtr- Enjoy your rest/shopping day.Guys are hard to shop for. DBF and I don't really give gifts but if we did I would have a terrible time finding something that's affordable other than a gift card.


                ou- Livestrong has been around for so long I bet their data base is great. The only difference I can think of is MFP has a community forum. It can be really helpful at times if you ignore the bickering. 


                sjp- I can only handle pub food every so often. Which is a good thing I guess, meaning were healthier eaters than a lot of people.


                Mia- Oh, a massage sounds awesome! Enjoy! My mom left a few days ago, but I'm just now getting back into a routine.


                Java- Sorry to hear about the biting issues. : ( I think your plan is a good one though. Trying to work through it and give the dog a change. Maybe he's never had the opportunity to learn to not bite. But I completely understand that there needs to be a time limit for your families sake. Hope it gets better.


                Seattle- Your dinner sounds great! And I love running in the snow. But I also have a love for the snow that many people do not. As long as it's not icy snow running is tons of fun.


                  Hi all,


                  RR: Chiro adjustments are feeling great! Going to yoga tonight, so looking forward to it.


                  NRR: Both kids collected at airport last night! So fabulous to see them. They had good semesters and are looking forward to sleeping in, taking the dogs out for hikes, and (I hope) helping me finish up last-minute shopping! I think they're grateful to eat some non-dorm food, too. 


                  RTR: I just remembered today I have nothing gift-wise for DH. He's hard to buy for, too. 


                  OU: Good for you to get a tempo run in!


                  SJP: Office bowling with custom-made shirts sounds really fun ... I'm going to pass that idea along to our party committee.


                  Mia: Kind of jealous of your snow, but maybe we'll get some in a day or two. Chiro is helping ... starting to worry about the ongoing expense, but I'll do it for now. Terrific that the timing worked out that you can spend this time off with your kids.


                  Java: Ack, that's tough about Winston. Not that you have time for this right before the holidays, but you might take him to a dog trainer who works with behavioral issues to see whether there's any hope for reform.


                  Seattle: Dinner with your peeps sounds lovely! Hope your run in the snow is nice--not windy or too cold. A few snowflakes would be fine!


                  Snow: I'm sorry about the foot pain! I have something going on with my right toe as well, sort of a cramp that comes up that I just try to work around. I'm still looking for the perfect strength training system myself. I'm going to investigate a fitness place that's connected to the yoga studio I like. I've been doing so much experimentation with gyms the last few months. I'm ready to pick one place and commit for 2013. Protein: I am always struggling with this, but I've learned that starting with 2 eggs in the morning makes a world of difference the entire rest of the day for me. I usually have salmon for lunch -- I get a fairly decent brand of canned salmon and have that with greens or on quinoa with some other vegetables (tomatoes, carrots, etc.) and walnuts. Yum! Dinner tends to be fish, too. I don't really like chicken or pork or ground beef, so I make it harder on myself than it needs to be. Every once in a while I get a good sirloin steak and we grill it -- maybe once a month.

                    java: i had tuckers for lunch today! i threw in a shake however, I was having a meltdown at work and needed it!  Bummer about winston.  I hope it's not permanent.  That is always my fear with shelter dogs is having to send them back.  The Weim organization here seems so good - yet slightly disorganized at times, i've looked into them before.


                    snow: is the main point of pain like a stabbing pain that just radiates down? or is is just like a muscle ache between your bones?  have you changed shoes recently? especially to minimal style?  I had a lot of problems last year when I was running barefoot in the summer and what it did to the muscles/ bones in my feet.


                    seattle/ mia: enjoy the snow! I think it's headed our way for Christmas!


                    sjp: I'm so excited to spoil him! he is such a cutie and so much blonde hair!!!  And so much better then the parents, I just handed him back when he needed changed!


                      rr.  Between 4-5 on the TM this evening.  Speedwork or maybe a tempo.  Did some good running over the weekend - 5 on Thursday, 4 on Friday, and 8 on Sunday.  I think I'll be ready to start marathon training in mid-January.


                      nrr.  M and I had an awesome weekend - busy, but awesome!  Christmas shopping, birthday party, swimming, visiting Santa, and baking together.  DH went to Denver and made it back safe and sound on Sunday afternoon.  We're expecting some serious snow tonight - nothing yet, but I have hope for a snow day tomorrow!


                      fr.  Not too bad.  A few too many cookies lately but I can't be perfect!  Made the knock off version of the Olive Garden soup on Sunday.  Yum!