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Thankful for the Thursdailies! (Read 7 times)


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      Whoops rtr we posted at the same time, I'll move mine here!


      RR – Lifting and climbing with DBF at the gym, rest day from running.  Which is kind of a bummer because my legs are getting to that point in cutback week where they are antsy to run!  But I know it’s good for me.


      NRR – Yesterday at work was so slow.  It really stresses me out much more than being busy!  I know it’s understood and people know that that’s the just the nature of accounting jobs, but argh.  Luckily my company is planning to grow pretty significantly soon, which is exciting and should mean a steadier work flow hopefully in the near future! Need to learn to meditate or something.  On the bright side, I was so antsy when I got home that I got a ton of homework, laundry, and cleaning done! Hopefully today and tomorrow will go at least a little faster!  Looking forward to relaxing with DBF after the gym tonight and definitely looking forward to the weekend too.


      FR – Making salmon w/steak fries and Brussels sprouts with bacon and gouda for DBF tonight.  I am not a huge seafood fan (weird, I know living in Seattle) but am trying to like it more and salmon seems like a good place to start!


        OH GEEZ!  which one do we do??  LOL!


          Yours!  So confusing!