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    Morning All!


    rr.  RP/TP and I will be going for about 7 miles today.  Her DH is taking one of their track kids to a college visit today so my DH will watch their daughter and M.  Wish I could be a fly on the wall for that one!  I did get on the TM for 3 yesterday while M was down for her nap.  Felt good!


    nrr.  DH and I have a sitter lined up for later on today.  We're going out to dinner and doing a little Christmas shopping together.  Should be nice!


    fr.  Still rockin the soft foods.  Ugh.


    Happy Weekend ya'll!




      RR - Pushing my 6 miler back to tomorrow in hopes that a day off will help this cough go away!


      NRR - Doing some baking this morning - cookie dough cheesecake bars and garlic parmesan dinner rolls for our little dinner party tonight, should be fun!  DBF and I are meeting up for pizza and beer for lunch at one of our favorite places, to talk more about possibly moving in together...  we found a really sweet apartment that we are going to look at but want to make sure we're both on the same page about everything first.  Maybe go bowling or see a movie or something in between that and dinner!


      FR - Pizza and beer for lunch, ribs w/baked potatoes, dinner rolls, cocktails, and cookie dough cheesecake bars...  I'll just call this day a pass haha.



      Simon - enjoy your run today and dinner/Christmas shopping with DH later!  It's great that the two of you are able to still get some alone time together and enjoy miss M as well.  Hope you can move past the soft foods soon!


        Good morning!


        RR:  The race last night was really fun!  I ran the two miles in 16:46, which was a minute and a half pr for me for that race.  Today I think I'll go for a run, probably ten miles.  If it doesn't happen today, I'll do it tomorrow.


        NRR:  After the race last night we went to dinner and out to the bars.  It was fun, but the town was packed because there was a parade also.  Today we don't have much going on.  We're going to watch some Homeland.  That's about all we have planned for today.

        FR:  Pumpkin pancakes for breakfast this morning.  They were delicious.


        Simon:  Enjoy your date night!  That sounds like fun.


        Seattle:  Wow, that's great that you and DBF are talking about moving in together.  How long have you been dating? 

        Have a great day!


          rtr - way to go on your pr last night, that is a speedy time!  sounds like you guys have a nice relaxing weekend planned, love it!  DBF and I have been dating for almost 2 1/2 years Smile


            RR- Not sure will happen today. I don't have a plan. There is snow on the ground and I'm feeling lazy.  Possibly the gym or a short run.


            NRR- Snow!


            FR- All I can really focus on is my coffee right now.


            Simon- Enjoy your evening with DH. It's great that you get time with just you two.


            Seattle- All that food sounds awesome. Hope your chat with DBF goes good. That's exciting!


            rtr- Awesome job on your run! That is a lot of time to whack off for a PR!


              snowden.  We're still waiting for our first snow of the year.  We were supposed to have some flakes this morning but now it's 53 degrees out.  Hope we don't have a repeat of last year's low snowpack.


              seattle.  So smart for you and DBF to lay out the groundwork of the possibility of moving in together.  It's definitely an adjustment.  DH and i moved in together about 2 years after we started dating.  It wasn't perfect but we grew a LOT as a couple.


              rtr.  Way to go on the race last night!  Your 10 mile streak amazes me!


              RP and I did close to 7.5 this morning.  LOTS of hills.  Ouch!  DH did great with the girls!  We all had lunch after we finished up and then DH headed out for a ride.  Just relaxing and tidying up the house this afternoon.  Smile

              Defender of Bagels

                Some of us RWOL-types have jumped in over at http://www.runningahead.com/groups/jiggly_joggers/ (it's no longer named that.) You're welcome to join in over there if you like! 


                  Hi all,


                  RR: Battled through 8 miles this afternoon. First outing in new Mizuno shoes. I got Prophecy instead of Nirvana this time based on a bunch of good reviews. But by mile 5, my forefeet were absolutely numb. Big disappointment. Maybe I should have broken them in with a shorter run? I want to love them but I sure don't yet.


                  NRR: Going out with DH to hear a band a couple of towns south of us at a brew pub. Yay! Also, I invented a Thai curry stew with steak that we're about to dig in to. Hope it turned out OK.


                  Simon: I was at the Crown Pub Thursday night (on College, by the Cupboard). We love the Trailhead, too. My DH is a biologist for the state, and they all consider the TH home base. Great job on the hilly 7.5 today! Are you  off the soft foods yet?


                  Snow: Lucky you to have snow! I fear we'll never get to ski this year ... Also, about your food question, when I do stick to eating right it's because I keep it really simple and try to eliminate decision-making. I have a couple of different good breakfasts, lunch, and dinner go-tos, and I just try to put blinders on and focus on those. Agree with Simon that keeping bad stuff out of the house is key! I can't have ice cream in the house. :-)


                  RTR: Pumpkin pancakes sound great. Nice time on the race!


                  Seattle: Have fun apartment shopping! Sounds great -- as does your meal plan for today! Good to have a "pass" day every once in a while.


                    Hi, just joined this group because I used to be 50 lbs overweight and thought I could help some people here if they wanted to lose weight.


                    I'm a little confused though. Why is everyone talking about eating really fattening foods?


                    Edit: Okay, pass day, I get it. lol.


                      ok so i'll post.


                      RR: I haven't been putting in good mileage for a few weeks now. I've been running short distances (under 5 miles) relatively fast and with a lot of step climbing thrown in, but the "joy" just isn't there, you know? I did run 8 miles a week ago but only because i ran with a friend of mine who is an avid triathlete.


                      Actually I've been a little depressed past week or so. So today I felt really really good about running 8 miles. I did it slowly, probably at a 10 m/m pace, but it just felt amazing to feel the joy again. Part of my run was 3 miles around a 440 meter track 12 times. After every 440 I would stop and do either 20 pushups, 20 assisted pullups, 15 pilates or 50 flutter kicks. Felt good the rest of the day as a result.


                      NRR: We had about 10 people over for a wine tasting that my wife had "won" in a charity auction last night, so i needed to do cleanup. Then I spent about 4 hours doing laundry bc my DW and I have been traveling a lot (nyc 2 times, san fran and LA all in November) and we haven't done a lot of laundry. Also I worked on something i need to complete really soon work wise. But this was not as dismal as it sounds -well maybe it is, but, like my run this morning, it felt great to get everything done.


                      FR:Before my run I drank a grande non-fat latte from starbucks.  After my run my wife and i split an oven roasted chicken breast sandwich from subways (spinach, green peppers, tomatoes, onions, pickles and yellow mustard on "whole wheat" bread. About 2 hours later I had a "fat free" + "no sugar added" frozen yogurt with rasberries, blueberries, and a sprinkling of chocolate cocoa puffs. Dinner was roasted chicken again with baked kale. I snacked on a few baked corn chips, and had a few pieces of toast with some fat-free cream cheese. Also had a diet soda.