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    MC- glad to hear your back is feeling a little better. hope it stays that way! weather looks a little chilly here this weekend, but most of the weekend looks dry for activities!

    seattle-you should try p90x! especially if you like to lift. the fast, no rest method that it uses really doesn't give you time to be bored which i like, also that the workouts are short.

    RR: 7 miles and 30 minutes elliptical this morning. legs feel okay, its just my inner hamstrings that are still tight. trying to be smart about it. maybe lifting again tonight, if we aren't too sore to do it. haha

    NRR: laundry and packing tonight. heading home after work tomorrow. i am excited, haven't been home since the wedding and that was sort of a whirlwind weekend.

    FR: nothing too exciting here...leftovers tonight



      RR: Kind of laying low the past couple of days.  I've just been feeling achey and super low on energy.  Not sure what's going on.

      NRR: Had to go get my pre-employment drug screening for the insurance job yesterday.  They sure do know how to make you feel guilty when you haven't done anything.  They place was kind of seedy, you have to lock your personal belongings in a lockbox, wash hands in front of them both before and after, can't flush the toilet, I'm surprised no one was in the room while I peed.  I understand but the technicians could have been more personable or something.

      While I was out I ran some errands.  I was going to go for a walk when I got home but an old friend called so I talked with her for a long time instead.

      I've been watching Breaking Bad on Netflix in the evenings and that is pretty intense.

      FR: Just pretty bland stuff since my stomach still feels a little off.


      SJP:  I can't believe your nephew is already 4 either!  I remember when he was born.  Wow! How old is your niece now?

      Seattle: I hated feeling sick when the weather was nice, just because I know how few nice days are left.  Hope your day goes quickly.

      MC: Glad your back is feeling better.  Have a great time in NH this weekend!!  Is it parents weekend or your son's fall break?



        Good morning!


        RR – Had an awesome 5 mi tempo run over lunch yesterday, perfectly paced and that’s the quickest I’ve run that route!  Today will be lifting and possibly some climbing with DBF at the gym after work.  Hoping to fit in some swimming/yoga soon but it is tough to add any more than I am already doing with work, school, running, and gym!


        NRR – Yesterday at work was soooo slow.  Today should be a little better anyways, and then next week it will start picking up again.  Went grocery shopping, did laundry, and got lots of reading done last night so that was productive at least.  DBF is coming over to spend the evening at my place after the gym, should be fun.


        FR – Making steak w/baked potatoes and asparagus with parm for dinner.  Also baked a batch of PB cookies for DBF last night!


          Hi!  Sorry I haven't been around lately, I'll try to be better about that.


          RR:  Yeah, there hasn't been much to write about in this area.  I ran on Saturday, and once in the middle of the week last week, so its safe to say I'm in a slump.  I think the main problem is that our house is in an area that isn't really runable (only a short loop and huge hills, which make me not want to run), so I have to drive somewhere after work, which is the last thing I want to do after spending 45 minutes to an hour in my car on the way home.


          My new solution is to bring my running stuff with me and stop on my way home at my a nice path I used to run on before I moved.  I've done this once before and it was nice.  It's a little bit out of the way, but not any more so than the good running places near my house.  Also, DH's parents are giving us their treadmill, but we have to pick it up, so once we have that at least I'll have a way to run at home.


          NRR:  Things in this area are going much better than my rr!  Work is busy, but it's going well.  I have a three day weekend, and the house is coming along nicely, so I'm pretty excited about that.


          FR:  This hasn't been as good as it should be either, so I need to work on that as well.


          SJP:  Have a nice weekend at home!  Are you going for any specific reason, or just to visit?


          MIA:  Breaking Bad is so good!  Have you managed to avoid the spoilers about the end of the show?


          Have a great day!


            Hi all,


            RR: I did 4.5 miles yesterday! That's the longest run I've done in weeks. Felt really good. Not incredibly fast, but I'll take it. Not sure about running or yoga today -- another roller-coaster day at work, so not a lot of time.


            NRR: Just  house cleaning tonight, packing for trip to see DS in Maine. Will be gone through midday Wednesday of next week, so looking forward to the break.


            SJP: You have almost convinced me to try PX90. Still thinking about it. Love that it's short. Sometimes when I'm running out of time I could use a short, intense session that I don't have to come up with on my own. You'll have so much fun this weekend -- birthday cake with 4-year-olds will be terrific.


            Mia: Ha, I am always nervous around officials no matter what. I can be driving 5 miles under the speed limit and I freak out when I see a highway patrolman. Don't know why -- my encounters with the law have been few and far between. It's our son's fall break this weekend ... so we're going to see the new art museum on the campus but then go hike, fish, and hang out with friends in Belfast, ME. I think the leaves are still going to be great. Hope your energy level returns: I have been super sleepy lately but I know it's partly just the weather change to cool/cloudy. It just makes me even more coffee-dependent to keep my eyes open.


            Seattle: Yes, it's hard to imagine you're going to fit in swimming/yoga with the running and lifting you're already doing -- and you're so consistent, it's great! Your dinner last night sounded great. Do you resist the PB cookies when you make them for DBF? I wouldn't be able to.


            RTR: Hi! I am your slump buddy ... really battling to return to any kind of running consistency, but I'm keeping after it. I think I've averaged 10 miles a week the last few weeks, if that. The treadmill sounds like a good solution. I have a really old one that I'm not too exciting about using. But during the winter, I do pretty well with lunchtime runs, at least until it really starts snowing (often not until after the holidays here, but I think this year we're going to get hammered with snow.) Great that work is going well, and it must be exciting to see the progress on the house!


              sjp - p90x sounds kinda like what I do when I lift by myself anyways, haha.  I like that efficiency too!  woohoo for going home for the weekend!  I am really eager for the weekend already and it's not even Friday yet... this week has been dragging!  Hope your hammies loosen up for you soon!


              Mia - bummer that you are still not feeling good, hopefully you can feel back to normal soon!  lame on the drug screening...  sounds kind of skeezy but at least it is over with!


              rtr - lucky you with a three day weekend ahead, how awesome!  I think running on your way home from work is a great plan, especially if it's nicer.  I find it really hard to leave and go back out again once I get home (especially if I sit down/get comfy at all!).  Glad you are doing well and making progress on the house, how fun!


              MC - nice work on the run yesterday, that's great!  Enjoy your visit and your time away from work, I'm sure it will feel great since you've been so busy lately!  My thing with PB cookies is not so much with the cookies themselves, but the cookie dough...  it's so hard not to snack on it while I'm putting it on the cookie sheet.  I have found that the only way to not eat way too much of it is to not eat any at all, and luckily I was able to do that last night haha!