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    Morning! almost to the weekend

    mia-yes i've done a few tri's and really liked them, but i haven't done any in a few years. i love swimming, but its not as easy to find pool/open swims as it was when i was in college and could use it free/anytime! dbf and i talk about doing one. he has never done one. i'd want to go 70.3 i think as i've done olympics a few times and was sort of 'eh' not that tired.

    RR: 8 easy miles then elliptical. did ab ripper last night, its getting easier but still feel sore. not sure that we'll do anything tonight.

    NRR: thursday. just getting through i guess. i love thursday tv, so can't wait to make dinner, snuggle on the couch with dbf after work. its cold here and i'm not ready for winter!

    FR: chicken burritos tonight, well burrito bowl for me. put chicken, jar of salsa and 1 packet taco seasoning in the crockpot, it is really tasty and easy!


      Hi all,


      RR: Swimming this morning: we did team relays and drills with push-ups and leg kicks, so it was fun but hard. I'm still at the point where I I'm not in good enough swimming-shape to really put in a good, sustained effort, so will continue to work on that. (Kinda makes me miss running, though, where you just can put one foot in front of the other.)


      NRR: Icy roads today with about 3 inches of snow on top. I skidded through my first intersection this morning, but since it was at 5:30 there was only one other vehicle to witness. Today is a packed day at work, trip to our Boulder office for a meeting, T-giving potluck with coworkers, happy hour with work people tonight. Good thing I like these people, for the most part! I have spent a lot of time with them this week.


      SJP: I am just realizing how lucky I am that this pool is available in the morning. It's big enough that they can run the city-wide high school competitive team workouts, our master's workouts, and an open lap swim for citizens at the same time. This town is crazy for swimming, apparently. Your supper sounds delicious!


      Seattle: I am always amazed at how much you get done, plus you carve out some time to have a bit of fun, too. I think you're doing everything at just the right pace. I took five years to finish my master's! Of course, I seized every opportunity for distraction. You are really cruising through at a great, steady clip. Good for you on your speedy workout yesterday!


      Mia: How long before you job starts? You are really busting through the chores. So nice that your run went well -- that must feel terrific.


        Good morning . . . . BRRRRR!  Cold out today.

        RR: Meeting up with friend in about 45 minutes, will definitely need to dress warmly.

        NRR: STill working on the case studies for this week.  Hoping to get them done today so I am able to take my tests either tonight or tomorrow.

        FR: Now that my mind is in it, I'm doing pretty well.  I was craving something sweet last night and ended up having a cup of hot chocolate.


        SJP: Nice job rocking the workouts.  What are the shows you watch on Thursdays? Where are you two going for T'giving?


        MC: I start my job 2 weeks from Monday (Dec 9th).  Are all your work functions mandatory?  What about those people who have a family with young children and need to be home on occasion?  I bet your days fly by.