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    Good morning!


    RR:  This was a good weekend running wise for me.  I ran 4.4 on Friday, 3.1 on Saturday and 4.2 on Sunday.  I also jumped rope fro 20 minutes and did some arm weights on Saturday.  Today is a swim day.  I'm planning on a 1600 yard swim in the pool after work.


    NRR:  This weekend was good, but consisted of entirely too much grading.  I had about 120 essays on the same topic to read.  I got it done though, so that's a huge relief.  Other than that, DF and I just hung out a bunch.  Today I have work, a swim, then a low key evening with DF, probably watching the Bachelor.


    FR:  I stayed under my goal on MFP all weekend, and I can't remember the last time I've done that on a weekend is, so I'm pretty happy about that.  So far I'm on track with my February exercise/mfp goals.


    Have a great day!  I'll try to make it back for shouts later!


      Morning. wow was super busy at the end of last week and never made it here. i stayed late at work and didn't even get on my computer at home...

      rtr-i think winter just means slacking, its so hard to want to run when its frigid. and dark. and frigid. sounds like  'friend of a friend' is a cool idea. even if no sparks flew. my sister just signed up for wedding wire this weekend and she got instantly overwhelmed with all the tasks!

      seattle-was it a short sale on the house? are you gone all week for vacations? can't remember.

      snowed-i think pushups and abs are so quick to tone you, they take 10 minutes and can be done right after a run, bc i agree, i love to lift but there is no way i will choose that over a run!

      java-how was your weekend with the 'b's and DH away?

      RR: ran 10 miles on the tmill on saturday morning bc i couldn't sleep. then sunday had my 10 mile race, it was 20* and spitting snow. DBF ran with me since he hadn't run 10 miles in over a month and didn't want to 'race'. we ran a 1:15:54, which is a 7:35 pace, DBF kept say, just go if you want to pick it up..haha i did have us running under 7's at the very end, up a hill. oops! the last 2 miles were awful bc it was mostly up hill and stiff headwind. my face was pretty much frozen. ran 10 this morning. legs aren't all that tired so that was good. i didn't feel smoked at the end of the race either.

      NRR: another busy week at work. looking forward to next weekend--DBF and I are hiking, and got a hotel so we can relax, be away and then shop at the outlets the next day. excited.

      FR:went to my sisters on saturday, her fiance, DBF and I all went to dinner, had grilled chicken sandwich w. fries, not the best thing for my stomach before a race, but oh well!


        RR - Had a great 12 miler on Saturday! This week is a cutback week, which is pefect timing for vacation. I am planning on doing some running in Palm Springs but it will be nice to not have a super long run to deal with. Today is 3 mi lunch break run and then lifting at the gym w/DBF tonight.

        NRR - Nice relaxing weekend - DBF and I took almost a 3 hour nap on Saturday after my long run, it was lovely. Yesterday watched the Super Bowl while doing hw and laundry - pretty chill but I got a lot done. Today hoping to get caught up on my work and hw so I don't have to worry about anything on vacation (we leave first thing Wednesday morning!). Also, just found out that one of DBF's best high school/college buddies who has been traveling around Europe for the last year is coming back for a job this week, so he wants to surprise DBF and some other friends when we get back from vacation - DBF will be so happy, yay!

        FR - Spaghetti w/meatballs and french bread for dinner.



        Back for shouts in a bit!


          Hi all -- so sorry I disappeared last week! Just overwhelmingly long days with the business travel and meetings. Very little time to check in here, so I'll keep this short and be back later for shouts.


          RR: Bad week last week for running. I did squeeze in 3 on the hotel treadmill for the week, but ended up with only 9 miles for the week. Had an opportunity on Saturday to make up some mileage but spent most of the day on our taxes so I could get DS financial apps in for next year. Went XC skiing yesterday -- fun! But I am so sore today.


          FR: Excellent seafood in Seattle area last week! And some wine.


          Back later for shouts ...


            rtr - way to go on exercising and staying under on MFP all weekend... that is impressive!  Definitely more difficult for me to stay under on weekends when there is always something involving food going on!  Glad you were able to get lots of grading done - it must be tiring to read so much on the same topic over and over!


            sjp - yeah, the house is a short sale, so there is a lot that could potentially go wrong with it - but it'd be a great deal if they got it.  DBF and I are leaving for Palm Springs super early on Wednesday morning and coming back on Sunday... can't wait!  Sounds like you had a great weekend - you rocked that 10 miler especially considering the weather!  Hiking and a weekend away sounds lovely!


            MC - cross country skiing sounds like fun!  I bet it is a great cross-training workout.  I've never been but I may have to try it sometime... that or snowshoeing!  Glad you had some good food while you were up here - it's funny, I've lived here my entire life and I still don't like seafood.  I've been trying it more often lately but I still just have a hard time stomaching most of it!


              I made it to the pool for a fantastic 1600 yards after work.  It was slow going at first, but then it felt great once I got into it.


              SJP:  Nice job on the race!  What's your pr for a ten mile race?  Your weekend away this weekend sounds glorious.  How far away is the hiking from your town?


              Seattle:  Nice job on the twelve miler!  I forget, when is your marathon?


              Foco:  Nice job getting some running in while you were out of town.  That's always hard to do!


              Have a great night!


                rtr - man, I am looking forward to some swimming while we are in Palm Springs...  it's just been so hard for me to fit into my schedule lately!  Glad you had a good one!  My marathon is Tacoma City on May 5 Smile


                  Hi everyone!

                  RR: finally got in a couple of good runs this past weekend.  Ran 6 miles on Saturday and about 8 on Sunday.  It felt really good to run and really helped my mood.

                  NRR:   I was ready to throw in the towel on Friday with my job.  So tired of getting blamed for everything that goes wrong there even when it hasn't been my fault.  TLC talked me through my melt down, that and my runs this weekend seemed to give me the motivation to push through with work.  My old boss, the one who wasn't super nice to me when I left, started texting me last week out of the blue. Well I figured out why today, she asked me if I wanted to come back and work there again.  LOL  At least I have an option now if worse comes to worse.

                  TLC had some of his friends over for super bowl yesterday so I met a few more of his friends which was fun.  On Saturday we're going out with another one of his friends and her fiance.

                  FR: Went to a WW meeting last week, it was just good to see some friends and get some positivity in my life.  Trying to be a good healthy eater but when I'm stressed and home alone, sometimes it isn't working.  : (