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    Hi everyone! Hope you had a great weekend!  Mine was absolutely crazy.  Had a 12 hour seminar weekend class, did my first school observation Friday morning - which was so much fun!, had a baby shower last night...I need a vacation from my weekend!


    rr: did a tempo run on saturday which wasn't great.  had some distractions that kept my pace off.  Yesterday did 11 miles, wasn't really wanting to do it, but once I got into the run I had a fantastic one.  Felt great to just move.  Was just more exhausted afterwards however!


    nrr: went to see my nephew yesterday, he is such a cutie, even got to give him a bottle! (i know the parents are like yes please come and feed him all the time so I can take a nap...and I think its the greatest thing ever).  School observing on Friday was a lot of fun.  they do pen pal letters with a college class that is learning about first graders and how they write and think, then we did some reading time and art time.  lots of fun.  weekend class was really informative, but so much information to take in.  also have a ton of assignments to finish before the next meeting in two weeks.  busy busy!


    fr: pretty good this weekend.  Made chocolate waffles yesterday morning...so good!


    wr: down into the 140s!!!! 149.8, but hey it's official!



      ou-how is it monday again? how were your classes/busy weekend?

      mia-you aren't being a bad forumite!!! sorry that the job is a little stressful, what happened to friendly coworkers? why would they want you to mess up? sounds like a wonderful weekend with TLC and DD, that is so great. also happy to hear EX got his crap out of your space.

      seattle-way to go on the run this weekend when it was rainy, i find that in crappy weather, its just getting out the door--once you are running it isn't so bad! DBF and i ran in 10* and windy yesterday and the first mile hurt but after that, was okay. yum, i had sweet potato fries this weekend too!!!

      jen-sounds like you are ready for DH to be at work! will you visit him in california at all?

      snowed-how long do EMT classe go?

      RR: 13 on the treadmill saturday bc it was frigid, and some elliptical. sunday dbf and i braved the 10* feels like 2* temps and ran 7. i was frozen the first 1-2 miles but after that was okay. however, 1 hour was plenty to be outside in that. also did an arms/shoulder workout. sore today.

      NRR: had a relaxing weekend with dbf, saturday we cleaned, relaxed, ran some errands went out for dinner. on sunday we looked at a condo, went grocery shopping and made dinner. i got a little stir crazy yesterday but otherwise, it was nice to not have big plans.

      FR: had grilled chicken sandwich and sweet potato fries on saturday night, it was awesome!

        sjp:: wow that is cold - i've done some miles in stuff like that and it takes so long to warm up once I came back inside!  Oh a condo! are you guys looking to move out of the bigger house and into your own place?  My weekend was nutso crazy, so glad that it is over.




          RR - 3 mi lunch break run, then lifting at the gym w/DBF after work.


          NRR - Had a nice relaxing weekend with DBF - we went to see Silver Linings Playbook on Saturday, I thought it was pretty good! Should be a pretty busy day at work today again but then hopefully settling down by the end of this week.  We leave for Palm Springs next Weds, yay!  Not doing too much after work except gym, laundry, dinner, and homework.


          FR - Not sure on dinner...  maybe either leftovers or chicken w/rice and veggies.


          I'll try to make it back in a bit for shouts!


            Good morning!

            RR:  I'm heading to the gym after work to fit in a swim, probably 1600 yards.  Originally I was going to run after work, but the forecast calls for 30 degrees and rain.  No thanks!  It's supposed to be nice tomorrow, so I'll run then.


            NRR:  I had a very nice, albeit slightly busy weekend.  Yesterday we went to see Zero Dark Thirty, which was really good, but pretty long.  Then we went to a travel agent to get info for our honeymoon and then out to dinner at Carrabas.  We're going to book the honeymoon in the next couple of days, so I am beyond excited for that.  Saturday I went to a get together with some teachers from my old school, so it was really nice to catch up with them.  Today I just have work, a swim, then a relaxing evening with DF watching the Bachelor.


            FR:  The usual.



            SJP:  Looking at condos is exciting!  Are you thinking about buying one by yourself, or with DBF?


            OU:  Yikes, that weekend class sounds miserable, but it's probably a great way to get some quick crediits.  Nice job getting the 11 done!


            Seattle:  Have fun in Palm Springs!  Do you have any fun activities planned for the trip?

            Have a great day!


              Good morning all!


              I had a pretty good weekend.....my eating (other than a couple of beers) was good.  I didn't journal most of the weekend though, so bad there, but I also did not go overboard.

              Two things I was most proud of.....I ran 5 miles on Saturday...the furthest I have ever run, and on Saturday night even though we were at a fundraiser party, I brought a veggie tray for our table so I could stay in control.  People looked at me funny, between the veggies and drinking water, but I felt good about my decision.


              Here is a recipe I thought I would share.  It is in my crockpot right now.  I found in in Clean Eating magazine and someone had already posted it on another website so here it is.


              Oudaisy- Sounds like you had a busy weekend!  Ahhhh babies!  How sweet!!!!!!  And great job on your 11 miler.


              SJP- No, not going to California to see DH.  Typically, we have our unwritten rule that if he is gone more than 3 weeks, I fly out to see him, but he did not work much this fall so money is pretty tight right now....plus the kids and I are going to Florida in March to see my parents, so I can't really take time off from work.  Wow on the 13 on the treadmill!  That is great!  And same with getting out in that cold.  I wanted to run outside so badly, but we had snow and ice all over the place and didn't want to chance it.


              Seattlechica- Have a great day!!!

              Goals for 2013:

              Run 10K Race- ACCOMPLISHED!!!!

              Run HM



              2-9 Kittanning Rotary Club 5K 44:38 on ice UGH

              3-9 New Port Richey, Fl Pasco Challenge 10K- 1:22:55

              5-12 Komen Pittsburgh Race for the Cure 5K

              7-6 Ford City Heritage Days 5K

              8-4 Pittsburgh Rock n Roll 1/2 Marathon

              9-29 Richard S.Caliguri City of Pittsburgh Great Race 5K



                Good morning - hope you all had a great weekend!!


                RR: Rest today. Had an AMAZING hot yoga class Saturday morning and then a fantastic run with the dog yesterday.  Winston is getting so much better on his leash that I really enjoyed him being with me yesterday.


                NRR: Had a great Saturday celebrating my mom's birthday (yoga, brunch - with mimosas, and a massage). Unfortunately little b had a fever all weekend, but it seems to have broke now. Other than that, it was a nice, relaxing weekend.


                FR: made Sweedish meatballs last night with egg noodles - added a little too much ginger, but Big B had two helpings, so I guess they were ok.



                B: apple cinnamon granola w/ greek yogurt and honey, coffee w/ ff creamer

                S: Fiber One bar, coffee

                L: TBD??

                D: Chinese 5-spice chicken, brown "fried" rice, peas



                OU - glad you enjoyed your observation time with the first graders. Sorry you had such a busy weekend - hope your week is a bit calmer.


                sjp - you crazy lady!! 10 degrees? Really though - you rock.


                seattle - sounds like a nice weekend! I've been wanting to check out that movie. Palm Springs sounds like heaven right now.


                rtr - so did you decide where you will be going on your honeymoon?


                jen - thanks for sharing the recipe! That looks like something I would love (now not sure about my boys, but I would). Good for you sticking to your goals. I have a beer or a glass of wine almost every night - I've decided it doesn't count Smile


                  Happy Monday- May be a quick post.


                  RR- Probably a rest day, busy day today. I got in a really good 7 miles yesterday. Hoping to get in a few today but I only have an hour off today between work and EMT class.


                  FR- Doing okay. Figuring things out slowly.


                  NRR- Snow! Not a lot, lots of ice.


                  OU- YAY! for the 140s! thats awesome! You've been working hard for it.


                  Jen- 5 miles! Woo Hoo! I hit 5 miles about 4 months ago and I was excited too! And nice job on thinking ahead with the veggie tray.


                  I'll try to be back later for more shouts. I'm going into work 5 hours early so I can make the EMT class so I'm kind of rushing this morning.


                    Had a great chilly 3 mi lunch break run... woke me up a little which was nice!


                    ou - long run twins this past weekend!  Nice work on your 11 miler Smile  Hooray for seeing your nephew over the weekend, he sounds adorable!  That class observation sounds really cool.  Are you thinking about teaching the younger grades?  Congrats on the 140s!


                    sjp - brr to the 10 degrees and windy!  But yeah, the hardest part is getting out the door - if you bundle up properly it's really mind over matter Smile  glad you had such a nice relaxing weekend - did you like the condo you guys looked at?  I am starting to go a little crazy waiting to hear back on the house... I hate being up in the air haha!


                    rtr - glad you had a nice weekend and a relaxing evening to look forward to - it's always nice to start the week on a low key note.  I don't think DBF and I really have many plans for Palm Springs other than lay by the pool, drink, run in the morning (I will, anyways, maybe I can convince him to join me) and maybe check out some good restaurants!


                    Jen - congrats on the 5 miler this weekend, that is awesome!  Also way to go with the veggies and drinking water.  They won't be looking at you funny when you are super healthy and they are paying for their bad diets...  :/


                    Java - glad little b is feeling better - I'm sure it's no fun when they are sick.  I signed up for a hot yoga Groupon, so I think I might try that tomorrow!  Yay for W being better on the leash - I'm sure that makes a huge difference running-wise.


                    snowden - yikes on the ice - stay safe!  Hope your busy day isn't too exhausting!


                      Hi all -- late to the party today, great to see so much activity!


                      RR: Got the 6 miles in Saturday to bring me to 24 for the week. Took a rest day yesterday but should have gone to yoga; I chalk it up to poor time management. Did 6 miles today at lunch, and it was finally a bit cooler; more like January should be! Wasn't a great run ... I felt kind of pokey.


                      NRR: Hectic week - traveling to Seattle area (will be mainly in Bellvue/Redmond) for client meetings Wed through Fri.


                      OU: Your weekend sounds crazy busy! Great to hear the 11 miles turned out well -- I love that when they get better as you go. So nice that you get to hang out with a baby nephew. All my nieces are teen-agers now. And CONGRATS on the weight loss! It has been a really long time since I've seen the 140s, either ... I have been stuck in the mid 150s for about 3 years now. You give me hope.


                      SJP: Relaxing weekend sounds good. You're tough to brave the cold ... I always feel like I can't get my face warm enough in those temps without fogging up my sunglasses.


                      Seattle: I saw Silver Linings with my  mom yesterday ... I thought it was good. I think Jennifer Lawrence is great! Palm Springs sounds really fun.


                      RTR: How fun to be booking the honeymoon. Great that you have the swimming options when the weather's terrible.


                      Jen: Congrats on the 5-mile run, that's great! And the veggie tray ... it is so hard to do that when you're surrounded by junk food. I think it's good for me to keep reminding myself that no one cares as much about what I eat as I do, so I get to be in control. Helps me not feel pressure, most of which I probably make up myself. Your chili recipe sounds good. I made a crock pot of black bean chili yesterday that DH and I will eat the next few days. Good to have something substantial made before the week starts.


                      Java: Your yoga report made me really wish I hadn't skipped it this weekend ... I really need to go; I can feel my hips getting tighter. That's terrific that Winston is starting to get into the swing of the runs. So nice to have a companion on runs. And that exercise will certainly make him easier to train, I bet. Your mom's birthday celebration sounded perfect.


                      Snowden: Your 7-miler sounds like it went great!



                        I ended up skipping the swim because I wanted to get a jump on the commute home to beat rush hour.  The weather was nasty and on Friday it took me an hour and a half to go the 15 miles home after swimming on Friday.  Instead on jumped rope for 24 minutes and did some arm weights.



                        Jen:  Nice job on the healthy eating this weekend!  That's hard to do!


                        Java:  Your Saturday with your mom sounds glorious!  We're going to Bora Bora and Moorea for our honeymoon.  I cannot wait!


                        Snowden:  Nice job on the seven mile run!  How far out is your marathon?


                        Seattle:  Oh man, your Palm Springs vacation sounds amazing!  That should be a nice respite from the rainy weather.


                        Foco:  You've been getting in some solid miles recently!  Have fun in Seattle!


                        Have a great day!


                          MC - if you like trail running/have time to run while you're up here, you should check out the Lake Youngs Reservoir trail (that's the one I do my long runs on), or Redmond Watershed Preserve, or Bridle Trails!  Lots of fun places to run out here Smile