Weight Loss Dailies


Time for the Tuesdailies! (Read 9 times)


    Good morning!


    RR:  I'm planning on running three or four miles after work today.  There's a state park near my house, so I'm going to drive up there for a run.  It's so nice there, so I'm really looking forward to it.


    NRR:  All I have going on right now is work.  Today is work, then a run, then DH and I will hang out at home.  Maybe we'll get some more unpacking done.

    FR:  Nothing too exciting.  I think I might make this Quinoa dish from "How to Cook Everything Vegetarian" for dinner tonight.



    MIA:  What was the moon festival?  Sounds like something that should have been fun, sorry it was lame.  We ordered the floors, but we won’t have an installation date until the materials are in, hopefully next week they’ll get installed.


    Seattle:  I had so much fun rock climbing!  It wasn’t nearly as difficult as I thought it would be, so I felt great that I was able to make it to the top.  Your weekend sounds really relaxing!



      rtr-a park nearby sounds really awesome. hope its nice! have you run there before? how is your new commute?

      mia-no dbf didn't run this one. he is doing a half in oct with me, but will try and pr there. he likes to have 1 goal race in the fall. otherwise, he doesn't recover well between them. he likes to be a spectator, which is nice too!

      seattle-nice summer weather lately there! seems like whole 30 is over just in time for football. haha. awesome your mom did a 10k! do you have any races coming up?

      RR: 10 easy ones this morning, was a little warmer, in teh 50's. isn't so biting. i don't like the darkness in the morning, though the sunrise over the ocean was nice. we did chest/back p90x last night.

      NRR: nothing tonight. did laundry and lifted last night, so probably just dinner and tv. supposed to be stormy. dbf and i do crosswords during dinner, haha, we're 80.

      FR: got some sample size lara bars at the race, pb is my favorite


        Good morning!


        RR: NOt sure today.  Possible a run with my DD's but we'll see.

        NRR: Had to pick DD up at the airport yesterday which doesn't seem like a big deal but it took a big chunk out of my day.  When I got back it was hard to concentrate on my school work since the girls were talking nearby.  Need to crank on that today.

        FR: Felt hungry last evening maybe not enough protein since I had veggie lasagna for dinner.


        SJP: There you go, right back at it with your 10 mile mornings. ; )

        RTR: Very nice to have a state park nearby.  You'll enjoy that I bet.  In China the moon festival is a big harvest festival and they have really good food, and they have lanterns all over.  Lots of Lion and Dragon dances, as well as games for the children.  They did have a Lion Dance at this one and they did martial arts demos which were cool but then they made it into a breakdancing competition.  Also none of the traditional food could be found.

        Seattle: That's great your mom ran a 10K.  My job start got delayed until Dec. 9th, which I am pretty upset about.  They originally told me Sept 30th.



          Good morning!


          RR- 3 mi lunch break run today, hopefully before it starts getting too warm out!


          NRR- Had a nice night with DBF yesterday - we got him all signed up for the gym, went and check out the sauna for a bit (hah, it was so nice), made a yummy dinner, and fell asleep super early.  Hoping to keep busy at work today and then not sure after - maybe cook some more, read a book, lay out in the sunshine, etc.  Trying to make the most of my last few weeks off school (it starts again Sept 23).


          FR- Not sure, but it will have to be something yummy for my last whole30 dinner!  Maybe steak and roasted veggies or something.


          Back in a bit for shouts!


            Done with 3 mile lunch break run, it's getting super sunny and warm already but felt good!



            rtr - woohoo, I love destination runs/running somewhere different than normal, it's always a nice change of pace.  Hope you aren't too tired from the back to work rush!  glad that you enjoyed the climbing, do you think you will go again?  DBF and I haven't climbed in a few weeks since we've been so busy getting him moved in, etc, I miss it and can't wait to start going regularly again!


            sjp - yes, I love the perfect timing of whole 30 ending just in time for football and beer!  And hiking and beer!  And long runs and beer!  (there seems to be a theme there, haha!).  I have a trail 10K at the end of Sept and a half marathon on Dec 1.  Just getting back into the groove after being sick, it always surprises me how much 7-10 days off can throw you for a bit.


            Mia - good luck getting lots of work done today!  I am super easily distracted, I have to pretty much shut myself in my room and put everything away if I want to concentrate on studying.  Bummer that the job start got pushed back, that's so frustrating!  Are you still committed to it or are you going to see if you can find one that starts sooner?