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    Good morning!


    RR:  Swimming didn't happen yesterday because I got a bad case of the hiccups.  I figured having the hiccups and swimming wouldn't be a very good idea, so I skipped.  I'll go to the pool for 1600 yards today.


    NRR:  Thanks for the reassurances yesterday.  I called DF's sister and asked her to be a bridesmaid and she said yes.  Today I have work, then I'm going to do some classwork and go for a swim.  Tonight  I have plans to meet up with an old friend (as in we lost touch and just ran into each other at the library last week).  It should be fun.


    FR:  I made the most delicious meal last night.  It was portabella caps, sweet potato fries and broccoli.  Yum.


    I've been terrible with shouts lately.  I promise to do better today.  Have a great day!

      rtr: glad it went smoothly asking DBF sister - if you are anything like me, I make a bigger deal out of things then I should, i bet she was flattered to be asked!


      snow: before I got my garmin i had nike+ (which sucked) and before that I would do what you are doing now.  You might just get a feel for what your general pace is (10 min mile, 12 min mile, 6 min mile) and run by time instead.  If you want to run approx 5 miles, just go out and run 50 min (if you are a 10 min mile pace person), then you should be fairly close.  That only requires a cheap stop watch to track.  takes some getting use to, but then you aren't so tied to map my run and hoping that you made the mileage and such!


      jkr: I agree that cold and raining is just not an option - especially in the dark.  snow is nice - rain not so much.  wow 23 on the tm - how many movies did you watch!  wow that is really cool what your potential jobs would be I can definitely see why you picked pediatrics, so much more intriguing then nursing homes and adult rehab!!!


      seattle: I've actually been treating veggies like WW does, not tracking them unless they are my meal (salad) - since WW doesn't assign points then I'm not going to worry too much about them because they are so good for me, I don't want to keep myself from adding green beans to my dinner because I will go over calories.  congrats on the news at work! that is awesome!!!


      rr: 2 miles of hill on the mill.  ran 7 minutes today, first time in the morning, and it went really well.  I didn't wear out as quickly as I do in the evenings, probably cause legs are still asleep!


      nrr: class went well last night - should be really easy, all review of lower ed math.  I'm in a class full of 20 year old sorority girls though, I know I was there in undergrad, but I'm so glad i'm not there anymore!!!  tonights class is a grad level so back to people that have to dress up and worry about things other then what party they will attend on thursday night!


      fr: bought some rainbow quinoa from WF yesterday, then made a quinoa and corn side dish I found on pinterest to go with steak last night.  was really good - had a lemon juice/ honey/ butter light sauce on it that give it an interesting flair!


      wr: 152.2, still hanging in the same place, but atleast the scale went down this time!



        java-I know it! Good to see you too. Glad to hear DH's business is doing well. Does he have a lot going through the winter? How is winston behaving these days?

        jkr-haha, i hear you, i run with paper towels so i can blow my nose on the treadmill. it definitely runs more running, just gets the whole system going. Nice, i def see you as an ultra runner!

        seattle-yes running helps with ttom, but its short-lived as you mentioned. fingers crossed about the house! how many classes do you have this semester?

        MC-oh, sorry about the funeral. will you at least get to visit with a lot of family while there?

        snowed-Nice job on the 7, that is great! I used to not run with a garmin but love it for distance. i'm not obsessive or watch my pace/time so it works for me. could you run with a regular watch and guesstimate your pace? any marked trails?

        ou-haha, ugh, 5 am in the winter stinks--cold, dark, slippery. it def is slower with all the layers! winter running makes so much laundry...and i think i'd kill soroity girls in my class. i know that is biased, but i have no patience for 'clicky' girls. hopefully they aren't!

        rtr-oh yum, i want that dinner! glad to hear DF's sister said yes to being in the wedding.

        RR: 10 miles on the treadmill. the snow is coming down hard, didn't start til about 6 this morning though.

        NRR: almost got in an accident on my way in--some car blew through the stop sign and crossed in front of me--up a hill in the snow, so slamming on brakes doesn't do much. luckily they didn't slow down and made it by me. idiots. people just don't drive well in snow.

        FR: have some frosted shredded wheat to eat this morning, haha, i love dry cereal


          Morning!  I have had a hard time waking up this week!


          RR - 5 mi lunch break run today (loving this dry stretch of weather!), lifting at the gym with DBF after work.

          NRR - Hoping to get some more studying and homework done on breaks today, then I should be in a good spot for the week. I posted this yesterday afternoon, but I found out yesterday that I will be getting more responsibilities and more $ at work soon, so that's great! Looking forward to some snuggle time with DBF after the gym tonight

          FR - eating leftovers at work this week - pot roast and orange chicken, with lots of salad. Meal planning has definitely been a huge help for me!


          Back for shouts in a bit!


            Frozen and foggy commute this morning... brr!  I can see some blue sky where it's starting to burn off so might wind up being a gorgeous day again!



            sjp - oh man, I hate driving in the snow/ice...  especially around here when people freak out if there's 2 inches of snow.  Seattle is also super hilly so that doesn't help matters either.  We haven't had a bad one yet this winter (knock on wood) so hopefully we can avoid it entirely.  My mom loves dry cereal too...  I just try not to eat it much in general because I have no self control when it comes to cereal.  When I smoked weed in college I would sometimes go through an entire box of cereal in one sitting... whoops haha.  I am just taking one class at a time to start with, both for $ reasons and time reasons.  Maybe will be able to pick it up to two eventually but I don't want to overload myself!


            ou - that's a great theory for veggies (unless they are cooked in tons of butter/sauce/etc haha!).  I love filling up on them because they are so tasty and satisfying!  Your dinner last night sounds delicious!  Glad your class seems pretty easy - hopefully the sorority girls aren't too bad haha!


            rtr - yeah, I can just imagine hiccuping your way down the pool... you'd probably swallow a lot of water that way!  Woohoo for DF's sister being your bridesmaid Smile  Have fun with your old friend tonight!




              RR- Went to the gym yesterday and hoping to get out for a longer run today.


              NRR- If I could choke someone through the phone it would be the customer service rep for my health insurance before I've had my coffee. ...Seriously this is not how a morning should start.


              FR- I ate a lot a lot of food yesterday. I was constantly eating. I had a pretty healthy meal baked chicken, sweet potatoes I tried to make baked fries but they were pretty musshy, but good) and broccoli. But still ate way too much.


              rtr- I get hiccups too! When we were kids it used to drive my brother absolutely nuts!


              ou- Nice on your 7 miles! Hope your hill/mill run goes well! Any hills around you you can test it out on in the future?


              sjp- Hope you like snow! Sounds like your getting your fair share.


              seattle- Awesome news about your job! That must feel so food knowing that other people notice your hard work! A raise helps too. Smile


                Also, thanks all for the info on tracking runs. I currently use a standard watch which a stop watch. I don't look at it too often, mainly just when I get home and see how long I've run. Sometimes I'll set a time for 20 minutes or so and run til the timer goes off and then turn around. I could see myself being totally obsessive with a garmin. It would be nice to use one one and run a route I run and see how it matches up with mapmyrun.


                I feel like I'm really getting into longer runs. Before I was really working on speed but now I'm working on distance. I should time myself on a 5k just to see where I'm at still. But I'm finding that I'm really dialing my pace in. Pretty consistently I'm running about 6 to 6.5 mph.


                  Has anyone seen my motivation?  I can't seem to find it.  I didn't end up swimming today, either.  Oops.  I'm alright with slacking yesterday and today, but I don't want it to turn into a slump.



                  OU:  Yum!  That quinoa and corn side dish sounds delicious.  I haven't had quinoa in forever, I should make it again soon.


                  SJP:  Yikes, that near miss sounds scary.  I wish we would get snow here. It was just raining this morning.


                  Seattle:  Congratulations on the promotion!  That's great, especially since you haven't been there very long.


                  Snowden:  I'm late to this conversation, but I usually just go by time and map the route when I get home.  I have a garmin too, which I love, but i live in between a bunch of big buildings, which makes it nearly impossible to find a signal, so I stopped using it when I moved into this apartment.  I'm sorry to hear about the insurance problems.  I hope you get everything sorted out soon.


                  Have a great night!


                    Hi everyone! Late post for me today, so I'm not sure anyone will read this til tomorrow.


                    RR: On the TM again today... second day in a row, and not seeing an end in sight! Tomorrow morning is forecasted to be cold with more rain showers. Snow/rain tomorrow night. Ugh. I don't mind the TM that much, and it's definitely better than being miserable in the cold/wet... but I miss running outside! I have a 4 day weekend and am going to visit my parents tomorrow til Saturday... I was REALLY hoping that I would be able to get in a nice LR on my favorite trails... fingers crossed that the snow doesn't amount to much and prevent that from happening. Did I mention I hate winter?


                    NRR: 4 day weekend starts tomorrow! Hah so far this semester is easy. Next week I have Monday off for MLK day, then only have class Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. With a half day on Wednesday. I'm loving this right now, but know things will pick up a bit in a few weeks. For now I'm trying to soak it in and enjoy every last minute of laziness. I'm going up to NoVa to visit my parents tomorrow night and Friday night, then staying with DBF Saturday and Sunday night. Should be a fun weekend!


                    FR: Absolutely LOVING eggs for dinner right now. I seriously cannot get enough. They're like the most perfect food.


                    Shoutouts next...


                      Runtravel: Meh don't worry about the missed swim workout. You'll make up for it another time. We all lack motivation in the winter! I couldn't imagine getting into a pool this time of year. Brrrr makes me cold just to think about it. Glad that DF's sister said yes to being a bridesmaid! Whoa your dinner last night sounds amazing.


                      Ou: Hah I wish I had access to a TV when I was running on the TM... at the gym back where my parents live is where I did the 23mi. There was no TV. The TMs do face big giant windows that look out on the little town, so that was kind of nice. I just had my iPod. That's the thing I love so much about Peds... it's always, always something new and challenging and different. And seeing the real, positive, life changing difference you make with the kids is just the most indescribable feeling. Glad that class went well last night! Hah that's funny about your classmates. DBF had that problem when he took classes this time last year. Wow that rainbow quinoa salad sounds awesome. I always think that quinoa looks really good, but I'm a little intimated by it and never actually cook it myself. I need to try that stuff!


                      Sjp: Question... do you think that running on the TM all winter makes it harder to go back outside again in the spring? Do you think that running on the TM is any easier/different than running outside? I've never done much TM running until this winter, and the recent string of TM runs has got me thinking about how it compares to running outdoors. You do a lot of TM running due to winter weather, so I thought you'd be a good person to ask. Scary about the accident this morning! Some people are such complete idiots when driving in the snow. Hope you got home safely!


                      Seattle: So jealous of your dry weather stretch! You must have sent all the wet stuff this way... I think we've had cold/rain every day for the past week... and expecting snow tomorrow! Yuck! Hahaha your comment about weed and cereal in college was hilarious! I also have no self control with that stuff. My hand just keeps going back into the box again and again... I feel like it never ever fills me up. I didn't know you were going to sit for the CPA exam! That's exciting. How long do you think until you can take it? And exciting about the house... it will be cool to have a "clean slate" that you and DBF can decorate together and really make it your home. I'm terrible at the interior decorating thing, but then again I haven't had much experience with it. I can't wait til I move somewhere more permanent and get to really decorate!


                      Snowden: Hope you were able to get out for a longer run today! Meh if you were extra hungry yesterday and ate healthy food... then your body probably needed it. You lost weight recently, so you must be doing something right. Glad that you're getting into the LRs and loving it!


                      Have a great night everyone! Not sure how much I'll be around the next few days... lots of traveling and spending time with some people I love. So if I'm not around... have a lovely weekend!


                        Hi all,


                        RR: Finally got a run in ... 6 miles on treadmill, which seemed endless because I'd blown every opportunity today to run outside in the suddenly balmy weather. It got up to 55 today, and I swear the high yesterday wasn't even in the 30s. So I have three more days to get 18 more miles in to hit my goal for the week. Sigh.


                        FR: I had some mint Lifesavers and they're really making my stomach hurt. Weird.


                        RTR: Your motivation went wherever mine did this week! I slacked 3 days in a row, so today was an absolute must or I was going to have a slump starting. Glad it went well with DF's sister. I'll bet she is really happy to be included in all the wedding party shenanigans with her brother.


                        OU: Rainbow quinoa! I'll have to look for that. Yeah, it's amazing what a few years will do for your perspective on what's important. Way to hold steady on the WR.


                        SJP: Yes, we'll meet my DH's brother (and good friend of mine) and DH's mom at the airport, so plenty of family time with it. Kind of jealous of all your snow. It's been super cold here, but no snow. Reminds me I need to encourage my DS to take advantage of the ski areas out there ... I think his school's outing club arranges trips to Sugarloaf.


                        Seattle: CONGRATS on your promotion and raise! That was fast ... you must be making quite a mark there. I'm sure your dedication to getting the extra course work done doesn't go unnoticed. Loved your cereal comment ... I'm addicted to eating Barbara's Shredded Oats out of the box. Never with milk. It'll be so fun for you two to start on the house. My DD told  me about a terrific home decorating/renovation site that has lots of great tips: www.younghouselove.com


                        Snow: Ugh on health insurance ... hope it gets worked out. Great pace you're setting! I love long runs, too, when I get geared up for them gradually. I'll never forget the day I first ran 10 miles ... I felt like a different person!


                        JKR: The good news is it's getting much lighter in the mornings this week, so spring is coming ...Great that you're going to get to see your family this week. I love eggs, too. I eat 2 scrambled eggs every morning for breakfast. Every day. My TM at work doesn't have any entertainment, either, and I usually forget to bring my iPod, so I just have to stare out the window. Great that your DBF loves contemporary stuff as well as bluegrass ... I love mixing mandolin into everything. Would love to hear a Grohl song on mandolin! We play mostly retro country ... Johnny Cash, Loretta Lynn, Hank Williams, etc. But I write songs, too, so we're gradually doing more and more original music. I would say my inspiration is people who kind of walk the line between bluegrass/folk/country. Kelly Willis, Tift Merritt, Gillian Welch, etc.