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    MC-way to go with the swimming. it is hard to get used to a morning routine and figure out what you should pack before, how long it takes etc. eventually its just normal and streamlined! i just had the maple quaker oatmeal squares--were on sale.

    mia-i run on a treadmill at the gym, which works for now. i only dislike it if i have to go on the weekends and its crowded, in the morning (at least until new years) its the same people and not too busy. eventually i will probably buy a treadmill but not until i move somewhere more permanent/outside of the city. right now its so close/easy to just hit the gym.

    rtr-big plans for the weekend?!

    seattle-have you still been climbing?

    RR: 10 easy miles this morning. its warming up to the high 40's so should be nice running outside tomorrow morning. dbf and i did abs last night--is hard but we just tell ourselves its 12 minutes!

    NRR: my parents are in town tomorrow so going to meet them for lunch then nothing else planned. we might hang out with friends tomorrow night. need to put away summer clothes and bring out winter sweaters/jackets.

    FR: not much, need to do some meal planning for next week. dbf and i have been slacking


      Glad it's almost the weekend!


      RR – Nice 4 mi run over lunch yesterday, will do another 4 over lunch today.  Hopefully it won’t be too rainy of weather, I have gotten lucky so far this week!  Will do 10 mi w/8 at half marathon pace tomorrow.  Only two weeks left til the half!


      NRR – Glad it’s Friday!  Should have enough to do at work today and then it will be busy til the end of the month.  Got some homework done at DBF’s yesterday so I am pretty caught up there as well.  Tonight I am going to watch the Husky game (not sure why it’s on Friday) with my brother, he got a new apartment that’s pretty close to my work so that should be fun!  Probably just dinner and a movie w/DBF on Saturday and then Seahawks game and homework on Sunday.


      FR – Honey baked chicken turned out super delicious last night, I will have to make that again for sure.  Bro and I will either go out to a bar or order some pizza for the game tonight, will be a nice treat (I didn’t end up getting pizza earlier in the week so I am still craving it!


        Hi all,


        RR: This morning's yoga/sculpt class was canceled, so I'm either going to go at noon (fairly unlikely given my meeting schedule today) or 5 pm tonight. Then I plan to try to get to bed early so I can go to swimming tomorrow at 7 am.


        NRR: Really low-key weekend coming up, thank goodness. I don't think we have a single thing scheduled. I should consider painting a room or two upstairs, but I probably won't.


        SJP: Here's hoping you can run outside this weekend! Sounds like beautiful weather for you this weekend.


        Seattle: Exciting that you're so close to the half marathon and everything is going really well! You have been so consistent with training, I'm sure you'll rock it. How fun to hang out with your bro.


        Mia: My DH is kind of a weekend warrior with exercise -- he works like a demon during the week and doesn't get out to exercise much. But a couple of times a week, he'll take the dogs up the canyon and run for 6-8 miles. From my point of view, he doesn't have the greatest eating habits, but I guess it could be worse. I think the most puzzling thing is when he's busy, he'll go hours and hours without eating, then have a huge meal. Oh well, he seems perfectly healthy!


          Good Morning and Happy Friday!  I like Fridays because it means I get to see DBF over the weekend.

          RR: Third day in a row I've gotten out for a run.  Went this morning with a friend - it was cold and windy but no rain.  I am sleeping better and just feel better mentally as well when I run.  DUH! I knew that.

          NRR: Lots of cleaning yesterday - got the bathrooms scrubbed, and the kitchen scrubbed.  Got home from my run today and my garage wouldn't open - not sure whats wrong, it was trying to open but one side wouldn't move.  Uh Oh - only had my garage opener and no house key.  I had to break into my own house, which was pretty easy (scary!!)  The girls didn't have a window closed all the way and one looked like it was latched but wasn't so I was able to slide it open and crawl in.  Now my windows are closed securely although still not sure whats up with the garage so my car is in the driveway.

          Need to go to TJ's today.

          Will head up to DBF's either this evening or tomorrow at some point.

          FR: Also feeling better because I have cut down significantly on my food intake.  Although I was eating "pretty" healthy I was eating ALOT so now I am cutting back and just feeling better.  Another DUH!!


          SJP: enjoy the time with your parents. I bet you'll enjoy having a laid back weekend.

          Seattle: Did your brother get a job in Seattle?  HOw great you get to hang out with him tonight.  Do he and your DBF get along?

          MC: Nice you finally have a low-key weekend.  If you can sit still, I say just enjoy and skip the painting.



            Had a nice lunch break run but brrr, it was cold and windy and rainy!


            sjp - we've still been climbing occasionally (like every week or every other week), not as much as I want but our new gym doesn't have as much climbing and it's just hard to find the time and energy to fit it in with lifting, running, etc too much more often!  someday...  glad your morning running weather is warming up a bit!  enjoy weekend with your family and friends!


            Mia - my bro has actually been working part time (from home/college/wherever) for a company in Fremont for the past few years, so now that he is done with grad school he is working there full time and in their Fremont office, he got a pretty nice deal with that job!  he and DBF do get along, we all have pretty similar senses of humor and things like that so it's fun.  funny how those "duh" type things seem so easy and obvious in hindsight but can be tough to do when you are busy and stressed.  enjoy your weekend with DBF!