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Rainy Weekend Dailies (Read 55 times)


    Hello!  I am up early to go snowshoeing with DBF this morning.  I've never been before so hopefully it is fun.


    RR - Snowshoeing today, pushing my 8 mi run to tomorrow.  I have a feeling there are weeks during marathon training when I'm only going to be able to run 4 days because of being busy/juggling schedule, and I will just have to be ok with that.


    NRR - So glad it's the weekend!  For some reason this week just dragged my and was exhausting.  It was pretty quiet at my office yesterday, I think everyone was shaken up by the shooting in CT.  Sad  It is nice to have a weekend where I don't have to study or do homework or anything - I am planning to spend most of Sunday cleaning, doing laundry, and getting organized for the holidays.


    FR - I am reading a book called The Perfect Health Diet, which is fairly similar to paleo except it allows for dairy and some starches (potatoes, rice, etc).  The authors both have PhDs and have done a ton of research so what they are saying makes a lot of sense and it is back up by research.  I'd recommend it if you are curious and enjoy reading about that kind of thing!


      Good moring,


      RR: Hope to get out for a  walk or hike with dogs either today or tomorrow.


      NRR: Met up with my mom and sister last night for tapas ... We all were so depressed about the shooting. Incomprehensible.


      Seattle: Have fun snow-shoeing ... That will be a workout! Thanks for the book tip. I've been reading up a lot on nutrition lately and that sounds like a good one.