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    RR: 11 on saturday with dbf which was really hilly but so gorgeous out and we hadn't run together for a while. it was also nice bc it was a chance to be away from his parents. yesterday i ran 7 before golf. today was 8, i'm on cutback week.

    NRR: well we survived the weekend at dbf's parents house. it was exhausting though. his mom is just so needy and she never stops talking, nor can we do anything apart. literally have to 'leave' to go to the pool at the same time, which is in their condo complex. god forbid we get there and hang out for 5 min without them.

    FR: dbf's mom never eats lunch. i have resorted to leaving snacks in my room so i dont' get in trouble if i'm hungry at a non 'scheduled' meal. i wish i was kidding.


      monday, oh boy!

      RR: 20 yesterday, marathon in 2 weeks.  I was hurting after the run, didn't fuel well and I made it home but wasn't sure I was going to.  I laid down on my bed and my body was just twitching and shivering for about 15 minutes.  Not good.  I've said this before but not sure how many more marathons I'm going to run.

      NRR: Nice weekend.  Went to DBF's on Friday night, we were both tired so we watched some TV and then went to bed fairly early.  We slept in until about 10 which is really unusual for both of us.  Went to the farmers market but since we were late it was picked over, so went to whole foods and got what we needed.  Home and cleaned up, and did some food prep, then his brother and SIL came over for dinner Saturday night.  Nice evening.  I left earlyish Sunday to go do my run.  Yesterday was pretty useless after running so just vegged, and had to go to the grocery store because I was out of food.  I need to go back today since I just got a few things yesterday.

      FR: Need to get veggies and fruit.  Yesterday I caved and got a tostada from the mexican restaurant and got some salted caramel ice cream.  Both things I was craving after my long run.


      SJP: I've said this before but I really do sympathize with you on DBF's mom.  My ex's mom was EXACTLY the same way.  It is tiring and irritating to say the least.  And even worse when the whole family just lets her get away with it.  The difference was ex's mom was all about food, we were eating nonstop at her house.  LOL


      Snowden: How was Texas?  Did you run the marathon this weekend?  How was it?





        NRR- Got back home from Texas last night. I did no running while I was there. Zero. I ate. A lot. And drank. A lot. People don't really run there, they just look as if they are barely keeping from falling over.


        RR- Marathon is in 6 days. Wanting to get a few runs in this week to get my legs working again.


        sjp- Gah, crazy mom! I'm glad you and DBF got to run together though!


        Mia- Texas was great! It was hot, really really hot. But I had a great time and learned a lot. Marathon is next weekend. When marathon are you running?

          snow: serious LOL on texas people not falling over!!!  You weren't in Dallas I'm guessing - i think that is the only healthy area in texas!  Exciting that it is marathon week!  Are you ready?


          mia: Is this your first long run since going semi or fully Paleo? I remember Happy saying that her first long run was terrible because the body just didn't know what to do without carbs to burn.  Maybe you work off a normal carb load just for this marathon since your body hasn't had time to adjust?  I am going to start eating semi- Paleo this week, but I will also be starting to ramp up running at the same time so hopefully they even each other out!


          sjp: oh jeez, what a weekend - his mother sounds like apiece of work! Surprised they let you two go running without them behind in a golf cart!

          rr: well sort of. only ran once in CO, but I did hike alot.  two different 14ers, then also did a 2 mile hike with about a 1000' elevation gain (did that one really fast and ran it some).  This week I am going to run some and take a few more days off crossfit. Trying to get my back in shape again before I just aggrevate it, and figure this is the best way.


          nrr: had a marvelous vacation in the mountains. So did not want to come back home.  Got back around 8 last night and vegged for a few hours before making myself sleep (time change threw me off).  Today I am sorting through 150+ emails...ugg.


          fr: so i am going to try to eat semi-paleo for a few months and see what that does to me.  I am going to slowly transition this week to eating  low carb types of meals (ie:: i have sweets I brought home from CO I still want to eat).  I also don't intend to ever fully ditch carbs (wheat and beans) but just eat them in much smaller quantities and eat them in a smarter manner.  We will see how it goes I guess!


          wr: I am not weighing post vacation - i don't want to feel bad for having fun, so I am taking the last weight I had pre-vacation and working from there.  I don't think I will weigh for about a month just to let everything in my system even out. I would rather see how I feel and how things fit instead.  Think I am going to blog about it on occasion just to have the notes...


            Snow: Funny about your TX observation.  Did you have to take vacation from your regular job to go there for the training? I saw postings on FB of a few people who run that went to Alaska this weekend for a marathon, I thought that was the one you were running.  Must be a popular time of year for marathons in Alaska.  I am running my marathon on Aug. 11th in Bend, Oregon.  Kind of decided at the last minute, just a couple of weeks ago.  It's my first trail marathon so I am planning just to finish it and not go for speed.   Kind of a training run for the Rim to Rim.  Mostly so my brain knows I can still do it.


            OU: Glad you had a great vacation.  Do you camp the whole time you are there or do you stay in hotels. I know I didn't fuel properly before my 20 miles.  I only had a banana beforehand, should've had more to eat.  I also only had a gatorade on the run and no gels or anything to eat.  Bad choices.  I'm running a half this coming Saturday so I will make sure I have more food and probably carbs prior.