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    Out of fun T words, to tired this morning!

    seattle: I'm gonna have to try skinnytaste recipes, they sound great.  I think I like going back to school so much because I get to do something different with my evenings (your comment about always doing accounting) - i kind of felt like I had gotten into a rut where all I ever did was my job.  It is keeping me balanced now.


    java: are the dogs at K9 mostly puppy age or is there a mix? I'm seriously wondering if doing a class like that with my roommates lab would help him, he is 7-8 but acts like he is 2.  poor thing is as dumb as a rock and has never really been trained so he is a mess, he is a sweet dog so I know with some training he could be great...


    snowden: while my solution for no late night snacking probably won't work for you - I don't eat dinner till 8:30 every night and I go to bed at 10, so not much room in there.  Have you tried buying fruit and snacking on that.  The sweetness of it would probably act like a dessert and curb your snacking desire, plus it would be healthier then just toast or beer...  might try it out, who knows!


    rr: 4 miles this morning, back to tights and ear muffs, it was a balmy 27* out.  brrr.  can't find my headphones so i've been running without music this week.  I actually took the time and planned out an assignment in my head, made the miles fly by.  I am super tired now, and forgot my coffee this morning...


    nrr: rash is getting better, steriod cream seemed to help it out.  It was itching like crazy, especially after I ran and it didn't this morning so tremendous progress in my book!  Tonight I am going to see the Thunder play Memphis, I'm excited, i even put on blue eye shadow this morning in anticipation (team colors are blue...)


    fr: I haven't been so good this week.  need to get to the grocery and get some more veggies for lunches and to WF to pick up some more mixed fruit packs.


    wr: staying at the 150 today, but pants still feel lose so i'm happy for that... think if I can reign back the eating again I will be better. too many rich sauces this week.


      Good morning!


      RR:  I'll be heading out after work with a friend for anywhere from three to five miles today.  It just depends on how much time I have.  I ended up taking a rest day yesterday because I was exhausted after work.  It was glorious.


      NRR:  Busy day today!  I have work, then I'm starting to lead a cheer club (before you ask, I have no interest in cheerleading, but they just need an adult in the room and I get paid), then a run and tonight DF and I are going to dinner with two of his friends and then to this meetup.  His two friends are single guys looking for love and there are going to be a bunch of girls there (or so we think) so we're going to join them, be there wing men.  I'm actually looking forward to it.  It's something different and fun.


      FR:  Yesterday was a wash, but today is a new day.


      OU:  Nice job getting up and running this morning, especially outside in the cold!  Have fun at the game!


        Morning!  I didn't sleep very well last night...


        RR- Had a good run and lifting session with DBF yesterday.  Today is a rest day and I am glad for it!


        NRR- Hoping to keep busy at work today...  I got my month end stuff done early enough that I am way ahead of schedule.  Which is nice, as long as I can find stuff to keep me occupied.  Planning on a hw/laundry night after work - this is the only night of the week I haven't really had plans after work so I am planning to take advantage of it.  Tomorrow is a girls night - we are going to happy hour and then to see the new zombie movie that is opening, so that should be fun!


        FR- DBF liked the baked chicken nuggets a lot... said they are definitely going on the repeat list!  Yum.  Thinking grilled cheese and tomato soup tonight.


        Back in a bit for some shouts!




          RR: Hot yoga this afternoon. Had planned a run early this morning since it would be the last time I would get to until Tuesday (with DH gone this weekend and me traveling Monday for work) but I had a sore throat when I woke up and decided the cold and a sore throat may not be the best combo since I'll have the boys by myself this weekend - definitely not the time to get sick. So I guess I get to take a running break till Tuesday.


          NRR: DH is off to his fishing tournament and it's just me and the boys tonight. Tomorrow my dad is keeping the boys so I can go celebrate my cousin's birthday with her and then go to a yoga workshop Saturday morning. I think that we will just hang around the house the rest of the weekend. Guess DH will want to watch the super bowl when he gets home Sunday, so I may plan some fun snacks for that.


          FR: Meh.



          OU - K9 has dogs all ages. I've been very pleased with the training there. Have fun at the game tonight!! I'm jealous!


          rtr - have fun tonight! Nice of you and DF to offer your wing-man services to his friends!


          seattle - that girls' night sounds like a lot of fun! Enjoy yourself!!




            RR- Went out for a run yesterday. Kept running. Turned off my brain, kept running. Turned my brain back on to tell my brain to keep running. Hello 14 miles! I was very thankful my car was on a downhill. I finished with 2:07:45. I made a note of where I hit the 2 hour mark and it works out just right to be 13.1 miles, which made me really happy. This  was a great end of a great month of running. I have just over 100 miles this month. My foot is 95% better. I think next month I'll focus on making my normal runs a bit longer and sticking to under a 15 mile runs for a while. It beat me up a bit. I was on the verge of a nap all day and today my legs feel fairly heavy. So there is no run today. I was thinking a nice easy 3 miles would be good to loosen up but DBF and I planned on a hike which will do the same thing.


            FR-..... I'm terrible about night food. DBF and I popped a frozen pizza in the over and I had a second dinner at 11 with beer. Not really even hungry. I would have been satisfied with just some crackers. I'll try to make it a point today to log everything. Maybe it would be helpful to make a note somehow on MFP before I eat saying how hungry I feel.


            NRR- Hike the dog. EMT class tonight. I think I forgot to answer someones question, but the class is 120 hours over 2 months. I can get a national certification and a state license at the end. I can also get 6 college credits for $120 which is incredibly cheap. And to top it off, the entire class is free. The FD pays for it(or puts it on all volunteer) and they just want you to volunteer with them, which I already do but will be doing more of once I''m an EMT.


            OU- I will try eating fruit at night. I eat a fair amount of fruit throughout the day but I don't at night. That would be something that will fill the little void in my stomach and make it harder to get a fattening snack. I haven't been running with music lately. I was addicted to using it and when I couldn't have it for whatever reason my runs seemed to really drag on. Then I noticed my Ipod case halves are coming apart and busted up and wanted to keep it working so I stopped running with it. The amount it rains here it would be fried really quickly. And now I'm used to not running with it and don't miss it. Kind of funny how that works.


            RTR- Today is a new day! I think its okay to take a break if you're exhausted. Sometimes the body just needs it. Have fun tonight!


            Seattle- Thanks for the recipes. I'll have to look and decide on a few before I got to the grocery store today. Girls night out sounds awesome. I'm surrounded by men ALL THE TIME. Not a terrible thing. I rarely deal with caddy women(although men can be just as bad) but when I go home I girl talk it up the whole time. Play catch up!


            Java- Thanks for the recipe idea, it sounds good! Hope you don't actually get sick.


              ou - yeah, I am really glad I like accounting, otherwise I'd be sick of it by now haha.  have fun at the Thunder game tonight!


              rtr - your dinner out tonight sounds like fun - I bet some pretty entertaining stories could come from that!  Taking a rest day when you really need one always feels so nice - I am looking forward to laying on the couch tonight for sure.


              Java - ouch on the sore throat - I hope it feels better soon and doesn't develop into anything more serious.  I am not sure if we have any plans for the Super Bowl yet but I have already been thinking about yummy snacks that I could make haha!


              snowden - way to go on your run, that is fantastic!  I definitely notice being more beat up once I start getting past that half marathon mark or so in my long runs.  I know what you mean about the night snacking... that has definitely been my weakness lately too.  At least you've been burning lots of calories with the long runs to make up for it!  If I figure out some way to combat that I will be sure to let you know....!