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    mia-it hasn't been raining too much here, but it seems every friday morning it has been! the weekend looks beautiful though--so can deal with it.

    MC-I like the variety of p90x and the length. the workouts aren't super long, but very effective and really works. I like the variety of them also, to rotate the dvd's not to get bored. I also have p90x2 but haven't tried it yet...it looks really hard.

    RR: 10 miles on the treadmill this morning. It was thundering when I woke up and I hate thunder, so stuck inside. I think I could have snuck it in as it was over by the time i got to the gym, but when you run for 1.5 hours, good chance there'll be another. Also, did p90x last night after work/before we met friends. just fit it in! whew.

    NRR: friday! have to run a bunch of errands after work, random stuff + groceries as my sil/bro/nephew/niece are coming down this weekend and its my sister bachelorette party. SO some cleaning and baking tonight. they get here afternoon tomorrow and then the craziness starts. should be fun though.

    FR: had turkey burger last night with cheddar, grilled veggies and some baked fries. was really delicious


      sjp: have fun with all the excitement this weekend!!!  I'm not a fan of running in storms either - ran isn't bad, but I don't want to chance getting hit by lightning!


      mia: glad DD is better.  HOpefully she rests up before her trips so she doesn't have to cancel!


      mc: I hear you on traveling and work being crazy... same boat here!


      rr: got in 3 miles last night.  Very muggy - but they were at a good pace.  Legs were definitely tired from sprints the day before.  Hoping for a 6 miler this weekend, hopefully better then last week!


      nrr: work for 4 hours then heading to weekend work party (oh fun).  Hopefully it isn't too bad.  Had some huge storms last night - really loud and lots of rain.  Really broke up my sleep during the night.


      fr: didn't have time to make a healthy breakfast this morning so I'm eating NatureBox granola.  it's not bad!


        Good morning!


        RR:  Took yesterday off from running, but I did walk about 4 miles.  Today I'm planning on running 3.1 miles.  It's supposed to be really humid, so I might bring some water with me on the run.


        NRR:  Not much going on here. I'm going to a cafe to hang out for a bit, go buy stuff to make dinner tonight, go for a run, then hang out with DH tonight.


        FR:  Today I'm making homemade pizzas.  We got a pizza pan for a wedding present, so I thought I'd try it out.


        SJP:  Have fun at the bachelorette party!


        OU:  At least it seems like you get out of work early for the work party.  What's the occasion for it?


        Have a great day!




          RR- Nada. Nothing yesterday. And I slept in late today and have too much to get done before work for a run.


          NRR- Went out on the boat yesterday with 4 other boats to subsistence fish for sockeye salmon. We're guessing we were about a week to late and the salmon run had already happened. There were thousands of pink salmon, but few sockeye. Eventually we ended up dip-netting in the river and just throwing the pink's back and keeping the sockeye. Then the trip home was interesting. There is nothing like being caught out in ocean water chop and having your motor die multiple times. Eventually we were towed in by another boat in our group.


          FR- Think my portions are starting to get smaller, need to work on quality.


          sjp- You're right I do need to let my body recover. I just want to be back to my normal running and am feeling lazy-like that I'm not. Thankfully life is keeping my busy enough that I'm not getting the chance to run to much.


          ou- Hope the work party goes well. I hate spending more time than necessary with people from work. I get along with them, but I see them so much I don't ever care to see them outside work. DBF pretty much had to convince me to go to my christmas work party last year.


          rtr- Enjoy your pizza, that sounds great!


            Hi all,


            RR: Got about 3+ in today and hoping for a longer run tomorrow.


            NRR: Going to dig into a big project this weekend: painting our workshop, which is completely weather-beaten. Hoping it goes quickly!


            SJP: Hmm, I think I'll get some P90 videos for variety from yoga sculpt. Enjoy your family this weekend!


            OU: Hope your 6-miler goes well -- I'm going to try for 5-6 miles tomorrow. It's been a while.


            RTR: Homemade pizza sounds terrific -- it's been a long time since I've made that, and I don't know why.


            Snow: That was an adventure with the boat! Good thing you were with a group so could get a tow. That kind of fishing sounds really fun.


            Have a great weekend, everyone!