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    Good morning!


    RR:  I'm planning on walking on the treadmill tonight, since it will be dark by the time I get home.  The treadmill is alright, but it's kind of cheap and rickety so I don't think I'd enjoy running on it.  I walked so much when I went to NYC, which was great, then have done nothing the past two days.


    NRR:  I know its almost the weekend again, but I had the best weekend last weekend in NYC visiting two of my cousins.  We walked all over Central Park, the Brooklyn Bridge, we went to the World Trade Center site, saw Big Fish on Broadway.  It was so much fun.  Since I've been back, its just been back to the grind with work and a ton of grading.  Grades go in next week so I need to get it done!


    FR:  Probably not as healthy as I should be.  I'm going to work on this.


    MIA:  Thanks!  I'm feeling pretty good.  I'm 15 weeks today, so I'm due in early May.  It sounds like you've been quite busy with your temp job.  Do you still have the full time job lined up to start in December?


    Foco:  Nice work with the exercise streak.  Are you intentionally streaking or did it just kind of happen?


    That's all I can remember for shouts off the top of my head.  I'll try to come back later for more.  Have a great day!


      Good morning!


      RR – Had a nice speedwork session over lunch yesterday.  Today will be a 4 mi easy run over lunch and then lifting and hopefully some climbing at the gym w/DBF this evening.  I have been super tired this week, think I need to concentrate on fueling myself (with healthy food!) and drinking enough water.


      NRR – Work has kept at a pretty steady pace this week, so that is nice. Churned out some hw last night, if I can do one big push over the weekend I should be pretty well caught up/ahead for next week.  I feel like I am constantly scrambling to stay ahead because it’s so easy to fall behind so quickly!  I haven’t even thought about Christmas or gifts or anything like that, no time for much except the basics right now it seems.  Only a few more weeks!  Probably just relaxing and watching some TV with DBF post-gym.


      FR – Making honey baked chicken w/roasted Brussels sprouts, bacon, gouda, and baked potatoes… hope it turns out as good as it sounds!


        Hello Thursday!

        RR: Plan on getting another run in today since it felt so good yesterday.  Surprisingly I'm not even sore today even though we ran a big hill.  Usually that gets me in the butt.

        NRR: Cranked out my school work yesterday, just need to do some posting on the discussion board.  Only 10 more weeks and I'm done! I need to update my resume with the new school info and possibly send it out and look for a position in that field.  I do have the job starting in Dec. but I did just pay for school so I'm thinking I should try to use my new skills.  Today will be some cleaning around the house, bill paying (oh joy!!) and possibly a trip to TJ's.

        FR: I am determined to lose some poundage before starting this new job. I need to get to where I feel more comfortable again.  SO I'm going to just make sure I don't bring any of the stuff in the house that I can't control myself with - ice cream, cookies, etc.  I feel so much better NOT eating that stuff anyway.


        RTR: Glad you're feeling good.  ARe you starting to show yet?  Yes I have a job lined up starting Dec. 9th.


        Seattle: Christmas! BWAHAHAHAA!  Actually half my family celebrate Hannukah and that is at the end of November this year, coincides with Thanksgiving. I'm hoping to do something simple and  inexpensive this year.




          rtr-glad you had a good trip to NYC! have you always had a treadmill?

          seattle-mmm honey baked chicken sounds awesome. you have plenty of time to xmas shop (easy to say now) and i'm not doing all the schoolwork you are and i haven't started either haha.

          mia-yeah its hard to control around cookies/sweets at least for me. i like fried stuff but don't crave chicken fingers/chips like i do cookies/chocolate. i'm sure you'll be looking fabulous for your new job! is there a big commute?

          MC-streaking it up?

          RR: 10 easy ones on the treadmill this morning, i'm *almost* used to it again. i don't find it too boring as i have tv, but sometimes i wish it wasn't dark and 20* so i could run outside.  did chest/back last night, i busted out real rounds of pushups on all variation (military and diamond) are tough for me so i was excited! getting stronger. maybe abs tonight.

          NRR: finally calming down at work a little, have my deadlines out of the way for the most part so no scrambling or chasing my bosses to get their work done. can't wait for new thursday tv tonight! all the shows i watch are on thursday--though i watch on demand so sort of irrelevant.

          FR: oatmeal squares cereal is so addicting.


            rtr - bummer that the treadmill is too creaky and whatnot to run on... nice that you have a safe warm place to go for walks and such!  Your trip to NYC sounds awesome!  I have never been there before but it's definitely on my list of places to visit someday.  Good luck getting all your grades in!


            Mia - it's so weird how the holiday season falls, with Hannukah and Thanksgiving being the same!  I'm sure that once you have a few days of new routine being able to run and work out and eating health you will feel much better!  I ate half a bag of reece's pieces yesterday and felt like crap afterwards... oops.  I think it's a great idea to at least send out some resumes - if you've invested that much in school hopefully it will pay off in an even better career soon!


            sjp - way to go on your lifting!  I suck at push ups, definitely something I need to keep working on!  I know what you mean about the being cold and dark out...  I am really glad that I can run on my lunch but for days when I don't want to or want to go longer, it sucks that it's dark out both before and after work!  Glad things are starting to settle down for you a bit at work as well, that's always kinda nice after being crazy busy for a while.


              Hi all:


              RR: Day 5! Yet more swimming. I am still trying to work up to 200m without stopping. But I'm gradually making progress. I can't believe it, but I think I'm getting into a groove with this early-morning thing. I only wish that it wouldn't wake up the dogs when I get up, because it disrupts DH (who typically has been working late) and I don't want to mess with feeding the dogs, letting them in and out while I get ready, etc. But I'm getting my routine down with packing my work clothes the night before, getting something down for breakfast, and packing a bigger breakfast for post-swimming.


              RTR: I love to visit NYC! Probably wouldn't want to live there, but love walking around and seeing the sights. I am intentionally streaking: Trying to do 100 days of exercise ... at least 30 minutes of running or swimming or yoga every day. I ran a couple of times last weekend and ended up with my back feeling sore, so I think through the holidays I'm just going to focus on swimming and yoga. Then after Christmas, I'll reassess the running situation.


              Seattle: I agree with wanting food to be ready NOW when I get home from work. DH and I are better off when we just make chili or something on Sunday and eat that the rest of the week. Not a lot of variety but it helps keep us out of restaurants and it's fast. You are so organized to keep ahead of schoolwork like that. And I haven't even begun to think about the holidays. (My super-organized sister just sent out the gift drawing results, thought, so I better start thinking.)


              Mia: I think it's great that you ran and it felt good and you weren't tremendously sore afterward: You will be back at it on a regular basis in no time. I also try to just not bring bad food into the house--some of it I have no interest in, but there's really no amount of ice cream that satisfies me. I must eat it all! So I just don't buy it.


              SJP: You are amazing to run on the treadmill as much as you do -- but great to have that option when it's dark and cold out. I am in awe of your push-up ability. I keep working on them at yoga, but they're hard for me. What's your brand of oatmeal squares? DH and I eat Barbara's Oat Square like it's our job. They are so good!


                Correction -- Day 6 of exercise streak!


                  SJP: I forget are you tread milling at home or at the gym?


                  MC: Nice job on the streak!  Is DH a healthy eater and active also?