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    Good morning!


    RR:  I'm planning on swimming after work today, probably 1600 yards.  I had a few good runs over break, including a Christmas light run in 8 degree weather with my brother.


    NRR:  Back to work today.  Christmas break was really relaxing.  I went home to South Dakota for a week, saw my parents, brother and niece, as well as a couple of friends.  I got back to Philly on Friday and spent the last four days hanging out with DF.


    Did anyone set any new years resolutions?  Mine is to set and actually follow a budget.  I'm terrible about that, which means I don't save as much money as I should.


    FR:  Um, this was far from fantastic over break, but I'm working on refocusing my efforts here.


    Have a great day!  I'll try to make it back later for shouts.

      Happy New Year all! Hope everyone had a great vacation!


      NYR: My New Years resolutions are: lose 13 pounds (atleast), run 1300 miles if possible, and to run 13 races - as many different distances as available locally.  Hopefully I can stick with all this!


      RR:  really slacked off running for the last two weeks.  Life was so crazy that I just got miles in when I could.  Now that I am back to a regular schedule I anticipate this being better.  Already have 3 miles in this year!


      NRR:  Had a nice relaxing 4 day weekend.  I got a cat!  I've been considering this for a while, and finally decided to.  She is a sweet little thing, lots of interesting color and markings.  It's been a game introducing her to all the dogs!


      FR: have been terrible but that is all changing now.  Yesterday was first day back on the wagon.  I am tracking calories on My Fitness Pal, have meals planned out, etc.  Also purged all the junk food out of the house to help control cravings!


      WR: it was bad, 158.2.  I knew it would be, I could feel it, but I was so far in the ditch that I needed this new years swing to pull me out, I wasn't going to be able to just start doing it in the middle of the holidays.  I have a long way to go - but it's just extra motivation!



        rtr-glad you got to visit your family for a long time, that is so great!

        Mia-good luck at your first day at the new job!!!

        ou-nothing like a new year to get back to the healthy habits. you know what to do and i'm sure you'll have no problem! any races coming up for extra mileage motivation? congrats on the new kitty!

        RR: lots of running per usual. i ran 3558 miles in 2012, so around 9.74/day. i am super happy with that. i also kept my streak alive. ran 10 miles at the gym this morning, wasn't too busy which was nice, thought i'd have to fight for my treadmill Smile

        NRR: DBF is sick. he was miserable nye, so i made soup and went to bed early. i was fine with it except i feel bad he isn't feeling well. he is still not feeling great today...though is at work, i think.

        FR: weighed this morning and was happy. just trying to get back into strength training and keep up not overdoing nighttime snacking!


          Good morning, happy 2013!  I felt really crappy/naseous when I woke up this morning but better now.  Weird.


          RR- Started marathon training on Monday, woohoo!  3 mi lunch break run today (it is cold but absolutely gorgeous out today), then lifting chest/tris/abs at the gym w/DBF later.


          NRR -I'm glad it's a short work week...  gotta ease back into it after having two long weekends in a row!  I have a bunch of new year's resolutions, but most of them are fitness & health related... should come up with some other ones too.  I am already looking forward to the weekend, whoops.


          FR -Did some cooking/meal planning yesterday - I feel like it's a lot easier to stick to paleo/clean eating if you plan ahead.  I am not doing strict paleo (will still eat potatoes, dairy, etc) but cutting back on the grains/sugars/etc.


          Back in a bit for shouts!


            Hello all,


            I have to say it's good to be back in a routine!


            RR/FR: I ran a few times over the break--wasn't setting any expectations, just happy to get a few runs in and that they felt good. Trying to decide what schedule to do for the chiropractor this year. I will save money if I commit to a certain number of visits, and the adjustments certainly seemed to work wonders. My running resolution this year is to run at least 1,200 miles. But I liked OU's "13" theme from the other day so maybe I'll make it 1300, which would work out to 25 a week with a couple of weeks off. I like the idea of knocking off 13 pounds, too, and certainly need to. But I'm toying with not weighing myself much, if at all, this year. I might invest in a fat percentage assessment this month and then decide to lose a certain percentage of fat. Eating-wise, I feel like I read probably too many books about diet approaches in 2012 and this year want to not obsess about that so much. I think cutting back on carbs was the smartest thing I did in 2012, so I'm going to focus on lean protein, not much sugar (except dark chocolate), figuring out a way to limit alcohol to just the weekends, and eating lots of fruits/vegetables, very limited grains.


            RTR: I resolve every year to do better with my budget! My goal is to pay off my credit cards by October of this year. It won't be easy, unfortunately.


            OU: Love your 13 theme! I want to do some more 10Ks this year in addition to the 3-4 half marathons I have planned, so I bet I could get to 13 if I threw in some 5Ks, too.


            SJP: I am in awe of your annual mileage! Strength training continues to be a goal of mind, too. Sorry DBF was sick for New Year's ...


            Seattle: I like your diet plan! Mine is going to be fairly similar ... kind of paleo, with some tweaking.


            Mia: Sounds like you're having a fantastic holiday break! Your TLC man sounds so great. Makes the holidays better to share them with good people!


              seattle.  What marathon training plan are you using?  I'm still trying to decide..go with Higdon Novice 2 or Intermediate 1, or do something of my own.  Choices, choices.


              rtr.  Glad you had a nice visit with your family!


              ou.  Like I said yesterday - great goals!  Good call on getting rid of the junk!


              sjp.  Sorry to hear that DBF is under the weather.  Not a fun way to ring in the New Year!



              rr.  Did speedwork yesterday for a total of 4 and Core.  Today I'm hopping on the TM for 4-5 while M naps.


              nrr.  My mom arrives this afternoon so M and I will pick her up after she wakes up from nap.


              fr.  Not off to a great start this new year!  Back to business as usual today!


                Happy New Year!


                RR- I kicked off the new year buy running 8.3. I planned on only a short 20 min slow run and just kept going because it felt so good. My foot's not totally better but its MUCH better. Don't ask my what the deal was because I have no clue! The toe next to my big toe is still in some pain everyone once in a while. Oddly enough after yesterdays run(which is the longest I've ever gone) and then walking the dog a few miles my foot felt the best it has. It fells great in a weird way to have sore muscles again.


                FR- I've been doing okay. Had pizza last night but didn't over do it. My portions have been under control. I failed on sweets that were left around at work, but have kept them out of the house.


                NRR-  I almost never make resolutions because I never keep them. I am the type of person who will do something and get it done if I want it badly enough. That being said I'm in the middle of getting my weight down. I'm currently somewhere around 130lbs at 5'3" and would like to be around 115-120. Really the number doesn't matter so much to me, just how I feel and I'm using the number as a guideline. Something else I've been working on lately is building confidence in myself. How this gets done I have NO CLUE.


                rtr- I'm glad you had a good time at home with the family, but that you also got some time with DF before you have to go back to work.


                OU-  Even though your weight is not what you want to see you sound super motivated to get it together. I like your "13" type resolutions. I haven't weighed myself in a while either. I did at some point before Christmas, but that number doesn't mean anything now.


                sjp- Awesome number of miles! That's incredible. I'm glad you're happy with your running and weight!


                seatte- Yay for the marathon training! Do you have a marathon planned out?


                MC- I agree with the different dieting books/ideas. I think they are great guidelines but just don't work for me. I have a very difficult time committing to a diet and giving things up. I tend to more take the approach of eating things in moderation. I don't ever see myself giving up bread(I love making it myself) or ice cream. Maybe this way you'll be able to take all the knowledge you've gathered from this past year and find a mix of what works for you.


                  Had a great beautiful 3 mi run in the sunshine today...  wish I could have gone longer!


                  rtr - sounds like you had a wonderful break, between seeing old friends and family and getting to spend some time with DF too!  I need to work on budgeting for the new year as well... no more late night amazon shopping sprees!


                  ou - I am with you on the back on track with MFP/etc for the new year!  If you want to add me on there my username is shamarie87 Smile  Yay for getting a cat, how fun - have you named her yet?


                  sjp - holy cow, that is so many miles... you are impressive!  So sorry DBF was sick for NYE...  the first NYE DBF and I had together he had stomach flu so we were in bed eating saltines and drinking ginger ale.  hope he feels better soon!


                  MC - glad you got some good runs in over the break!  Yeah, our eating plans do sound really similar.  I am needing to cut down on the alcohol too, I don't usually drink a lot but when you have a wine or beer with dinner every night plus more on the weekends it definitely adds up!


                  simon - nice work on the speedwork yesterday!  I haven't done any in a while, looking forward to a tempo run on Fri.  I am going to do Hal Higdon's intermediate 1 plan.  I have built up a pretty consistent base for the past 4-5 months, but I also haven't run 5 days per week or that many miles much since high school, so I am going in with the approach of being ok with tweaking as needed or cutting out an easy run day or whatnot if I need to!


                  snowden - woohoo for long run and your foot feeling better, that is a great way to start the new year!  the self confidence thing is definitely something I need to work on too...  if I figure out how I will let you know!  I am running the Tacoma City marathon on May 5 (it will be my fourth full, but I haven't run once since '09 and I didn't really run a lot of mileage for any of them, so I am hoping for a nice PR!).


                    Hi everyone! I thought that today might be a good time to come back... I miss posting and talking with y'all. I made it through the worst semester of school and should have some actual free time from now on! I'm still on winter break until January 10th, so I've been at my parents' place in NoVa. Break has been absolutely wonderful and exactly what I needed... lots of running, great food, time with family, SLEEP, and relaxing. I finally feel recovered from the semester! I ended up with walking pneumonia from the beginning of October through Thanksgiving... got better, then got sick again during finals. Ugh. Back to normal and feeling good now. Other life news that I should update... hmmm... DBF and I are doing really well and I'm planning on moving in with him next year. I've decided that I want to go into pediatrics when I graduate (took my pediatrics class this past semester and fell in love with the field). I ran 3 marathons and my first ever 50k this past Fall. The 50k was the best running experience of my life, and I think I'm officially hooked on the distance. Signed up for another one in February and June, with three more marathons sandwiched in between. Still doing the high mileage thing, still feeling good. School is going to calm down a whole lot now... this upcoming semester is the last time I'll be in class full time. Then next year is clinicals, and graduation in May 2014.... can't get here soon enough! For those of you I don't know... I'm a 23yr old (female), living in Richmond, VA and getting my dPT.


                    But that's enough about me... I'm glad to be back and missed you all! Time to catch up with everyone a bit and do some shout outs!


                      Runtravel: Glad that you had a nice relaxing Christmas break in South Dakota. Did DF go with you? Did you have to go back to work today? I didn't make any New Year's Resolutions… I never do haha. I always have some things in mind that I'd like to work on and improve, so New Year's is just kind of like a reminder for me.


                      Ou: I saw that you are now officially a marathoner! Congrats! Think there's another one in your future? Haha I like that your resolutions all incorporate the number 13. Aw you got a cat?! Cute! What's his/her name? Kitten or adult? I want to see a pic!


                      Sjp: Congrats on your marathon (I remember you were supposed to run NYC… then that whole ordeal happened… and you ran the other one in NH) and on moving in with DBF! That must be SO nice to have him around all the time. I really, really can't wait until I can do the same. Nice job on all those miles for 2012. I think I need to start actually keeping track of my mileage. Haha maybe that should be my resolution. Hope DBF feels better soon. Your NYE sounds exactly like mine… my DBF is also sick, so we just stayed in, I made dinner, we watched movies and went to bed early. It was low key but that's always kind of nice.


                      Seattle: What marathon are you running? I can't remember… is this your first, or not? Glad you feel better now hope the sickness doesn't come back later in the day.


                      MC: Hi I haven't "met" you before! I was part of this group for a loooooong time back when we were on runnersworld, then had to take a break this past semester because I was seriously lacking in free time. Do you work at a school, or are you in school? Those are some good resolutions with the eating stuff… the kind of thing I always need to focus on.


                      Simon: How is M doing? I see some pics of her on Facebook from time to time and just can't believe how big and adorable and beautiful she is now! Hope that you have fun with your mom visiting. Are y'all planning on doing anything special? How long is she going to be in town?


                      Snowden: I don't think I've officially "met" you either! It's fun having new people around now! That is great news about your foot! We all know how rough it is to be injured and unable to run. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you that it continues to behave. I like the idea of working on self confidence… that's something I've always struggled with myself.


                      Mia: I saw that you have a new guy in your life that seems to be making you very happy! Aww I'm so happy for you!! That's really great you totally deserve it. And I saw that you're starting a new job… what is? Have you had your first day yet? How did everything go?


                      Loves: I also saw that you posted a few days ago about amenorrhea… just wanted to add my experience. I got my period once when I was 15, then never got it again. My doctor thought it was because I didn't have enough body fat, and put me on BC because she thought I needed the hormones for calcium absorption. I had a bad experience with the BC (I was on Yasmin) so I stopped taking it after 8 months. If I got my period naturally, I wouldn't have to go back on it. But, I didn't, and went back on another brand (Ortho Cyclen). That worked out just fine and I felt good taking it. I've been on it ever since… so for about 7-8 years. Now I'm taking it as my primary method of birth control, so I don't have plans to go off it any time soon. I worry a lot about what's going to happen when I decide want to get pregnant and stop taking the BC. But I won't really know until I get to that point. I hope you can find some answers and have better luck with it than I have. It sounds like a lot of us have struggled with this issue though. I hope you're doing well! Miss you around here!

                        Since everyone asked - cats name is Chloe...it was between that or Chamomile, but I didn't like the way that Cami sounded since that would end up being what I called it.  There is a picture of her on face book, but I will see if I can figure out how to get one on here also.  I'm wondering what my house will look like tonight when i get home!


                        jkr: HI!!!! so glad you found us! Glad you survived school and being sick.  Also awesome that you've decided on what portion of the field you want to focus on.  I'm with you, it is so rewarding working with kids!  Yes I am a marathoner - at the moment I am not stuck on the distance, but I am going to do Flying Pig in Cincinnati in May just to try it one more time.  First time was brutal!


                        seattle: I friended you!  I'm really going to crack down.  I did it 4 years ago and was so successful - I need to do that again.  Seems like I can hold it together a few years before I back slide so it's time to start over!  Hooray for marathon training!!!  I'm kind of starting mine - i'm going to do 6 weeks of my own, then switch to HH for the final 12 weeks.


                        snow: so glad that the foot is feeling better!!!!  just keep track in a journal of how it is feeling for the next few days - I wish I had done that when I hurt mine so I could document better what had happened for the future.


                        mc: yea I don't think it will be hard to hit 13 races, it just sounded fun with the theme.  I'm a little worried with 1300 miles.  I usually taper off in December so I will need to have atleast 1250 done by that time!


                        sjp: congrats on the high mileage last year! and continuing the streak through it all!!! glad the scale was nice to you, i'm hoping I lose a few quick pounds to make me feel better about it all...  Ick to DBF being sick on NYE, bummer!  I wasn't feeling great but I just nodded off in my chair so I could wake up to drink champagne!


                        simon: do you have a marathon picked out?  Did you order the Ghosts or did you decide on a different shoe?  I think I'm going to try the pure flows next time...maybe...


                          I made it to the pool for a solid 1600 yard swim.  It felt good!  Once I got home I did some arm exercises with weights.  I plan on doing this three times a week.  While I know working out my arms is good and healthy and what not, my motivation is purely vain.  I am getting married in a strapless dress in just under six and a half months after all.



                          OU:  I hear you on the WR.  I'm up five pounds from the week before Christmas.  I love MFP, but I took a break from it over the break (and indulged freely in cookies), so I'm back at it today.  Hurray for a cat!  Is she grown or a kitten?


                          SJP:  Nice job on the running last year!  How long is your streak now?


                          Seattle:  Yay for marathon training!  What marathon are you doing?


                          Foco:  It looks like you have some great goals!  I'm actually kind of excited about  my budget because I feel like I spend too much and don't focus on it and I want to change that.  Also, I need to save money for my wedding/honeymoon!  My brother is quite into budgeting and showed me his spreadsheet, so I made my own!  Hopefully seeing how I'm spending will help me with that.


                          Simon:  i hope you enjoy your mom's visit!


                          Snowden:  Nice job on the unexpected long run!  I love when that happens!


                          JKR:  Welcome back!  I'm sorry your last semester was so difficult.  It's hard to be productive when sick.  That's awesome about the 50k!  Was it a trail race?  Yes, I had to go back to work today.  It's rough after a week and a half off!  DF did not go with me to SD this year.  He's been there twice before, so he skipped this time.


                          Have a great night!


                            jkr- HI!!! So nice to hear from you.  I am so happy you are enjoying your break and catching up on sleep.  Congrats on the 3 marathons.  Thanks for the advice on the amenhorhea.  I don't know if my problems are from stress or weight loss.  So frustrating.


                            Hope the rest of the had a good new years!!


                              Hi Everyone!

                              RR: None today but I ran 10 yesterday with my TP.  Have the AZ RNR in a couple of weeks, don't think I'll get a PR but I know I'll be able to finish.

                              NRR: First day of the new job today.  I am a clinic manager at a naturopathic clinic.  There are 4 DR's there, a medical assistant, a front desk person, a couple of aesthiticians, a part time bookkeeper and me.  All women.  Today they gave me some easy tasks to do, working with the computer scheduling system, getting meds/supps from the dispensary and invoicing them, shipping some of them out, calling to confirm appts.  It went okay but I was really tired at the end of the day, it's going to take some getting used to working regular hours and not driving all over the place.  First days are always hard because it's all about learning and not feeling super productive.

                              I've been working on getting the house back in order now that the girls are both back at school.  I have to say I didn't even try while they were home because it was futile.

                              Had a very nice NYE. We had a light dinner at TLC's house - salads with crab meat on it.  Then we went to the symphony which ended about  11:15.  We decided to head back to his place to avoid the crazy drivers.  We had dessert and a nice quiet "ringing in" of 2013.  Slept in a little bit on NY day and then I headed home to see younger DD before she headed back to school.

                              Having more than 1 day off was extremely nice and relaxing!  Now I will also have 2.5 day weekends since we always get off at noon on Friday.

                              FR: Overdoing the chocolate a little but it is gone now and I won't bring anymore in the house.  I made a really yummy tortilla soup tonight, so I'll have that to eat for a couple of days.  YUM!  I will need to make sure I pack some good food for work so I'm not too hungry at the end of the day.  I went to the store tonight and loaded up on fruit and salad.

                              NYR: My resolution this year was to just be stable for the year.  I had so many changes this past year I feel like I just want to coast along for awhile.




                              RTR: Glad you had such a nice time in South Dakota with family and friends and then some relaxing time with DF as well.  I haven't lifted weights for about a year but my arms are still really toned from when I did lift.  I really should start doing pushups again at least.

                              OU: Love your "13" resolutions.  When do you start classes again?  How old is your new cat?  They just opened up a Humane Society down the street from me, we stopped in after running yesterday.  They had the most gigantic cat I've ever seen there. I think a cat would be nice but I am allergic. : (  I did see one of my pups yesterday, ex brought her over because she was freaking out from the fireworks on NYE.  She is REALLY attached to ex now since he is home all the time.  She was happy to see me but I could tell she was nervous everytime ex left her sight.  Weird.

                              sjp: wow nice job on your 2012 mileage!!  Sorry that DBF was sick on NYE, hopefully he feels better soon and you don't get sick.

                              Seattle: It was a nice day out today.  The sun shining makes such a difference even if it is cold out.  Tacoma City Marathon eh?  I heard they changed the route this year, and it's not going to be quite so hilly.  I've run that one twice.

                              MC: are the kiddoes still home?  Mine are both gone again.  Older DD went to her boyfriends in San Fran for New Years and then she's heading back to work in Portland before school starts.  Younger DD starts here second qtr tomorrow so had to go back yesterday.

                              The holidays were definitely better sharing them with someone who cares about me.

                              Snowden: Glad your foot is feeling better, that must be a big relief.  I was forced to gain confidence in myself with all the changes that happened this year.  Sometimes just acting like your confident helps you feel that way - if that makes sense.

                              Simon: Are you still on break?  How long will your mom be visiting.  It looks like M had a wonderful holiday - I LOVED the pics you put up.  She is really a happy girl.

                              JKR: so good to see you and I'm glad you made it through your tough semester.  Does it seem like it's going fast for you?  Glad things are going well for you and DBF still.  Is your family feeling better about him now?  Not sure how you find the time to do all that running with your schedule but more power to you!  Did you still run when you were sick?  Yes I have a new man, a sweetheart! and a new job which I just started today.  It is at a naturopathic office, something I have never done before but i learn quickly.  One of my TP's actually recommended me for this job.

                              Loves: Just want to send you some big cyber hugs!!!