Weight Loss Dailies


Good luck Marathoner's Fridailies! (Read 11 times)


    Good morning!  I'm sure both OU and Seattle will rock their marathons this weekend!


    RR:   I took a rest day yesterday and I'll probably take another one today.  I'm still congested and I don't want to make anything worse before my race on Sunday.  I do have to stop by the expo after work to pick up my and DF's bibs.


    NRR:  House hunting last night was really fun!  We saw four houses.  One was great and had the most amazing backyard, but the walkability (and therefore runability) isn't super fantastic and its pretty far from work, so I think we'll hold off.  It was fun looking though so we can get a better idea of what's important to us and what we can live with out.  Houses where we are looking get sold so fast.  If its in the right area at the right price, there will be a number of offers on it within a day or so.  Yikes.  Today is just work, then pick up the bibs and hang out with DF.  Tomorrow we're going to a brunch picnic because some people I know from my Peace Corps days will be in town.  It should be fun!


    FR:  Nothing too exciting.



    Seattle:  I loved when 3 mile runs seemed so short during marathon training.  I also love saying things like “just ten miles.”  Good luck on Sunday!  I’m sure you’ll rock the marathon!


    Snowden:  Did DBF forget about your hot date to clean the carpets?  I hope the rain lets up soon!


    Java:  Yes, I use MFP.  Like most things, it works amazingly when followed religiously.  I lost about twenty pounds last year using it, but since the fall I’ve been less stringent about it and have stopped losing weight.  I really recommend it if you’re looking to get to a certain weight by your vacation.  It’s really easy to use.


    OU:  Good luck on Sunday!  You’ve been training like crazy so I’m sure you’ll be amazing.  I can’t wait to hear about your and Seattle’s marathons.


      Hi all, sorry I didn't make it here yesterday--too crazy at work.


      RR: Chiro again last night, and will do maybe an easy 3 today (or maybe not), then just drinking lots of water and hoping this HM on Sunday goes better than the last one. It's going to start early, 6:30 a.m., and will be pretty cool (high 30s to start?) but sunny.


      NRR: Lots of fires to put out at work lately, late nights on the computer. Going out to happy hour with some coworkers tonight but will stick to water and make it an early night.


      RTR: House hunting is so fun! It's hard to rein yourself in when it's such a frenzied market. It's getting to be that way around here, too. Even rental properties are getting snapped up. Good luck on your race Sunday!


      OU: maybe you can hit that massage booth at the end of the marathon -- although the lines are pretty long at those things, I think. Sounds like you're all set for your race. It's terrific that your 2-miler felt good. That bodes well! Good luck!


      Java: Your meals are sounding healthy and delicious! I really need to refocus on cooking at our place. Too easy for DH and I to slip into eating out a lot with both kids in college. We really need to rein it in.


      Seattle: Very cool that your legs feel speedy. I bet they're going to be raring to go on Sunday. Hope it stays reasonably cool for you and the shade is abundant. Have fun at the race! Also, great news on the house -- that is so exciting! Fall seems a long way off, but it will be here before you know it.


      Snow: Where in Colorado will you be on your trip? Good for you to pound at 5 on the TM. Did you escape the carpet cleaning?


        Good luck OU and Seattle!!!!


        RR: Will go for a few miles this afternoon. Hot yoga was nice and warm last night. The instructor taught my prenatal yoga class when I was pregnant with little b and before class she came over and said she'd been thinking about me a lot because she's getting ready to oper her own studio and she thought I should become a prenatal yoga instructor. I told her that between practicing law and two little boys, I just wouldn't have time, but I was so beyond flattered she even thought of me! I really loved prenatal yoga and I told DH that if I really do get to retire in 5 years (like he keeps saying I will), I may even look into it. Just thought it was so sweet of her to think of me.


        NRR: Friday night with my boys! Last night I actually sat on the couch and watched The Voice while DH did the dishes. It was so nice to just chill for a bit.


        FR: having some cheese sticks tonight I made from a recipe on Skinnytaste. I'm really hoping they turn out well because my boys love them some cheese sticks!



        B: Smoothie w/ kale, Greek yogurt, OJ, pineapple, strawberries, oats, chai seeds, and a bit of honey; coffee w/ skim and truvia

        S: a peach, coffee

        L: leftover pasta primavera

        D: homemade pizza (new ww crust recipe I'm trying), cheese sticks



        rtr - house shopping is so much fun! Glad you got some good ideas. Thanks for the advise, I'll look into MFP.


          Good morning!


          RR - Had a nice easy 3 mi run after work yesterday, was a little breezy but not too warm yet.  Planning on running an easy 2 on Saturday afternoon and hopefully get out in the sun a bit to get used to it!  I am really excited for the marathon!


          NRR - Just wanting today and tomorrow to go by quickly so Sunday will be here already!  I'm thinking of just taking a book to the beach outside my work when I get done today, and relaxing in the sunshine!  Tomorrow is expo and relaxing, and then Sunday is race day and more relaxing!


          FR - Stir fry chicken/veggies/rice last night, thinking chicken nuggets w/sweet potato fries tonight.


          Back in a bit for shouts!


            MC - X-post - Good luck at the half! I hope you feel better about this one. I think you are doing great considering what you have had to deal with!




              DBF and I slept in today. That's becoming a habit, and should probably change. But it was sooo comfortable.


              RR- Ran close to 14 yesterday in the misty rain. came back dripping wet. I wanted to keep going a few more miles because you can only get so wet, but I did get cold. I think I've developed Raynauds disease, where my fingers lose articulation  I call them dead fingers. It's been getting progressively worse and yesterday's run was the worst yet. My fingers were dead white, which is normal, but my finger tips turned purple. Which is new. I even had gloves on. I got up too late today to be able to have coffee, run and walk the dog so I may run after work. Have to have my coffee.


              NRR- 3 more days of work before my trip! I'm not expecting work to be magically fixed when I come back, but I am ready for a mental break from that place.  ... Also, no carpet cleaning. Smile I don't think DBF really cared to do it either. So we decided to do it after our trip home since a couple is going to be staying in our apartment watching the dog. That would suck to clean them and have them track mud all over the place.


              FR- Less ice cream does not mean substitute cookies.


              rtr- Fun with the house shopping! That's such a big thing to make a decision about! I hope you feel better before your race.


              MC- We're flying into Denver where DBF is from and then spending more time in Colorado Springs where I am from. I'm the maid of honor in my best friends wedding so I'll be pretty busy with that sort of stuff. We're also going to hike the incline and sleep at Barr Camp for a night with my Mom and brother.


              Java- Hot yoga sounds so nice! I'd love to do it more but don't want to spend the money on it. Hot yoga is the first time I realized I could sweat from my shins.


              Seattle- Good luck on the marathon! You've trained hard for it! Hope you're granted shade!


                In a hurry at work this afternoon but just wanted to say GOOD LUCK to OU!!!!!