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    Let's go!  Yesterday was a crazy day, had a big meeting deadline at work that we were scrammbling for.  Today should be much nicer!


    rr: did 5 miles on elliptical yesterday and this morning did 1.75 hill on the mill.  Haven't been running as much of it, getting a little lazy - and paranoid about injury!!!!  Marathon training is so mental!


    nrr: ready to relax a bit today - this week has been stressful.  Been working on a project for class at night - how to make my own iBook, it's really fun and simple - I think it will be a cool skill to have, maybe make books for my nephew to read as he grows up!!!


    fr: doing pretty good in this category.  Know I'm gonna splurge on Saturday at a birthday party so I'm trying really hard to be super good this week!


    MC: that was really nice of lodge people to change reservation.  They probably don't want people driving over passes and getting stuck trying to get there!  I saw shoots of Denver during the basketball tourney - looked beautiful up that direction.  Snow missed us once again!


    mia: DBF officially for us! how fun!!!  How was the show he took you and DD to last week?



      java-hi! good to see you again. sounds like a little break from traveling for you.

      seattle-i love a little tv and early bedtimes during the week. i hate being exhausted for the weekend. and maybe i'm 80 Smile

      mia-our dresses are a watermelon color, in chiffron so its not too shiny or bright. my sister is going for contrast so her photos look good haha. so happy everything is going well with dbf, you deserve all of the happiness!

      snowed-its a new day, and vent away, we've all been there!

      ou-ibook sounds like a lot of fun! who's bday?

      RR: 8 miles and elliptical today. cutback week is good for me, i can tell my legs are already recovering a little bit.

      NRR: nothing much going on, waiting to hear on an apt dbf and i applied for. we really want it! sick of roommate thing and no condos right now, so just going to find a new place.

      FR: made pb m&m cookies for my coworker last night (he had to put his dog down).


        Good morning!


        RR - Had a fantastic 8 mile run after work yesterday in the warm sunshine, it felt so nice!  Today is 5 mi lunch break run and then climbing at the gym w/DBF.


        NRR - Our two full days of training on the new accounting software are over so that's nice...  it seems like a cool program but 8 hours straight in a conference room is a long time!  We are switching over gradually so will be using both for a while... should be interesting.  I relaxed and watched soccer last night (US vs Mexico World Cup qualifier) and it was lovely just to kick back and not do much of anything.  Probably another chill night w/DBF - we are pretty boring on weeknights and that is totally fine with me!


        FR - Making chicken cordon bleu w/roasted red potatoes and asparagus for dinner tonight.  I haven't cooked for DBF in a while and I like to do so every now and then!  I'm sure when we live together the cooking will be a lot more evenly split but for now he is usually the one cooking since we're at his house.

        I will try to actually make it back for shouts today since I will be at my computer (yay!).


          Good morning all. RR: Not going to happen Sad NRR: Little b is very sick and having to do breathing treatments every 3 hours (you can imagine how much fun that is at 3 am). So, 1/2 day of work for me then off to take over for DH. BOO for sick kiddos. FR: did pretty well yesterday. Hopefully that means I'm getting back on track! BBL for shouts if time permits. I'm trying to fit a whole day of work in before noon!


            OU: Always nice to get a big project at work complete so you have a little breathe time.  At least it was during a slower time at school.

            SJP: Keeping my fingers crossed about the apt. for you.  Is it in a complex or an individual unit?  When do you hear?

            Seattle: I bet you are glad training is over.  Do you usually stay over at DBF's place? How many people live in the house with you?  What do you think about the Amanda Knox retrial.  I say leave the poor girl ALONE!

            Java: Oh. . . so sorry to hear Little b is sick.  Hope he feels better quickly.


            RR: Meeting friends for a run at 8:30.  Yesterday we ran and then I worked in the yard some more after sending out some resumes.

            NRR: Since it's been nice out I've been trying to get my yard ship shape.  I am planning to put in a paver patio - hoping I'm not tackling too big a job all by myself.  I was going to do my whole side yard but now have decided just half of it would be fine and I'll just put rocks down in the other half.  I dug out a row of ugly trees that had gotten damaged in a storm.  If/when the weather gets rainy again I'll do some painting jobs on the inside of my house.

            FR: Was good yesterday and then I had a sweet craving (PMS).  Didn't have many sweet things in the house but ate what I did.  : (



              Going to be back for more shouts later, but Mia, I agree with you on the Amanda Knox thing - she's already gone through that whole trial and BS and she's been back for so long and not doing anything wrong, just leave it alone already!


                Good Morning Everyone!


                RR- Got in 11 miles on the trails yesterday. I was in a fairly poor mood so I just went out to run and didn't look at my watch. I was pleasantly surprised when I got home and saw how far/fast I went. Not sure what's on the burner for today. Maybe another run to a trail head?


                FR- Getting back on track from the weekend. It's amazing how quick and easy it is to ruin a weeks worth of hard work. My mom has a personal trainer right now who has really helped her a lot. She knew I was having a hard time figuring out how many calories to eat so she gave him my basic info and he looked into my log on MFP. He emailed me saying to shoot for 1900 cal on off days and 2200 cal on days I work out. Eat more protein, about 125g a day. Eat less carbs(which I've been working on). And to strength train! I know I need to strength train, I just need to do it! So I think I'll try his approach with calories for a while and tweak them a bit when I see fit.


                NRR- Counting down the days til my EMT class is over and I can have a life again.


                OU- Hope work is less busy today! Marathon training is so mental! I was thinking the other day on one of my long runs how I feel that my personality has changed a bit. I am slowing seeing myself be a bit more confidant and I really think that's because I push myself a lot in running and am so happy when I run something I didn't think I could do.


                sjp- Well even if there are no condos right now I hope you find and get an apartment you like. Sounds like it's time to move on from having a roommate.


                Seattle- The sun is out here too, well kind of, its trying! I had a dream last night I went to the gym to check out the climbing wall. Maybe its a sign that can be my strength training.


                Java- Disapprove Hope Little B gets better soon! It's tough being a sick kid. I'm sure its tough being the mom of a sick kid too!


                Mia- Have a good run! ... Well you probably already ran. But hope it went well!


                  Hi all,


                  RR: Planning 6-7 right after work today. Beautiful sunny day here but all our snow is melting so everything's slushy.


                  FR: Yummy curry with DS today at Thai place for lunch.


                  OU: Yes, it was very cool for the lodge to change the reservation ... I think it's kind of an in-between season for them. I love the snow, and we need it! Very cool that you're working on building an iBook ... is the formatting a lot different than for a Kindle ebook?


                  SJP: Watermelon sounds beautiful ... warm and bright. Great that you're looking for an apartment--sounds like it will be a great change for you both.


                  Seattle: Yay for sunshine! Nice that your training's almost over. I can only take so much conference room time myself. My DS loves to watch soccer, too. I'm impressed with the dinners you and DBF cook -- you really put some effort into it!


                  Java: So sorry little B is so sick: And breathing problems must be stressful for you all.


                  Mia: I keep thinking about a paver patio, too. I'm much more of a thinker than a do-er when it comes to house projects. I got a bunch of paint out of our cupboards the other day to get ready to paint upstairs ... and then just didn't.


                  Snow: Cool feedback from the trainer! So is that a lot more calories than you were allowing yourself before? Maybe you needed that extra food? Sounds like you're running a lot. I need to do more strength training, too. I was just looking at my log for yoga/strength classes and I haven't been going as much as I should.


                    Had kind of a blah run over lunch today... got my 5 mi in but I think I ate my breakfast too late and I had hiccups, a sideache, and heartburn for the whole run, yuck!  Oh well.


                    ou - I know what you mean about marathon training being so mental and being super paranoid about injury too!  Every time something even twinges I'm like "AHHHHHH!!! what was that??????"  lol.  I am ready for another weekend already...  this week has been pretty busy!


                    sjp - so sad about your coworker's dog... that was really nice of you to make cookies!  PB M&M cookies sound like they would cheer me up for sure.  Just so I can properly drool, are they peanut butter cookies w/chocolate M&M's in them or regular cookies w/peanut butter M&M's in them?  I think either would be good!!  Fingers crossed you get that apartment!


                    Java - oh no on the sick little B...  I hope he gets better soon and you aren't too stressed!


                    Mia - I am crashing at my mom's place right now (great $ saver and I didn't want to get stuck on a lease when DBF and I's timeline is so up in the air) so yeah, I pretty much always stay at DBF's place.  it's either my mom on my end or 7 roommates on his end...  I will be glad when he/we get our own place!  way to go on getting all the house/yard stuff done!


                    snowden - running and trail running in particular can be so good when you are in a bad mood.  I always catch myself running faster and faster on those runs though just because of all that negative energy I am working out!  glad you have a plan in place for the whole MFP thing - it takes so much tweaking to figure out what works best for your body.  if you have a climbing gym near you I'd totally recommend you try it out!  they may even let you try it out for free, or at least you can take a tour and see if it looks interesting Smile


                    MC - enjoy your run in the sunshine!  I love Thai food, so yummy...  DBF and I usually get it at least every month or so.  It's funny, but I've learned that a lot of the time fancy sounding dishes are really fairly simply to prepare, and if you're not in too much of a hurry you can usually get a really good meal on the table in 30-45 min or so!  Smile


                      I got in a pretty good 8(??) miles. DBF and the dog were with me for the first 1.5 miles.


                      MC- MFP originally had me at 1240 calories. I upped it to 1340 for a while, and just recently upped it to 1400. When I exercise I am already around the 2000- 2200 cal a day. But when I don't exercise that 1400 is too low. I get grouchy. Smile So I'm thinking of keeping it at 1400-1500 and eating back exercise calories and then just being okay eating 1900 calories if I need it on my off days.


                      Seattle- I stopped by my gym, which has a climbing wall to get some info on it. Sadly, its only open 4 hours a week, all of which either me or DBF are working. I was under the impression it was open all the time. And there are no other climbing gyms in town. I'm considering starting to swim one day a week as cross training. That just requires me to go spend money on a swimsuit that actually fits right.