Weight Loss Dailies


there goes another Thursdaily (Read 12 times)


    Morning! almost the weekend!

    MC-thanks! that is nice to be able to run between meetings. i think i'd be better off/productive in the afternoon if i could lift midday or something. great job with the weight loss.

    ofs-yes, progress i definitely a good motivator!

    RR: 8 easy miles and then 25ish on the elliptical. i think we may do x tonight, maybe just abs though, i am tired.

    NRR: just want the next 2 days done and then i have a few off. nothing really going on tonight, just the usual lift, dinner, tv and bed. dbf and i are so crazy. haha.

    FR: dbf made me penne with white wine/herb sauce last night. its really light and delicious.

      RR did 32 minutes of slogging in the deep snow last night.  Felt good to do it.


      FR  ground beef, cabbage, and BBQ sauce last night.  My son loved it, asked for seconds.  I pointed out to DW that it probably wasn't as lean as ideal, but she had still tried to drain it well.  We kinda laughed, as it made a good treat anyway.


      IR  had a nasty rug burn on my knee from soccer, and have been changing the bandage all week.  Pulling tape off my leg hurts, OUCH!

        RR, I don't know what day it is, but I just slogged 2 miles in deep uneven snow. Took 45 minutes. I'm done now until my Saturday race Smile