Weight Loss Dailies


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    Good morning!


    RR:  I'm planning on going to the Y after school for a 1200 yard swim.  I haven't been to the Y in a while, so I'm looking forward to it.  Also, it's a perfect afternoon activity, because I have to be back at work tonight at 5:30 for conferences, so there's no point in going home.


    NRR:  This weekend was really fun!   My mini-Thanksgiving dinner on Friday was a success.  DH and I chopped down a tree (well, I picked it out, DH chopped it down) on Friday, then on Saturday my niece and nephew helped us decorate it.  My nephew referred to it as the best day ever.  The rest of the weekend was spent chasing the kids around and hanging out with my brother.


    FR:  I actually get a real lunch break today because its a half day with the students, then conferences in the afternoon and evening, so I might head to Panera for lunch.



    SJP:  Staying in a cabin on your parents’ land sounds like a lot of fun!  Did it get cold or was the stove enough to keep you warm?  I’ve been feeling pretty good lately, thanks for asking!


    MIA:  That’s awesome that you start your new job soon.  It’s with State Farm, right?  What will you be doing for them?


    Seattle:  Nice job with the half!  Sometimes the weather conditions don’t work out in your favor.  I’d say it’s a great sign that your current slow pace is your old fast pace!


    Foco:  It sounds like you’re in the midst of a crazy week!  Why do you travel so much for work?



      rtr-that is so great you had so much fun with the kids. they get so excited around christmas, its so much fun. the cabin was really warm with the wood stove, its so small that the place heats up really quickly and stays warm, it is insulated just not heated unless we are there.

      seattle-do you expect your finals will be really difficult? i'm sure you'll do well and be happy when they are finished!

      mia-had to laugh about DD wanting out of the ex-laws after a couple days. is ex moved back east now? i am happy to be almost done with shopping, and just need things to be delivered so i can wrap them up!

      RR: 8 easy miles then elliptical this morning. dbf and i did P90x chest/back last night and i think i am getting stronger. can do real pushups for all types now! grrr Smile

      NRR: dbf and i are doing a little shopping after work--we got a 20% coupon at target for some shopping we did online black friday so have to use it this week. should work out well since the crowds aren't that bad on the weekdays.

      FR: chicken sausage on salad last night, was really good and hit the spot.


        Good Morning.

        RR: hoping the weather cooperates so I can get out for a run or a walk later.  I'll need a break from school in the mid afternoon I'm sure.

        NRR: So hard to get out of bed this morning, but I'm making myself get up since I know I have to do it next week whether I like it or not.  Older DD comes home tonight, she gets into the airport about 10 PM.  When I've chatted with her she sounds very ready to be home.   Sounds like she's planning to be here until spring at least and then maybe move back to Portland.

        FR: Doing okay in this area, although I made pumpkin muffins (healthy ones) which I shouldn't have done.  They are in the fridge now instead of on the counter.  I'm less likely to eat them without thinking if they aren't on the counter.


        RTR: Glad your weekend turned out so well.  Does your  brother live nearby with the kids?  How old are his kids? Yes the job is with State Farm.  I will be working in the Claims department and I'm pretty sure I'll be resolving auto claims for customers.  I'll know more after training though.


        SJP: Hows the project going that you were so busy with before Thanksgiving?  Yes Ex is back in NJ now.  He's been there since July or August I think.  He's with his parents, his sister, his brother and his brother's daughter (10 y/o) all live together in the parents house.  Haha.Actually I think Ex lives in a cabin his parents have down by the shore but it doesn't have heat so not sure if he is staying there in the winter.



          Good morning!  So sunny out but so cold!


          RR- Had a good lifting session at the gym w/DBF yesterday.  We need to get more into a routine with it I think instead of just doing random exercises, so I'm going to do some research and see if I can find a plan that looks good.  Today will be 3-4 mi easy on my lunch break, legs are still sore but getting better!


          NRR- Pretty slow at work this week and super busy outside of it!  I have probably 2-3 more really busy homework/study days and then I will be done with the quarter.  Both of my finals are open book open note so hopefully they won't be too difficult, just kind of time consuming to prepare for and such.  Tonight will just be getting some homework and laundry done.


          FR- Had stir fry chicken & veggies last night, probably will again tonight.  I've been making roasted broccoli a lot lately and it's so good!


            rtr - an afternoon swim and a Panera lunch break sounds awesome!  I wish I had a Panera near my work...  I'd probably eat way too much bread and broccoli cheddar soup if we did though haha.  Your weekend sounds lovely - that's great that you could to hang out with your bro and the kiddos!


            sjp - I don't think my finals will be too difficult, I hope.  they are both open book and open note so that will be helpful, but I'm sure the questions might be more difficult because of that so I still need to do some prep work for them!  way to go on the P90X/pushups, that's great!  DBF and I are hoping to be more consistent with our gym routine so hopefully we'll start making some more gains soon too Smile


            Mia - pumpkin muffins sound so good!  perfect fall/winter weather treat.  yay for DD coming home, that will be nice to get to spend some quality time with her!  I think starting a job in the middle of winter is tough, it's even harder to get used to getting out of bed when it's still dark out.  smart of you to start planning ahead and trying to get used to it early!