Weight Loss Dailies


The Wednesdailies! (Read 13 times)


    Good morning!


    RR:  3.1 Miles done for me already this morning.  It felt good.  The weather was cool, but humid.  I looked at the forecast yesterday and saw that it would be in the low 60s this morning and high 80s this afternoon, which was all the motivation I needed to wake up at 5:15.


    NRR:  Not too much going on here today.  Just work, then date night with DF.  Yesterday was a busy day, so it will be nice to have a relaxing afternoon since I already have my run in.


    FR:  Nothing too exciting.


    Have a great day!  I'll try to make it back later today for shouts.

      rtr: wow June 24th?  Are you guys year round or do you start late in September?  We finished last week around here.  I agree during the summer it is so easy to wake up early and run because of cooler temps - that and to see the sunrise!  I'm sure I will be back to doing that in the next month or so!


      snow: hope the weather holds so you can go out on the boat! do you deep sea fish or just go to inlet areas?


      rr: tough workout last night - hardest one since my first day.  we did dumbell snatches then 30-60-90m sprints for 12 minutes straight.  Felt like I was going to be sick!  Legs are really sore today.  Hoping to get in 3-4 miles this evening if the weather holds.


      nrr: to pushing along.  so much to do - atleast I have more motivation this week to get it done.  I've was really bad last week.


      fr: really need to shape this up.  Need to hit the grocery store because I am out o food, then I need to start planning meals and making things to eat - I'm always healthier when I do that.


      wr: 152 - but I think I am about to start, so I will give this a little leeway...


        Good morning!


        RR: Slept in this morning instead of running. I seem to have developed some sort of sinus infection because my allergies have been so bad Sad


        NRR: Supposed to have more bad weather today. I'm so ready for May to be over! If there is no hail or tornadoes around Big B has karate. Not much else tonight.


        FR: Back on track after the long weekend!


        WR: Scale said 125 this am!! I think cleaning up my diet has really helped. Only 10 more lbs to my ultimate goal weight!


        rtr - Cool but humid is my fave! Good job getting up early!


        ou - we go to Texoma. I like it there, but it is a bit crowded. If you're board this Saturday my mama is opening her yoga studio downtown - donation only yoga all day to benefit the tornado victims. Hope you get your run in tonight. Stay safe!



          java-ugh, your sil sounds awful. some  people just don't help--has she always been useless? at least your brother recognized that you did all the work. nice job on the clean eating, you are tiny!

          MC-sorry your back is hurting, is it muscular? hope the PT can help.

          ou-oh yeah, i bet there are a ton of people gawking. that is so great you helped out. ugh, being a girl sometimes just stinks.

          snowed-nice run on saturday!!! and 8 the next day. that is fantastic. yes, so far so good on the ankle/foot.

          rtr-wow school gets out late. i hear you on the temps. its 50 here today and then tomorrow is supposed to be near 90*, that is a hard adjustment!!!

          RR: 8 miles this morning in the rain/drizzle. it was warmer, so not too bad. followed up with 20 min of elliptical.

          NRR: glad its wednesday. i'm tired and my allergies are acting up, so my eyes are killing me and super red/itchy. its going to go from 50 to 90 in the next couple days. i love the heat, but whoa, no chance to adjust!

          FR: sweet n sour chicken and broccoli tonight for dinner


            Good morning!


            RR - Ran 10 mi Saturday, climbed Monday, ran 4 mi yesterday.  Today will be a 4 mi lunch break run and possibly some more climbing.  North Olympic Discovery Marathon on Sunday!


            NRR - Had a nice long weekend - the weather over in eastern WA wasn't amazing so we just stayed over here and had a picnic at the beach near my house, which actually turned out to be really nice, and had a pretty low key weekend.  DBF surprised me by booking us a vacation rental/super nice house on the water in the town where the marathon finishes for this weekend (I had been planning on just camping if the weather was decent, haha) so I am really looking forward to that!  His sister's birthday was yesterday so we are going to grab some dinner with her tonight, should be fun.


            FR - Pan fried pork chops w/parmesan asparagus and mashed potatoes last night, not sure what tonight but hopefully I can find something healthy!


            Back in a bit for shouts!


              Morning! And Happy Hump Day!

              RR: I've been kind of a slug.  I did run Saturday a little over 7  miles and hills, yesterday was 5 miles.  I've just been having trouble motivating when it's raining elephants outside.

              NRR: I feel boring here.  I'm studying a lot, spend time with DBF when he and I are able and I'm still applying for jobs.  I haven't heard from last weeks interview yet.  This weekend was very laid back.  Saturday evening we stayed in at DBF's house, he made me salmon, corn on the cob and potato salad.  Sunday was very wet and rainy, we went for a drive, he started teaching me how to drive a stick shift.  He worked on  one of his bicycles, we watched a movie and turned in early.  Monday I headed home and did some homework, grocery shopping, etc.  Yesterday homework also.

              FR: Not bad in this area lately.  Just need to get both exercise and food going at the same time and that should help with getting those 10 lbs off again.


              Java: I am appalled at your SIL and her friend's behavior.  Are they in college still? They should be pretty embarrassed.

              SJP: sounds like you had a wet, rainy weekend like we did.

              OU: I am sure seeing the aftermath of the tornadoes daily is unsettling.  I think it's great that you helped out this weekend.

              Snow: nice job on your runs, hope you are able to get out on the boat today.

              RTR: sounds like your trail run was pretty awesome.  I need to start doing more trail running to prep for my R2R.

              MC: Sorry about your back acting up.  Did the chiro help yesterday?

              SEattle: looked like you had a nice birthday.  When do you head to Port Angeles?  That was really sweet of DBF to book at hotel room.





                Up early for an EMT call, then it got canceled. So far I have been signing up for EMT duty on the nights previous to my days off. Which is a good idea I'm finding. Around 5 hours of sleep and I didn't even go on a call. I'm actually getting kind of anxious to get a call to get some experience.


                RR- 9.3 yesterday. Felt good. Most likely a rest day today.


                NRR- DBF and I are going out on the boat in a few hours. Weather has been PERFECT all week, and my days off show up and the sky is full of dark cloud again.


                FR- Starting to wonder if I run because I enjoy it or because I need to because I eat so much ice cream.


                  rtr- Good call running before it gets to hot. I'm not used to running in the heat whatsoever. I ran in high 50's and hit 60 once this week and I was hot. Smile


                  OU- Just planning on fishing the inlet areas. We aren't totally ready to fish just yet, but close. Today we're just burning gas, getting out on the boat and exploring the area.


                  Java- Aw, feel better. Sinus infections seriously suck! Wow, we have the same weight goal and are currently around the same weight! Nice going on cleaning up your diet!


                  sjp- Geeze that's a BIG jump in heat!


                  Seattle- Marathon already! How are your legs feeling? How sweet of DBF to book the hotel!


                  Mia- I ran all winter through the terrible, cold rain. Then one week of decent weather and when it started raining again I felt like such a wimp. I actually got on the treadmill 3 times in a week before I realized how crazy I was being! Hope your running mojo comes back soon!


                    Hi all,


                    RR: Raining cats and dogs here today! I think I'll jump on the treadmill here at work over lunch and do a few miles. I'm not as waterproof as you folks in the Northwest! I know this rain wouldn't get you down. We have a new initiative at work to encourage everyone to exercise more, so we're all wearing Movbands and uploading our stats to a web site. It's a competition among all the office locations. Very motivating! We have an ultrarunner here in our office, so we think we're going to win, but he's making us all hold up our end of the bargain. Which is good.


                    NRR: Quiet week at work, which is great. DH traveling again to meeting so I think I'll go to yoga tonight. We have band practice tomorrow night and playing a show Friday night here locally at our favorite bar. I think lots of folks are coming, so should be great fun.


                    RTR: Good for you to knock it out before it gets hot. I should have run early this morning before the rain started. Enjoy the relaxing day!


                    OU: Wow, sprints sound tough. I really should do some sprints. I did love how Crossfit changed things up every day. It was hard to get bored. Do you have a really supportive group there? I was impressed with how friendly everyone was.


                    Java: Great work on weight--your meals have been so nutritious lately, I'm not surprise that you're seeing great results. It's really neat that your mom is opening a yoga studio. Has she been teaching yoga for a long time?


                    SJP: Sorry your allergies are acting up, that's really a bummer. Sounds like you are really back in business with your mileage. I think the deal with my back is that I haven't discovered exactly the right combination of exercises/weight training to strengthen my core and all those muscles in my lower back without hurting it. Either that or my body just can't take the wild swings between running/yoga when I'm home to barely running/no yoga when I travel? I don't know.


                    Seattle: So exciting that you have another marathon coming up already. It's great that you're just able to keep your fitness level so high. The place DBF booked for post-marathon sounds amazing! Major points to him.


                    Mia: I don't want to run in the elephant rain, either. Sounds like your weekend was perfect--busy enough, but still relaxing. I'm sure the food/exercise thing will come together for you quickly.


                    Snow: You've been getting some great mileage in! I know plenty of people who run so they can eat ice cream ... not entirely a bad plan. Your boat excursions sound really fun.


                      rtr - good call on getting up early to run today... 60s sounds much better weather than 80s!  And it's super nice to be able to just relax after work instead of worrying about getting a workout in!


                      ou - wow sounds like some tough workouts you've been doing!  is your back feeling better after it hurting last week?  I definitely eat a lot better when I plan meals ahead as well!


                      Java - sorry you aren't feeling too good, that's never any fun!  Hopefully the weather doesn't get too severe where you are.  Bummer that your SIL was so lame over the weekend... sounds like at least your brother recognized that it was an issue!


                      sjp - sounds like you are getting back up into the higher mileage again, glad your foot is feeling better!  50 to 90 is quite a jump... it's always a little crazy when the first huge heat wave comes through.  Your dinner tonight sounds delicious!


                      Mia - you guys had a lovely weekend despite the rainy weather it seems!  I bet you are doing really well in the classes!  I hope I can keep up my motivation enough to do it for another few years... sometimes it's a bit overwhelming haha.  DBF and I are leaving a bit early on Friday afternoon to head over to PA.  What did you think of the course when you ran it?  Was it mostly flat?  Shady at all?  Looks like (knock on wood) perfect marathon running weather on Sunday so far...!


                      snowden - too funny about running for ice cream!  nice work on the longer run.  hope the storm clouds hold off so you and DBF can enjoy the boat!  My legs are feeling pretty good, and I've run 14 and then 10 the last two weekends, so we shall see how the marathon goes!  I am mostly just doing it for fun/out of craziness Smile


                      MC - woohoo for quiet weeks at work!  this week has been super quiet here, which is kind of nice after how busy it was the past few weeks.  yoga sounds like a relaxing way to spend the evening while DH is traveling!  I love the office competition idea... sounds like you are on the winning team for sure!  I was super happy when I saw the place DBF booked, it's right on the water, with a fireplace, flat screen tv, hot tub, patio, etc.  Camping would have been ok but this will be way better!


                        seattle: when I ran NODM it wasn't sunny out, it was windy (major factor there when running along the water) and overcast.  I do remember some parts that were on the NOD Trail that were nice and shady though.  There are two pretty tough inclines when at about mile 16 if I remember correctly.  The good thing about this course is it will be easy for DBF to meet you at different spots to cheer you on



                          sjp - not sure if my SIL has always been that way or not. She and my brother just got married a year ago and since he is quite a bit younger than I am we don't spend a lot of time with them other than a family birthday dinner.  Woo hoo for 8 miles!! I feel you on the allergies - I look like a snotty mess!


                          seattle - how sweet of your DBF!! And your dinner from last night sounds amazing.


                          Mia - If you're a slug I'm dead!! I think you've done an incredible job staying active through your busy schedule. Glad you are also enjoying time with your DBF. My SIL is not in college - I think she's around 25 or so though, so still in that phase.


                          Snowden - I always say I run to eat! Glad you have been enjoying some nice weather!


                          MC - that's the crazy thing about my mom! She's not a yoga teacher!! She has done yoga for years and was approached by one of her instructors to open a studio so she agreed. She is getting certified, but I think she did it as more of a business opportunity. Enjoy your yoga class!! It always makes me feel like a new person.


                            Java - I just turned 26 and would never behave the way your SIL did...  tell her I said that's no excuse Wink  haha!