Weight Loss Dailies


Hump day Wednesdailies! (Read 10 times)


    Good morning!  Now that it's my first full week back at work I feel like I can fully appreciate the geico commercial with the camel.


    RR:  I ran 3 miles last night at the state park, which was really nice, but it was really hot and humid!  I was drenched by the time I was done.  No time for anything today.


    NRR:  Tonight DH and I are going to our follow up appointment with the photographer from our wedding.  We'll pick which photos we want for our album and hopefully get the disc with all the pictures tonight!


    FR:  The quinoa and potato dish I made last night was delicious.  Tonight we'll probably just go out after our appointment.



    SJP:  That’s awesome that you and DBF do crosswords during dinner!  Do you usually finish them?  The state park is really nice.  I’ve run there a few times and it’s actually where DH proposed, so of course I love it.  The commute’s about 40 minutes, so not great, but not terrible.


    MIA:  Do you have both of your DDs at home now?  That must be nice!  How are the classes coming along?  It seems like you’re working really hard at them.


    Seattle:  I’d like to go climbing again, but I’m going to wait a bit because it’s a pretty expensive hobby and I’m trying to save money because we’ve been spending a lot on the house.  A gym with a sauna sounds glorious!




      rtr-haha yes hump day commercial is funny, my office quotes it all the time. ooh, picking out wedding pics will be great! have you had a sneak peak?

      seattle-trail 10k sounds really fun. yes, coming back from being sick is not easy, get tired so quickly. i'm sure you'll bounce right back though!

      mia-haha yeah i pretty much go right back to the daily 10 as soon as i can. i like cutback weeks bc i know i need them and it usually means i have a race coming up, but it never feels like my routine.

      RR: 10 this morning, was really humid. supposed to be near 90* today, it hasn't been that hot in more than a month. thinking about ab ripper x after work. its so quick, but i never feel like it after i lift.

      NRR: busy at work with a few random small projects with converging deadlines. shouldn't be too bad, but one of my bosses' schedules is nuts and she is so scatterbrained, i can't stand when she works on  projects (she primarily does marketing).

      FR: nothing too exciting. happy to have coffee this morning, haha.


        Good morning.

        RR : planning to run this morning with friends  probably into until about 10:30 though.  Went for a walk after it cooled down yesterday.

        NRR : need to do more school work today and do some cleaning. My MacBook stopped working and I'm freaking out. Hoping its just the power cord , I'll try DD's cord today. Need that for school.

        FR: yesterday was a feel fat day. I've been eating good stuff but probably too much.


        RTR: picking pictures will be fun but I bet it will be hard to narrow them down. Yes both DDs are home for now, they'll both head out by the end of the month.

        SJP : everyday I am happy for coffee.



          Good morning!


          RR- Planning on 4 mi over lunch today.  I'm guessing it will probably be hot and sunny...  I think it's supposed to be almost 90 today, whew!


          NRR- Had a nice relaxing night last night just reading and lounging in the sun, with the exception of the gigantic spider that I had to trap and bring out of my room... eek!  I will be glad when spider season is over, there's been so many this year!  Tonight DBF and I are going to the park near my house to have a picnic and maybe walk along the beach.  Gotta enjoy the sun while it's still around!


          FR- First day post whole 30...  I think I am going to have a PBJ for dinner.  For some reason that has sounded so good for the past week or two, and a picnic is the perfect opportunity, haha.  I saw at the store yesterday that they have Reese's peanut butter in jars now... oy.  do people actually put that on their sandwiches or something??


          rtr - glad you got a run in yesterday, even if it was hot out!  I totally understand the wanting to save money thing, especially since I'm paying for school out of pocket I'm on a pretty tight budget.  That's part of the reason that DBF and I switched from the big climbing gym to the regular gym with the climbing wall.  Have fun sorting through wedding pictures tonight, that sounds like fun!


          sjp - looks like we are hot weather twins today!  I am definitely not minding the late season heat wave though, I know I will miss it come December/January/etc.  bummer about the scatterbrained boss...  I feel lucky to have mine, she is so smart and helpful and knows everything!  and also is super nice, and a marathon runner.  Definitely hit the boss jackpot there.


          Mia - yikes on the computer trouble- hopefully it's something simple like the power cord so you can get it fixed and not have to stress about it.  I know what you mean about the "feel fat" days...  I was definitely having one of those on Monday, I felt that I looked more preggo than my 8 months preggo coworker haha.  I think that I just ate too much salt and all the water I drank was not going anywhere :/