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Why is it still dark?? Wednesdailies! (Read 8 times)


    The one thing I have a tough time with in the fall is the dramatic shortening of daylight...  wahhh!


    RR – Had a great 4 miler over lunch yesterday, I was stressing myself out so really needed it.  Was going to run 6 today but now thinking I will do 4 instead…  it’s supposed to be a cutback week and I don’t want to push the running too much since most of tomorrow, Fri and Sat will be busy with some tough hiking!  The plan for tomorrow is 6-7 mi with 5000 feet elevation gain… whee.  The weather looks fantastic though so that should be nice!


    NRR – Finished a good chunk of what I needed to do at work yesterday, and finished all my homework through Sunday last night, so I am feeling a little less stressed now.  Today will be pretty hectic just trying to get ahead at work so I’m not super behind when I come back!  Going to happy hour with my coworkers for a bit after work and then dinner and a relaxing evening with DBF after that.


    FR – Not sure, lots of carbs I am guessing!




      rtr-mmm, chiptole, you make me crave it every week! glad you got a long weekend with DH. Spaghetti squash is good, its easy to make and taste is mild so if you aren't a huge squash/root veggie person, you'll probably still like it.

      seattle-woohoo for good weather. hope you have a fabulous trip!

      RR: 10 treadmill miles this morning. finally a little less sore from lifting, still there but at least i can walk normally. probably lifting tonight.

      NRR: watching the red sox game again tonight. well part of it, 8 pm start time is not ideal. otherwise, just a boring wednesday.

      FR: cocoa dusted almonds are yum.


        Good morning!

        RR: I'm taking advantage of the nice weather we've been having and trying to get out in the afternoon for either a run or a walk.  5 miles yesterday was a great break during school work.  Planning to walk today instead of run.

        NRR: Most of my schoolwork done for the week, just a few minor assignments left to do.  Going to clean the house today.  I've been noticing more dust since the sun is at a different level in the sky.  Have to go back for another drug test today - joy.  Apparently the last one was "inconclusive" which happens often I was told.

        FR: My chili is gone so I need to make something else.  I think I'll make some kind of soup today.


        Seattle: The hike sounds great.  Are you backpacks pretty heavy for a trip like that?

        SJP: Almonds are one of my favorite snacks - haven't had the cocoa dusted almonds in forever.  I also like the wasabi dusted almonds.

        RTR: How did the floors turn out in your house?  What do you have left to do?