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    Good morning!


    RR:  I ran 3.1 miles this week.  It was only 58 degrees and it felt fantastic!  Hopefully I'll get out for a longer run this weekend.


    NRR:  Jury duty today.  I'm hoping to get a lot of my book read while sitting around waiting all day.  After that I have an end of the year softball game, so hopefully I'll get out of jury duty early enough for that.  No major plans for the weekend, just looking forward to hanging out and having a low key weekend.


    FR:   The usual.



    Ou:  I guess you could say the last week is a fun week.  It’s just pretty ridiculous that grades go in so early.  I’m happy that the stress is done though.  Nice job on the crossfit!  It sounds like you’re really seeing the benefits!



    SJP:  Do you inspect bridges to see if they’re safe?  That sounds interesting.


    MIA:  Happy Birthday!  I hope you have a great day!  Any fun plans for tonight?


    Seattle:  You’re really rocking the climbing lately!  I might try it out this summer.


    Java:  Have a nice weekend at the lake!


    Snowden:  Nice job getting back into the running!  11 miles and 6 miles back to back is really impressive!

      morning all! TGIF!!!!!!

      snow: I am running so much less that I am able to keep a faster pace with the miles - don't feel as exhausted each run.  I haven't really done much distance wise to see if the less running + crossfit actually keeps me in endurance shape like they say it will.


      rr: 4 miles last night.  it was sooooo hot.  I was drenched from head to toe.  Quick reminder why I am not running much this summer.


      nrr: make it through 4 hours of work then off on the road trip!!!


      fr: Had a delicious salad last night, chicken, strawberries, bacon, blue cheese on spinach with a raspberry vinegarette.  yum!



        Mia-have fun in Portland this weekend! bet a haircut feels nice. happy birthday!!!!!

        seattle-i bet dbf is tired. saw your pic on fb, your gramdma is so cute!

        java-a weekend away with DH will be so great. i hope you get good weather!

        snowed-haha we have tourists ask us directions here all the time.

        rtr-sort of, there are inventory reports that are done yearly by certified bridge inspections and we load rate the bridges based on that inspection, however, we go to the bridges to inspect to see if anything has changed, condition etc since sometimes its been a year or more since an inspection has been done. hope you get to your softball game!

        ou-where are you going?! road trip sounds like it leads to something fun!

        RR: 10.5 miles. my route was all set but they are doing construction and there are 2 access points to the ocean trail i use, and doesn't matter which i pick, that one will be closed that day and i have to reroute. i ran the same route as yesterday and today the access point was different. annoying.

        NRR: work today then hanging out and relaxing tonight. tomorrow dbf and i are headed to a blues festival with a couple friends and to the lake. then sunday the 4 of us plan on doing a road ride...but we'll see how everyone is feeling after saturday's festivities.

        FR: made spicy chicken orzo last night. was pretty good!


          Good morning!  so sleepy today, stayed up way too late last night talking to a friend from college.


          RR- 3 mi lunch break run today, and then possibly hitting the climbing gym after work.  Think I'll run 5 mi tomorrow morning as my "long" run!  I had to buy new running shoes again already...  my joints can definitely tell when they start wearing down, and I've run so much in marathon training that I've already gone through two pairs of shoes since the fall!


          NRR- I have absolutely nothing to do at work right now... hoping something comes along or that it's not as slow as I think it will be!  I'm pretty well caught up and ahead so I am happy about that at least.  Not really many plans for the weekend except probably going to check out the new house with DBF and his dad and maybe helping them do some work on it if I can.


          FR- Planning on doing some cooking ahead for the week on Sunday - enchiladas, soup of some sort (not sure what yet) and maybe baking some chicken breasts so that they will be cooked already for quick dinners during the week!


          Back in a bit for shouts Smile


            What a slow morning thus far...  I hope the afternoon goes by more quickly!


            rtr - yuck on jury duty - although it does sound nice to have a day to hang out and read!  hopefully it doesn't drag on too long so you can go play softball.  I am looking forward to a low key weekend too... it's fun to be busy but sometimes nice to have a weekend with no plans!


            ou - that salad sounds delicious!  I never used to eat them until I realized how many different ways you can make them and how good they can be!  Yuck on the hot run - I'm glad we have pretty mild weather here most of the year. Have fun on your road trip this weekend!


            sjp- yeah, she is the cutest lady and always so happy!  Smile  sounds like you have a great weekend ahead!  I have been craving some camping or hiking or something lately so hopefully DBF and I will get to go soon.  there was a trail race over by Lake Chelan that I wanted to do this weekend, but DBF is having to stay and help out with the house - I'm sure that will happen a lot.  oh well!