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    Morning all, I am bushed this morning.  so glad I don't have anything going on tonight.  Big Monday basketball didn't get out till 11pm, good thing I live 5 minutes from arena!!!


    mia: glad that AZ was so wonderful!  My roomie is like your other friend, she turns weird anti social whenever I am around a group of people I know and she doesn't.  She has gotten mad at me when we have done a 5K together before because I've stopped to talk to my running group afterwards and congratulate them.  Yea so I'm not doing anymore races anymore with her - if you can't accept that I have other friends that I will talk to, then I don't mind that you don't want to run races with me!   Anymore races on the horizon?


    jkr: wow you really are planning on going long in the future!  50 milers, I know someone who does those and I can't even imagine it!!!  I so prefer to run in the daylight/ afternoon - even though I have to run in the mornings.  glad you had a great time with your mom - you guys sound like you have an awesome relationship!!!  what marathons are you running with your 50K this spring?


    rtr: bora bora sounds awesome for a honeymoon - how exciting!!!!  did you get any good ideas from the wedding last weekend?


    rr: nada yesterday and today I knew I would be exhausted so took my two rest days for the week in a row - I"m going to pay for this come this weekend!


    nrr: up way too late last night and now I am draggin in a serious kind of way.  Not to mention that my shower was lukewarm this morning - i'm not in the best mood, like a grumpy bear if I had to discribe it!



      java-do you think they'll hire someone? stinks to be that busy where you can't catch your breath.

      snowed-sometimes cleaning is really satisfying, i don't love cleaning but its nice to have a clean space.

      jkr-wow, that is some good running. glad you enjoyed your time at home with your mom. did you enjoy your pedicure? i have never had one, but bought a groupon for one...i run in nike air moto's, and pretty much always have. i got last years color on clearance at the outlet--i've had the color before but don't care, i go through shoes fast!

      rtr-sounds like a nice day off. how is the wedding planning going? bora bora sounds awesome! i figured you'd go someplace cool!

      mia-GREAT job on your race, that is awesome. does TLC do any road races? sorry about your friend being weird...that is too bad. did you say anything to her?

      ou-boo, love enjoying a game but man its tough the next day!

      RR: 10 miles this morning. struggled a little bit bc i had to get off to go to the bathroom, don't like disrupting my run. i also just had some stomach pain, oh well.

      NRR: just work. one of my favorite tv shows--white collar, is coming back tonight on usa, not sure i'll make it up that long. told DBF that i'll sleep from 7-10, then after its over go back to bed. haha.

      FR: cleaning up leftovers, DBF cooks, which is nice for me!


        Good morning! Don't know what is going on with RA today! Keeps posting before I hit "Post ."


        RR: So pissed that I slept though my alarm this morning and missed my run! So, another rest day for me. Really bummed, but I can't leave early today since I'm so busy at work and Winston and I have obedience school tonight, so no running after work either. Boo!


        NRR: Obedience school and then hopefully nothing! I need a break. DH told me this morning he was picking up wine for me on the way home so I'd be less grumpy.  Poor DH let Winson out of his crate before I was ready for him and I was ticked about that, and then he put a cloth diaper on little b even though I'd told him yesterday to use disposables because I needed to take the week off of cloth diapering so I could have a little break - I was pretty annoyed with him (especially about the diapers since I can't just have one dirty diaper laying around for a week so I'm just going to have to suck it up and use cloth for the week and maybe take next week off) but in both cases he was trying to help, so there really wasn't any reason to get mad. Guess I'll have to do something nice for him tonight.  For those who asked yesterday - I'm not sure if my company will hire another attorney if I ask, but my boss (the senior corporate counsel) has asked me before if I'd like to hire another attorney. I always said no since I'd rather them pay me than spend the $$ on another attorney's salary, but I may not be able to keep saying no.


        FR: made a whole chicken in the crockpot yesterday - it was so good! Going to have to keep that recipe.



        B: apple pie oatmeal, coffee w/ ff creamer

        S: kind bar, coffee

        L: last piece of leftover veggie pizza, broccoli and carrots

        D: salad w/ leftover chicken



        OU - at least OU won!! Hope the day isn't too long for you.

        sjp - I hate it when I have to hit the restroom in the middle of a run - but sometimes you just gotta Smile Nice of DBF to cook for you! I'd love it if DH would cook anything other than stuff on the grill, but he did do dishes last night without me even asking, so I'll take what I can get.


          My stomach really hurts this morning...  I've felt kinda crappy this week.  Hopefully it gets better soon!


          RR - 6 mi run after work this evening. They are starting to get long enough that I can't fit them in on my lunch break anymore! Kind of glad in a way that I ended up taking the online class... leaves more time for running!

          NRR - Was really productive at work yesterday, but did absolutely nothing when I got home. Oh well, I kind of needed it. Need to do some hw and reading tonight for sure though! I was just super tired and out of it yesterday, so hopefully I will feel better today. Getting into the busy time with work and school so I need to be up for it!

          FR - Baked mac n cheese turned out delicious! If you aren't terribly concerned with fat content you could probably use full fat cheese rather than low fat and it would be even better. I put chunks of chicken breast in it as well, to help make it more filling!


          I will try to make it back for shouts today since I didn't get to yesterday!


            Good morning!


            RR:  I'm planning on hitting up the pool for a swim after work today, hopefully 1600 yards.  I haven't made it there in awhile, so it should feel nice to be back in the pool.


            NRR:  6 AM came too early this morning.  Now that I've had my coffee I feel much more awake.  Today I have work, then a swim, then tonight DF and I are going to see Zero Dark Thirty.   It looks good, so I hope it lives up to my expectations.


            FR:  We're having Subway for dinner tonight.



            OU:  The wedding made me realize that I really need to get in gear with the planning.  We have a lot of the main things done, but there's still a lot left to decide on.  I hear you on the dragging this morning.


            SJP:  The wedding planning is going well, but its far from over.  There are so many details that I had no idea about.  I've never seen White Collar, what's it about?


            Java:  Yikes, it sounds like you do need a break.  Hopefully you will get one soon.  That's nice of DH to pick up some wine.


            Seattle:  Oh no!   I hope you're not getting sick!  Online classes are great, since you can do them whenever you want.  I'm taking one now, but I didn't do anything with it for a while because I didn't set time aside, now I work on it every morning before work.  If  I didn't do that, it would probably never get done.


            Have a great day!


              Hi all,


              RR: I got 2 runs in during the memorial service weekend, which I consider a huge win. One run with DH and one with DH and his brother. About 19 miles for last week ... not great but could have been worse. I think this week I'm going to start running more consecutive days during the week even if it means yoga and running on the same day. I'm getting to the end of the week with too much of a deficit and it's hard to make up the miles. Will run 6 today at lunch. It's beautiful here!


              NRR: Ugh, very draining weekend with DH's extended family at the memorial service for his cousin. Had a bad exchange with my MIL about an hour after we picked her up at the airport on Friday and could barely have a civil conversation the rest of the weekend. And I thought I was starting to figure her out after 26 years! Sigh. So glad to be back home.


              FR/WR: I haven't weighed myself in a couple of weeks, but I have some work pants (they're not stretchy at all so they're kind of my measuring-stick pants) that I wore toward the end of last week that felt kind of loose. I might jump on the scale this Friday.


              OU: Sounds like you had a great weekend of runs! I love George Strait, I bet that show was fun. Yay for looser pants! Hope you get some sleep tonight.


              SJP: Your outlet shopping sounds fun ... amazing the deals you can get in January. Sorry about the Pats game. Needless to say, few people in Colorado were rooting for the Ravens. Ugh on the stomach pain today -- sounds like that's fairly rare for you? I had to run for the bushes when I was running with DH on Friday ... haven't had to do that in a long time. It was good he was there to be my lookout!


              Seattle: The house sounds terrific! It's great that you're doing all that climbing and conquering your fear of heights at the same time -- very cool. Yes, I'm sure that online class is going to be great for scheduling as your runs start getting longer.


              Java: Congrats on the great run over the weekend! Bummer about the alarm this morning, but sounds like you needed sleep. Hope Winston does well tonight at obedience training.


              Snow: I'm not sure the food thing ever gets very easy. I'm always in constant turmoil about which foods I should eat or not eat. Dairy or no dairy? Meat or no meat? When I get really snack-obsessed, I try to arm myself with Pellegrino sparkling water -- there's something about it that feels indulgent (probably because it's expensive) and I eat a lot of popcorn with no butter. I can eat a ton of it without doing too much damage. Also carrots.


              RTR: Bora Bora sounds terrific! And great job on the 10-miler. I need to get past 7 miles at some point this week. I have Zero Dark Thirty on my movie list.


              JKR: I love it that your mom runs with you sometimes! Your mileage just amazes me. Do you think you do anything special to keep your legs healthy? Does your mom put in a lot of miles, too?


              Mia: Congrats on the Half -- that is a fantastic time! I am so wanting to break 2 hours on one of my halfs this year. Love it that you can just knock out a 1:42 this early in the year. Weird about your friend, but it seems that some people are just awkward with new people and situations. I've heard a lot about Argo ... I need to catch up on movies.


                Back to the grind today.  Hope this week is better than last week.  I should have a paycheck waiting for me this week, which should make things nice.

                RR: Probably another rest day today.  Hoping to get in some sort of routine this week/next week with working out.

                NRR: Such a great time in AZ it was hard coming home to the cold.  Ex has been annoying lately and put a ton of crud in my garage.  I had to  tell him last night to not be here when I got home and he said he'd get the stuff out of my garage today while I'm at work. I think I'm going to have to change the code on the garage door.

                FR: Need to get back on track in this department as well.


                Unfortunately shouts aren't happening today, I am off to work and work late tonight.



                  whoop whoop Tuesday! I felt like a high schooler last night when work was coming to an end for my "Friday". I was really looking forward to my days off. If works call... no way am I picking up.


                  RR- Nothing yesterday. Hoping for a longer one today. I have a really big knot in my back that runs all along the left side of my spine. Maybe the foam roller will help with that after a run. ... or just maybe I can get DBF to give me a massage. Smile


                  FR- Still eating too much. Today will be a hard test to not over do it on snacks since I'll be home and around them.


                  NRR- DBF actually has the day off today too. Our days off almost never link of so that'll be nice. Nothing really planned. We HAVE to clean the apartment. I would be so embarrassed if anyone else saw it. And its driving us nuts.


                  OU- I chuckled a bit when you said 11 was late. But then again thats because I almost never make it to bed before midnight. ... And don't get up til 9ish. I'd like to get up at 8 but that just hasn't happened yet. I'd have a hard time running in the AM. I've gotten so used to taking my time with my coffee before I run.


                  sjp- I loathe having to stop my run to go to the bathroom- especially when it means I have to find a bush to hide behind. It can throw the whole run off it your just tired enough to not get the momentum going again.


                  Java- Sorry you missed your run. Unwanted rest days suck. Can throw the whole day off. .. and if it helps, DBF is always the one who gets the brunt of my bad moods. But he always understands. And it goes both ways. Hope the wine helps!


                  Seattle- the mac and cheese sounds good. I know I've looked at that recipe before.


                  rtr- Enjoy the pool! I keep meaning to look into a pool here but then I need a swimsuit .. and it just seems like a lot of work. Really I'm just lazy about it, but wish I could just go swim or use a sauna.


                  MC- Sorry about the MIL- that can be so frustrating. I hate tip toeing around people because you don't know what it going to be an issue. But... enjoy your wonderful running weather! And thanks for the food tips. I do like sparkling water and popcorn and carrots : ) Maybe I just need to get to the store and stock up on healthy again. Especially since all the unhealthy is in my body from last week,


                  MIA- Nice run! That's impressive. Hopefully work is going good.


                  JKR- I think you asked yesterday. Not sure how long my long run will be. I really want to hit ten miles this month. Not sure if I'm ready for it or not. But I think I'm going to plan my run for ten miles but give myself an out at 9 if I need it. I'm envious of how much you can run! How long have your been running?


                    Taking a little break from the craziness at work today... I am covering for one of the other accountants so I have more than double my usual amount of work.  It's making the time go by fast for sure!


                    ou - hope you got some coffee in this morning and perk up a little bit - it's so hard to go and work a full day when you're super tired like that.  So smart of you to plan rest days around the tired time!  At least by the weekend you should be refreshed and ready to go!


                    sjp - it's so nice to have a DBF that cooks!  Mine is a really good cook so I think I get a little spoiled by him, but I enjoy washing dishes so it usually balances out that way (plus I bake for him!).  Boo to the tummy issues while running... those suck!


                    Java - can't blame you for being a little grumpy, it sounds like you have a ton going on!  I definitely understand the wanting to take on more work/more $, but sometimes you hit a wall and you just can't do more than you can do.  Hope you can relax and enjoy a nice glass of wine this evening!


                    rtr - enjoy your swim tonight!  Let us know what you think of the movie, DBF and I are always looking for movies to check out and its nice to hear what people think of them.  Waking up early to get stuff done for online classes is a great idea...  if I can manage to get out of bed I might try that!  I'm sometimes so tired when I get home from work and gym that I really don't want to do it!


                    MC - yay for beautiful running weather, enjoy!  That's great that you were able to get some running in over the weekend.  Boo to not being able to figure MIL out...  I think some people are just really weird about their kids' lives and who they are dating/married to even if you are doing everything right.  I am so so glad my DBF's parents are awesome (and he gets along with my family really well too)!


                    Mia - hope the new job is going well!  that's awesome that you got to get some warmth and sunshine down in AZ...  it's been so hard this past week with it just being constantly foggy and icy.  I am really wanting some sunshine... only two more weeks til Palm Springs!  Hope the new job is going well - the first paycheck is always nice!


                    snowden- woohoo for having the same day off as DBF!  Maybe you guys can split some of the cleaning tasks and figure out some way to make it fun.  I definitely get stressed out if I feel like things are starting to get too messy and disorganized, but sometimes it's just so hard to find a good chunk of time to be productive in that area.  I vote get a massage from DBF tonight!