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    MC-that is awesome your office has a treadmill. Glad your back is holding up, and varied exercise isn't a bad way to go!

    seattle-how is the house coming along for DBF? does he like it there?


    mia-how's it going!?

    RR: 10 miles this morning on the treadmill. its been cold here, around 25* when i drive to the gym, brrrrr. i think we are doing a legs workout tonight.

    NRR: red sox tonight, really excited for the game, just hate staying up late and being tired all day. just this week to power through.

    FR: i think we are making grilled chicken for dinner tonight.


      Good morning!


      RR- At work early so I can take a little longer lunch and squeeze a 6 mi run in.  Ran 4 tempo after work yesterday and even though it was pretty dark by the time I finished, it was a gorgeous night for a run and it felt so good.


      NRR- Was so grumpy by the time I got to meet DBF at the park where we ran last night, there hasn't been much traffic in the evenings and yesterday it took an hour, so I missed the sunset!  Maybe that's why my run was so good, was getting out all the traffic stress.  Today is work, then happy hour with some coworkers, and then hopefully getting some homework done after!


      FR- Some sort of happy hour noms...  we are going to a pretty fancy place so I'm sure it will be good!


      Back in a bit for shouts Smile


        Super slow morning here... hopefully the afternoon will be more entertaining!


        sjp - DBF really likes the house (which, is sort of a bummer for me since he is enjoying living on his own and is not really in a hurry to live together, haha - but we had a conversation about it last night and he said he thinks he will start to get tired of living alone pretty quickly.  we shall see.  I love him but sometimes he is sooo slow about things... which I suppose is probably better than rushing but I get impatient sometimes Smile, it is super nice and it is pretty much entirely remodeled now.  Just need to start getting some decorations so it looks like someone actually lives there, hah.  Brrr on your cold mornings!  It's so much harder to get out of bed when it's cold and dark out.  Hope you guys can win so it's worth staying up late for!


          Hi all,


          RR: I really switched it up this morning and went to an aqua fitness class at a local gym (I just dropped in last night and got a couple of guest passes .. no commitment). I thought it would be a fairly hard-core workout for people who are on the swim team there. Most of the other attendees were seniors: However, it was one of those deals where you can get out what you put in, and I had never done that sort of class, so it was fun. I tried to push myself as hard as I could! It was something different, at least. I've been doing some research on swimming options in town (I need a little instruction on technique to do it well enough to swim without stopping for several laps). I might try some other scenarios over the next few days and see how it goes.


          NRR: Continues to be a quiet week. DH and I watched Walking Dead last night ... it is so good and so bleak.


          SJP: I think the Sox have this thing now! Our weather is getting really weird: lightning and thunder last night, then we woke up to snow, which has pretty much melted because it got up in the 50s. That's Colorado, I guess.


          Seattle: Traffic, be gone! I hate traffic. Your happy hour sounds fun ... great way to break up the week. Do you have a date fixed for when you'll move in with DBF?


            MC - sometimes quiet weeks are really nice especially if you have been super busy lately!  glad you got to try something new with the aqua fit!  I would rather just swim but that's because I think I was a fish in my other life Smile  it's always fun to branch out and try new forms of exercise to mix it up though.  DBF and I don't really have a set date in mind for moving in together although he has said probably sometime over the winter or early spring.  it's definitely one of those things that I don't want to rush/pressure him into doing, I want him to be excited about it, ya know?  Smile