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    ou-hope you have a blast on vacation! saw your pics from the hike, awesome!

    mia-hope you had fun seeing your kids this weekend. is older DD serious with her bf?

    snowed-have fun in texas, sounds hot! hope you get to run a little bit while you are there.

    RR: 16 miles friday before 18 hole golf tourney (we won!). then saturday i ran 11 before the bridal shower and yesterday i ran 7. the humidity finally broke saturday evening--thank goodness. i think p90x tonight.

    NRR: whirlwind weekend. bridal shower was good but so so so hot. and smashed all those people in the house and we just sweat the whole time. jumped directly in the pool after people left though!

    FR: didn't do too bad at home, barely got to eat at the shower bc was talking with everyone and keeping things moving.


      Good morning!


      RR- Ran 8 mi on Saturday morning, 3 mi on Saturday night, nothing yesterday.  Today will be a 4 mi lunch break run.


      NRR - Had a nice weekend even if it wasn't entirely as productive as I had hoped!  DBF and I had a picnic at the beach in the sunshine on Saturday afternoon.  Then I went for a sunset run with my mom and her friend, wound up watching a random fireworks show at the beach (someone apparently bought fireworks for their anniversary), and hung out on my deck under the stars with some wine and cheese.  Didn't do much at all yesterday except relax with DBF, that's fine with me!  Need to crank out some homework tonight.


      FR - Stir fry chicken and veggies with mashed potatoes.


      Back in a bit for shouts!



        RR: ran 5 miles Saturday morning and then 16 miles yesterday.  Haven't done over 12 in quite a while so it felt good to know I could still run 16.  This is my last week of crossfit unless I bite the bullet and start paying, it's going to be $95/month, not sure I can afford that unless I get the job offer this week.

        NRR: Had a nice time, but short, with DD this weekend.  She went out with her old BF on Friday night.  Saturday when I got home from my run DS was pulling into my driveway.  Nice surprise.  I made DD, DS and I an omelette and then DS hung out until early evening.  It was good catching up with him.  He is working on losing weight which I'm happy about.  He also didn't take any smoke breaks which I'm even happier about.  DD went out with old BF again on Saturday night Undecided .  She left while I was running on Sunday, so I recovered Sunday afternoon.  I felt faint a couple of times but I think it was because I needed to eat something.  Headed up to see DBF last night.  He made us buffalo burgers and this really delicious sangria.  Then we just vegged and watched some TV.  We were both pretty beat.  He worked on his car all weekend.  He  bought a datsun roadster to refurbish and has been pretty focused on that.

        FR: Not bad.  I was really depleted yesterday after my run but didn't go overboard.  I don't think I lost any this week though.  Feeling pretty good anyway.


        sjp: Glad the shower was a success.  Sounds like you had quite a crowd at it.  Did she like the wine basket?  Not sure how you played 18 holes after a 16 mile run, but Kudos to you!!


        Seattle: I am really liking the weather we've been having, cool in the morning and then it gets nice and sunny in the afternoon. Sometimes it's really good to have a non-productive weekend.