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    Hello All!

    RR: running and biking in Hungary, Austria and Germany was lots of fun.  Friday my feet were too swollen from flying to run, but I took a walk.  Yesterday I ran over 10 with my TP's and it was HARD!!  Jet lagged and allergies were kicking my butt. I took it easy yesterday.  Today I'm going for a run with my friends.

    NRR: Trip was awesome, went by really fast but had loads of fun.  I was ready to get home though, I was stressing about all the work I had waiting for me.  DBF picked me up at the airport on Thursday which was great.  Friday I spent the whole day and night doing my school work.  I was very jet-lagged and ended up zonking out at 4 PM but had set the alarm on my phone so I woke up at 5 PM to continue doing my work.  Saturday I was up EARLY and knocked off my 2 essays and finished the rest of my work for last week.  Went for a long run with friends, a little over 10 miles and I was sucking wind.  IN the afternoon, DBF and I went to a b'day party for the son of a friend of his.  Then we went out to dinner and I fell asleep about 9 PM.  Woke up in the morning with a horrible sinus headache, so he went out and got me a coffee and a bagel and let me keep sleeping for a bit.

    Talked to both my girls for Mother's day and my son came over and took me out to lunch and brought me flowers and a bottle of wine.  Good day.

    Today will be school work and getting the house cleaned up for my mom's visit.

    FR: Ate and drank way too much on the trip.  Felt really bloated and icky when i got home so got my rear in gear right away.  I am about 10 lbs above where I feel good, so I am really going to focus to get it off again.


    Seattle and OU: Good job on your marathons!!!  How has recovery been going?


    SJP:  Hope you are enjoying your new place.


    RTR: sounds like the wedding planning is going well.


    MC: When do the kids get home for the summer?  Did you have a good Mother's Day?


    Snow: Are you at home (in CO) this week?


    Java: hope you are all healthy again.  How was your Mother's Day?



      Good morning!


      RR:  This will happen today, but I'm not sure how far I'll go.  I am tired!


      NRR:  I did not sleep well last night.  I slept for maybe an hour and a half, then I was up for about three hours, then got another two hours of sleep or so.  Boo!  This doesn't happen too often, but every once in a while I wake up in the middle of the night and cannot fall back asleep.  The weekend was really nice!  We got a lot of wedding stuff taken care of on Saturday and then on Sunday I had a very relaxing day.  I read a bunch, went to the park with DF to hang out and enjoy the weather, went grocery shopping.  It was nice.  Today all I have planned is work and a run.


      FR:  Coffee, please.


      MIA:  Welcome back!  It sounds like you had a great trip!  Very sweet of DBF to pick you up from the airport.


      Have a great day!

        Mia: I loved follwoing your trip on FaceBook! It looked like it was such a fun time!  Meet lots of new people?  Was this the best of the marathon trips so far? (i think it would be tough to beat Italy!)  Recover from the marathon is finally done I think.  Up until last Friday my muscles still had a lot of soreness, but I did a run on Saturday and finally felt normal again.  I'm still in shock that I ran so good!


        rr: Starting Crossfit today!! I am really excited.  I've needed a good off plan strength training program, and I've heard great things about it for running so this will be a good test.  Ran 3 miles on Saturday and felt normal again.  Will probably stick to 3 milers during the week and do a 6-10 miler on the weekend to keep up my base miles for the next 2 months or so.  Since I did 2 marathons/ marathon training cycles back to back I figured I should give my self a 2 month or so break from any real training.


        nrr: had a great time this weekend - got to hang out with my nephew for two day...he is almost 5 months and is starting to really get animated - Love him!  Also saw Iron Man 3, which was actually pretty good.  Just kicked back on Saturday and relaxed and worked on some stuff for my graduate portfolio check. think I got that all finished up so now completely finished with school for awhile.


        fr: I gave myself a free pass last week for post marathon success.  Now back on the wagon.


        wr: 150 and 29.9%BF, going to track weekly with crossfit to see how it works.



          Mia-sounds like a great trip! and right back at it when you got home. are you liking your classes? how long is your mom visiting?

          rtr-ugh, i hate restless nights like that. they are killer. it happens to me a lot on sunday nights when i think about work on monday/if i'm forgetting something. hope you can relax or nap this afternoon.

          ou-i'm excited to see how you like crossfit. i think your scaled back running + xfit will be a good change of pace for you.

          RR: same old. my heel is still feeling the same. it isn't killing me, but not 100% yet either. patience young grasshopper...

          NRR: had a good weekend. it rained so we relaxed, watched a movie and organized a few things. we also got some photo collage frames for the walls and hung those up. my parents are coming this thursday to drop off hte dryer/other misc stuff and then we are headed down to my sisters for her MBA graduation.

          FR: feeling pretty good here.


            Good morning!


            RR: had planned to get up early and run this morning, but my legs and abs are so sore from the handstand workshop Saturday I decided another day off wouldn't hurt.


            NRR: Had a wonderful weekend! The workshop was great, then lunch with my mama, then we met up with our friends at the baseball game and just hung out the rest of the night. We got back to our hotel room around 10:30 (I know, we are wild and crazy) so we got plenty of sleep before DH went to pick up the boys and bring them back to the hotel to swim. The boys took me out to lunch, DH let me nap with little b, and then made me dinner. It was a very nice Mother's Day. Tonight is karate for Big B and DH is going to our nephew's high school graduation (it is about 45 minutes away and would keep the boys out too late for a school night). Back to the craziness I guess.


            FR: DH make me king crab legs - so good!



            B: overnight oats w/ apple and a little pb, coffee w/ skim milk and truvia

            S: quinoa energy bite, tea

            L: salad w/ hardboiled egg

            D: probably just a sandwich and some veggie sticks.



            MIA - welcome back!! Your trip sounds amazing! Sounds like your DBF is really taking care of you! What a sweetie.


            rtr - sorry about the sleep issues. Hope you get some rest tonight!


            OU - your nephew is such a cutie! Glad you are getting to enjoy him so much. Have fun at crossfit!



              RTR: Sounds like you had a great weekend.  I've been having restless nights a lot lately.  For me getting used to the warmer weather causes me sleep problems.

              OU: Glad you are recovered and cool that you are starting crossfit.  I felt so much better when I was lifting and I could tell my body was just "firmer".  I have to admit, I enjoyed Italy more than this trip.  I enjoyed the cruise but not enough time in the different places.  I like more time in one place so I have time to explore and really see things, instead of get an "outline" of them.

              SJP: I am enjoying my classes but I they are more work than I was expecting, truthfully.  That is not a bad thing just surprised me.  Mom is visiting from Tuesday until the following Monday.  I am so excited for my daughter's graduation but apprehensive because I have to deal with my ex and his parents for the whole weekend.  I feel badly for my daughter because his parents are going to be in Portland from Wednesday thru Tuesday and ex will only be there Friday night through Sunday.  She will have to deal with them for the most part herself and they are extremely needy, esp. exMIL.  She thinks the world revolves around her.



                Java: xposted.  Your weekend sounds nice but what is a handstand workshop?



                  sjp - sounds like a nice relaxing weekend! Hope the heel feels better soon.


                  MIA - The handstand workshop was a yoga workshop taught by Kathryn Budig. She is amazing!


                    Good morning, late post from me...


                    RR - Pretty lazy weekend here, I didn't end up running at all... but I suppose I was entitled to a weekend of that after the marathon training. I felt kind of sick this morning and got into work late, so no run today, but planning on one tomorrow! and some climbing w/DBF after work (I did climb on Friday night and everything held up fine!). I signed up for another full on June 2 - looks like a gorgeous course (out on the Olympic peninsula here) and I think it'd be fun to run one and just relax and enjoy and not worry about time. If my legs say so I am fine dropping down to the half there so we shall see!

                    NRR - Ended up going w/DBF to his hometown and seeing his parents plus some old friends of his who were in town, so that was fun! Went to my extended family mother's day dinner yesterday... it was a little odd, my aunt hosted but first asked me to bring a few bottles of wine for everyone (ok, whatevs) and then texted me that morning asking if I'd come cook and she'd give me the recipe... luckily I was still over on DBF's side of the water so I had an excuse!  DBF's parents finally got approval on the short sale!  They will close on or before June 18.  Still lots of renovations to do when they get it but still exciting!

                    FR - Got some good groceries yesterday so back on track with the calorie counting and meal planning as well as the exercise this week!



                    Mia - welcome back!  Glad you had a great trip!  I am recovering pretty well, looking forward to getting back into a routine this week more though.  I was so busy doing other stuff last week that I didn't really exercise much or eat very healthy - and I know it's fine and probably good for me to give myself a relaxing break after the marathon, but I feel gross now and just wanting to get back into things!  Glad you had a nice Mother's Day Smile  any chance of you being crazy like me and randomly running NODM?


                    rtr - your weekend sounds lovely and productive at the same time!  You are making me actually looking forward to planning a wedding, unlike some horror stories I've heard haha!  I just don't think that DBF and I are as intense about it as some people so it should be fine when/if the time comes. bummer on the rough night of sleep... nice that you have a pretty lowkey day planned today though!


                    ou - glad you are feeling good too!  I definitely gave myself a free pass last week and am so ready to get back on the wagon with you this week!  Hope crossfit is fun - I know a ton of people that swear by it!  I'd like to try to add in some more strength training and possibly yoga if I can find the time, but I think for now running and climbing (and hiking!) will be my main things Smile


                    sjp - your weekend sounds so lovely and low key!  DBF's buddy was planning a crazy drunken barbecue on Saturday night, but he got in a car accident earlier in the day (minor luckily!) and just wanted to chill after that, so we sat on the deck with burgers and beers just the three of us and I was glad about that.  I have just been craving relaxing weekend after the whirlwind weekends I've had recently!  I hope your heel starts cooperating and feeling 100% soon!  Have you been icing/stretching?


                    Java - woohoo for a nice weekend!  That sounds like a lot of fun and a nice break from the crazy daily routine.  I seriously so admire you...  I feel like I go crazy trying to keep up with myself sometimes, let alone a crazy work schedule AND a husband AND two kids!  I am seriously in awe.  Plus, you always manage to eat so healthy!  If I get stressed out everything goes to pizza and ice cream... should probably work on that before I even think about adding kids in the mix (a loooong time off - but sometimes I randomly think and worry about things that won't happen for another 10-20 years... hah.) Smile


                      Hi all,


                      Just wanted to check in and say I'm in my third leg of the  odyssey ... DD's graduation in Chapel Hill was so fun, plus we had my mom and DH's mom there so did a big mother's day thing, too. Also DS flew in from college, between the end of his classes and start of finals. I ran once in Cleveland and twice in NC (both of those with DH). That humidity down South always sets me back! Now I'm in New Orleans for a work leadership training and they have the agenda completely packed  from dawn to dusk so not sure I'll be able to run until I finally get home.


                      I'll do some long shouts on Thursday when I'm back on home base. interesting to hear everyone's summer training plans. I'm reading Scott Jurek's Eat to Run right now ... I'll never be completely vegan but dang that recipe for lentil burgers sounds tasty!!


                      More to come!