Weight Loss Dailies


We're getting there Wednesdailies!!! (Read 10 times)




    rtr-sounds like a great first day of summer vacation. you must be getting so excited for the wedding.

    seattle-mmm, english muffin pizzas remind me of being a little kid, we used to eat those all the time.

    MC-after running in the morning for  couple days, maybe you'll prefer it?

    mia-wedding isn't until aug 24th, so soon-ish! yikes, got beat up from those trails! i feel like i am always craving sweets. hormones are stupid.

    snowed-i also love strawberries, they are hands down my favorite food. i can eat a quart in a day no problem.

    RR: 10 humid miles this morning. contemplating some speed work tomorrow, i was going to today, but it was already pretty hot for what i'm used to. felt good running though, didn't overheat!

    NRR: dbf and i went strawberry picking last night, got 4 quarts in about 20 minutes. haha. good thing its not a long drive. nothing going on tonight, supposed to be storming later so probably watching some tv or doing p90x, or both.

    FR: strawberries + vanilla greek yogurt.


      Good morning!


      RR: Tried for 3 miles this am, but ended up with about 1.5 miles of running/walking due to side stiches. I know it is because I haven't been hydrating properly, so that is my goal today.


      NRR: Karate, cleaning up, etc. Nothing too exciting. Going to the lake with my boys, my sister, her DBF, and my niece this weekend. Then only a few weeks till Mexico!


      FR: Made skinnytaste steak sandwiches last night. They were good, but DH said it was an appetizer, not dinner. I had one and was full though, and Big B didn't like it so DH ended up eating 3.


      WR: I'm within about 7-8 lbs of my goal, but I've accepted I'm not going to reach it before we go on our trip. I am excited though that I've lost 13 lbs. in the last 8 weeks (which isn't to shabby since my starting weight was 135), and I could be within 5 lbs. of my ultimate goal when we leave.



      sjp - strawberry picking sounds like fun! I've looked for some local "pick-your-own-berries" places because I think it would be fun for the boys, but couldn't find much. Pretty surprising since we live in farm country!


        good morning.

        SJP: I know so many people who are getting married or even going to weddings on Aug 24th.  That seems like a popular day.  I have some strawberry plants in my back yard and I picked 4 yesterday! HAHA

        Java: Nice job on the weightless!!  Hydrate my friend!


        RR: Meeting my friend at 9 for a run this morning.  Ankle is still sore but we're running on the flat path so hopefully i'll be good.

        NRR: So my dogs are with me for about the next week.  DS really wasn't supposed to have animals in his apt. and EX was putting him at a big risk by having them there.  DS FINALLY spoke up, so while EX gets his poop in a group this next week, before he heads back east, I'll keep the dogs with me. Last night the one was quite antsy and unsettled, but they both seem good now and have settled in.  Having the dogs means I won't be seeing DBF this weekend though because he more than likely won't come here and I won't be able to go up there.

        FR: Good/Healthy food but possibly a little too much.  Also I caved and had some PB last night, right off the spoon.



          Good morning!  Happy to see the news from the Supreme Court this morning!


          RR- 4 mi lunch break run and then climbing w/DBF after work.  Not really sure what the weather is doing this week but it's supposed to be nice over the weekend, so I am looking forward to that (already!).


          NRR- Just trucking along hoping to finish up most of my month end stuff at work today.  Everything has gone pretty well so far (knock on wood!).  Also need to get some reading done for my classes and make an outline of when assignments are due, etc.  They should be somewhat easy but I need to make sure that I stay ahead as much as possible!  Probably just a low key night after climbing with DBF.  I have a busy next few days so gotta squeeze in the studying where I can.  Luckily there isn't really too much going on the first week or so.


          FR- Thinking baked chicken w/potatoes and brussel sprouts tonight.  Oven roasted brussel sprouts are SO good!


          Back in a bit for shouts!


            Hi all,


            RR: Was going to participate in "Ride to Work" day sponsored by the city, but DD borrowed my bike to go to campus and I didn't discover that until I was ready to leave the house so ended up driving. Also, I decided to weigh myself this morning, which was extremely depressing. Apparently just going by feel isn't really working for me, dang it. I am going to get my body fat tested on Friday at the college health science department (with the hydrostatic method), and then figure out once and for all what weight I should be at. Then I will buckle down. I'm very positive that this isn't muscle weight!


            SJP: Yes, I think just getting a few morning runs strung together will feel so great that I'll start to crave that feeling. I really would love to have that done before I get to work.


            Java: Congrats on your weight loss -- that was fast! I can't remember whether you were counting calories or did you just focus on lean meats and veggies?


            Mia: Hope your run with friend was great! Having DD's dog with us is kind of changing our routine, too. She's nervous about leaving him in the yard while everyone's gone, and I have a feeling he's curled up on one of the couches right now. The Keurig is a great idea -- I might see how much those cost.


            Seattle: Have a great lunchtime run! Grilled brussel sprouts sound really tasty.


            Snow: Good for you to battle through the heat yesterday. Sounds like you do need some extra sleep.