Weight Loss Dailies


Wow it's Wednesdailies (Read 8 times)


    RR: The streak is alive! Hanging by a thread. I just walked fast for about 30 minutes yesterday around the office in between meetings. Swimming today: I was trying to learn the butterfly stroke and felt like I was about to drown the whole time.


    NRR: All-day meeting at work today, then a relaxing evening. Had fun last night at a work dinner and we all made it an early night, which was great.


    Mia: You still running this week?


    SJP: Will you and DBF have to travel far for your spring marathon?


    Seattle: Are you tapering this week?


      Wednesday already?

      RR:  Ran Saturday morning, took a walk with DBF on Sunday, Monday I took the day off because the weather was awful and I was tired, ran yesterday and have a run planned this morning.

      NRR: Trying to get lots of little things taken care of prior to starting my job.  I had my garage door fixed - a spring had broken - cha ching! Had the oil changed in my car.  Today I'm getting snow tires put on it.  Hoping to get some rotting wood fixed on my house this Friday.

      Last night I went into Seattle and met a college acquaintance/friend of mine who is here for a conference.  We were in the same sorority in college but she was at the music college and a couple of years older.  I really didn't know her all that well.  She was very talkative.  It was fun but kind of strange.  I'm tired today since I didn't get home until 10:45.

      Lots of school work.

      FR: Still going well except I did have a burger last night.  Haven't had a burger in a long time and my tummy hurt some last night.  Haven't had beef in a long time - usually eat fish or chicken now.


      MC: good job making sure you get that 30 minutes in.  Yes I am still running.



        Good morning!  It's gorgeous and sunny here so I am a little more cheerful.


        RR- Lifted hard with DBF last night, my arms are going to be sore for sure!  Today will be 8x800 + 1/2 mi warm up and cooldown, looking forward to enjoying some sunshine on my run!  Week and a half until the half!


        NRR- Just trying to make it through to Thanksgiving!  Will be super busy with both work and school until then, fun times!  Tonight I have two exams and a few homework assignments to work on once I get home, plus I need to do laundry, vacuum, and some other chores as well.  DBF and I had a long conversation last night and he mentioned to me a coworker of his who got their two year degree in one year while working full time.  I know he was trying to be encouraging but it just makes me feel bad that somehow people can manage 4-5 classes a quarter with full time work and I can barely do two!  Oh well.


        FR- Thinking grilled cheese and tomato soup tonight... it's supposed to drop below freezing and sounds like a good time for comfort food!



        MC - woohoo for the streak being alive still, that is great!  I have been swimming since I was small and I still suck at butterfly and almost never do it.  It's a tough one to get down for sure!  Glad your work dinner last night was fun and that you can relax today!  I am tapering a little bit this week but more so next week!


        Mia - enjoy running in the sunshine!  so nice when it comes out after being cloudy for a while.  nice work on getting so much done before work starts up again!  I love beef, but I have definitely accepted that my stomach won't always feel the best after eating it.  To me, a nice fat burger or steak is worth a little discomfort, haha!



          MC-glad you got an early night especially if it was a work dinner. nope, the marathon is local, its about a half hour south of here and is a point to point course. its all along the coast so hopefully  nice views of ocean/mansions along the way.

          mia-ugh, garage door maintenance seems annoying. glad you had fun last night even if it was a little out of the blue/weird to do it.

          seattle-i know its tough, but don't compare yourself to others, maybe they don't have as much going on to take 4 classes and work full time or they aren't taking labor intensive courses. you are doing amazing and so what if it takes  you a little longer, you are doing it and that is what matters!

          RR: 8 easy miles and elliptical. i'm trying to take a little reduction in miles in favor of xtraining until the marathon training. i always keep my volume high but want to give myself a little break, even if its not a huge cutback. probably ab ripper tonight.

          NRR: ugh work project is annlying me. this one bidder keeps asking questions that i've already answered. i want to scream. otherwise, not doing much tonight--make dinner, relax with dbf!

          FR: had tj's garlic chicken sausage last night, really good!


            Had a great 5 mi speedwork session over lunch, felt really strong and fast and enjoyed running in the sunshine!


            sjp - thank you for the kind words, that is exactly what I needed to hear right now.  being down on myself is not going to help anything!  I think easing off the mileage and bumping up the cross-training before you start ramping back up for marathon training is a great idea.  I've had to learn that I can't push my body super hard all the time, I need to ease off every now and then or things will start to go wonky!


              Seattle: It was nice running in the sun, when I ran it was in the low 30's but no wind. I was dressed perfectly and the run felt great.  It sounds like you are doing a great job balancing everything to me.  Didn't your DBF take longer finishing school than expected.  I kind of remember you saying he kept having to take more classes and he wasn't even working.

              SJP: I think I could see you doing Tri's you seem like you enjoy so many different activities.  Do you have the interest in doing a tri?