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    java-that is nice of you to clean beore Sil gets there. i hope they don't destroy the place.

    seattle-finding mo-mo is so hard, hope something comes up. sounds like just getting through a couple months til you can move in with dbf, yay!

    mia-yep, lifting weights is definitely a kick in the pants. '

    ou-haha 60* is nice to workout in, but we spend a lot of time cold here, so i'd be cool with 80's!! do you have big plans for CO?

    RR: 7 easy miles this morning, i'm tapering for the half on sunday. my legs can use it after being sore from hiking last saturday. i think we are lifting tonight, chest/back p90x.

    NRR: got my sister's bridal shower present all done last night. that is next weekend and stuff done for the games. feels good to be a little ahead of the game, for once.

    FR: nothing too exciting--need to eat up some strawberries.


      Good morning!


      RR: No running. Yoga tonight.


      NRR: Not sure what the plan is tonight. It's my birthday Cool so we will probably eat out, but after that I will be doing laundry and packing. So ready for our trip!


      FR: Worst thing about birthdays is that everyone wants to celebrate with food. My very sweet secretary brought me bagles this morning and I'm sure there will be some sort of cake tonight. Good thing I'm having a salad for lunch!



      sjp - good job on getting stuff done for the shower! I always wait till the last second on those things and it just adds unnecessary stress.


        good morning!

        RR: 5 miles this morning and crossfit tonight.  Feeling sore.

        NRR: I am just wiped today.  Dogs got up a couple of times in the middle of the night.  I"m afraid they'll make a mess on my floor so I got up and took them out.  My body is sore also.  I'm feeling a little grumpy.  Schoolwork got done yesterday, so today really need to concentrate on the job search.  I have a couple of "leads" so I'll work on those today.

        FR: I was HUNGRY yesterday.  I just didn't feel satisfied.  I cheated and had a beer.  Some friends texted and were at a pizza place down the street. I hadn't seen them in a long time so I met them.  I didn't have pizza, had a greek salad and 1 beer.  so not too bad.


        Sjp:  What is the half this weekend?  Is DBF also running?  What did you make for your sister?

        Java: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!  Just think you'll be heading to Mexico in a couple of days.  woohoo!!



          Good morning!


          RR- Had a nice 3 mi lunch break run yesterday and then a good tough climbing session at the gym w/DBF, it felt good!  I feel like I need to start lifting again but not sure where to fit it in.  Today will be a rest day.


          NRR- So apparently the house sale fell through, so we are good to live here for a while longer at least... was a stressful day though!  I have been having so many tech issues at work that it's really frustrating me.  I will be glad when it's the weekend again!  Tonight is just groceries, laundry, and homework.


          FR- Teryaki chicken/swiss burger with sweet potato fries.


          Back in a bit for shouts!

            sjp: we are going to hike two 14ers while we are in colorado, then relax the rest of the time! The towns we go to are really small and not highly traveled or populated so it ends up being a really quiet week to relax.  I will send you some 80* then!!


            Java:Happy Birthday!!!!!  Enjoy the goodies today - birthday treats have no calories you know!


            mia: I live in a constant state of sore now!!! Seriously getting up in the middle of the night is such a pain because my whole body aches.  It does get a little better, but it never goes away. I sometimes wonder why people work out!!!  Are the pups just staying with you for a while or have they moved in?


            seattle: so tough to fit in lifting, that's why I started crossfit, otherwise it never happened!


            rr: I love how people at crossfit think that a 400 m run is so long, I love doing workouts that have them in it, it's almost like a rest in the workout for me!  Tonight I opted for crossfit over normal running group. They run at 6pm and it is usually still 100* and it's miserable. I would rather just go do a good workout and not feel dead afterwards (atleast heat stroke dead!)


            nrr: So i've had an intern the last 6 weeks, it is so nice to be able to reduce my work load, but it's funny because I don't know how to find things for her to do all the time, my mind isn't organized enough.  I need a list or something!  DEfinitley going to miss her when the summer is over!


            fr: eating some delicious homemade fried rice.  Yum!


              Good Morning!


              RR- Ran a wonderful trail yesterday and didn't worry about time or pace. I stopped to take pictures and get rocks out of my shoes. It was a great mental recovery run.


              FR- I had a LOT of wine last night.


              sjp- Marathon training is going okay. I feel like I should be getting a higher volume of running in these last weeks, but its just not happening. It is what it is I guess. I think I got burned out a bit.


              Java- Happy birthday!! Have a great day!


              Mia- Way to stick to moderation! You are strong!


              Seattle- Glad you don't have to move just yet. Hopefully you van hold off moving until you move in with DBF.


              OU- Thanks for sending the watch! I'm sure I'll get some good use out of it.


                sjp - I am super excited to move in with DBF, I think it will be awesome!  I've been wanting to for like the past year... haha.  I am still a little sore from last weekend's adventures as well.  Fun that you are ahead of things - I feel like I need to run run run to catch up with everything right now!


                Java - happy birthday!  Enjoy getting ready for your trip and celebrating.  I think it's totally fine to have some treats on your b-day!  Smile


                Mia - I am tired and sleepy today as well, glad it's a rest day.  Way to go on getting a salad with your beer!  Pizza and beer is definitely my biggest temptation.  I'm pretty good about passing up sweets most of the time but oh man, anything cheesy and carby...


                ou - glad you are liking the crossfit!  I have a small gym downstairs at my work so I just need to be disciplined enough to make some extra time to stop by there!  It's tough juggling so much sometimes though.  Glad you have an intern to make things easier for you!


                snowden - sometimes you just need a night every now and then when you drink a lot of wine.  Although in my case it's usually a lot of whiskey.  I try not to do that very often though haha!  Your trail run sounds so awesome and relaxing, I need to do that again soon!