Weight Loss Dailies


Wake up! It's the Wednesdailies! (Read 13 times)


    Good morning!


    RR:  Not sure if I'll have time, but if so, I want to make it out for a 3-4 mile run.  It just depends on if I can fit it in this afternoon.


    NRR:  I bought my new car yesterday!  It's a 2013 Ford Focus and it's really nice. We spent forever at the dealership yesterday getting the paperwork processed, so that was pretty much my entire day.  Today after work we're going for our tasting for our wedding ceremony, so that's exciting.  Our wedding is four months from today!


    FR:  Wedding tasting, so a lot of sides and cake.  We selected four meat options to try, since they just have one standard vegetarian option they give to any one who wants it, so I hope DF's parents are up to the task of tasting those, since I'm a vegetarian and DF isn't, but doesn't really care for meat too much.


    Shouts from yesterday:


    Java:  Hi!  Your lake trip with your boys sounds fantastic!  Have fun!


    Seattle:  Did you make it out for your run last night?  I love sunny day runs, but sometimes I think overcast runs are really refreshing, provided its not cold.  Congrats to DBF!  That’s awesome!


    Snowden:  I do enjoy trail running, but its definitely a different beast.  This race was a bit more intense than other ones I’ve done, even though it was a lot shorter, because the hills were super steep.  Have you looked into ways to train your dog to become a better leash runner?  I’d imagine there’s some technique that can help with that.


    MIA:  Your afternoon at the humane society sounds really fun!


    OU:  Oh, I love bowling!  They have a couple classier bowling alleys around here, but they’ve become so popular that its hard to get a lane.  I think beating your last marathon time is an excellent goal!


    SJP:  Sorry to hear about the roommate troubles.  Have you tried to talking to her about it?

      rtr: how exciting only 4 months!!! the taste of your wedding sounds so fun! Have you decided on what type of cakes you will have yet?


      mia: i probably have 3 more semesters left give or take.  Depends on how many hours I take.  I remember being so scared to graduate - no more comfort zone!  I am going to Ohio in May for the marathon, and then to Colorado in July to hike and vacation.  Day at Humane Society sounds really rewarding - although I cannot stand how those places smell...


      seattle: congrats to DBF!!! that is so exciting!!


      rr : 2 miles hill on the mill this morning.  Terrible run.  legs are still dog tired from the weekend.  Need to look at my training schedule and decide if I want to do a rest week LR this weekend or 18... can't decide.  I think I have an extra week hangout to fill, but I want to make sure I am doing my 20s with groups in the city so I have to adjust my schedule.  Legs are just really feeling it right now.


      nrr: One more day of class then spring break.  Ready to be able to relax for a few days and not rush around so much!



        snowed-what kind of dog do you have?

        java-good to hear from you! enjoy your time away with the B's!

        seattle-i hope so too, dbf and i want our own space! give your legs some time to recover, even if you didn't PR, you still raced!

        rtr-so exciting! a new car, though it does take forever to buy them. have fun at the tasting! that seems like a fun task. my roommates new bf is very new, as in, valentines day--so i get the 'we need to spend every minute' together, so we'll see how it goes.

        ou-woohoo a little break from classes. that must be nice to relax for a few days without class. hope your legs recover soon, 18 this weekend?

        RR: 10 miles this morning on the treadmill. was raining and warm the past few days so the the gym was hot! turn down the heat...i was sweating like crazy. it's going to get cold again though, so should be better tomorrow.

        NRR: One of dbf's friends might be coming over for dinner tonight, so that will be fun. If not, I think we will do nothing, haha, we are tired--trying to catch up from the weekend.

        FR: vanilla caramel creamer in my coffee this morning...mmmm.


          Good morning!


          RR - Had a bummer run yesterday - the back of my knee/hamstring was super tight, not sure whether it was from climbing or from the half still, so I ended up cutting my 8 mi run down to 3. I'm pretty sure it's just a tight muscle rather than tendon/joint, but I didn't want to limp on it. Planning on testing it out again over lunch today and hopefully it will be fine! Climbing with DBF after work - I got a book for us that has some great technique drills so that we don't learn any bad habits teaching ourselves!

          NRR - Posted this yesterday, but DBF got offered a permanent position at REI, so that is fantastic! He was on a one year temp contract that was supposed to eventually be permanent, but he is definitely relieved to have that confirmation. On my end, just gearing up for the month end craziness that will be even more so than usual due to starting the software changover. I think DBF and I will probably cook up a yummy dinner after climbing and maybe do something else fun to celebrate his permanent position!

          FR - Broccoli beef w/rice noodles last night, was delicious! I've had a few slip ups with bread-type carbs over the past week and I have definitely noticed that I feel worse when eating bread than when I am not, so I will be more vigilant about that!


          Back in a bit for shouts!


            Just from walking around a bit this morning my knee already feels a lot better than it did yesterday, so hopefully that short run/lots of rest helped!


            rtr - sounds like you are having an exciting week with a new car (yay!) and wedding tasting!  I hope you find some delicious options - do you guys have a theme for your food or wedding or anything?  I don't mind overcast (or even rain really) but it just gets old when it is only ever overcast out!  I made it out for a run last night but cut it short, I am hoping to make up the rest of the miles today!


            ou - hope you are able to get your legs rested up in time for whatever you decide to do this weekend!  I have an 18 miler on Sat so I'm hoping my legs will be fully recovered from the half by then.  Only a few more big weeks and the rest are all cutback and taper weeks... this marathon training feels like it's gone by really fast so far!


            sjp - yikes on the hot gym...  I hate running on the treadmill when it's crowded, it just feels so steamy and gross haha.  Hope you and DBF have a relaxing night!  vanilla caramel creamer sounds delicious!



              RTR: Congrats on your new car, hope you like it as much as I like mine.

              OU: Sounds like you have some fun trips coming up, anyone going with you?  This humane society just opened in Jan. and it's VERY clean and doesn't smell.

              sjp: I always seem to sweat more when I treadmlll run.  What do you think you'll make for dinner if the friend comes over?

              Seattle: Congrats to DBF!  I bet he is very relieved.  What a great place to work.  Take it easy on that hamstring, you don't want to be injured for your goal race.


              RR: Running with friends this morning, we ran about 6.5 yesterday.  Not sure about today depends on what they have going on.  My new garmin stopped working so I need to contact garmin and find out what's going on.

              NRR: Woke up to some sad news this morning.  ONe of my friends/old co-workers husband was killed in a crane accident yesterday.  Today would have been his 47th birthday.  So tragic.

              Working on my taxes today and going to send out some job apps. Yesterday I cleaned kitchen cabinets and purged under my bathroom sink, all kinds of really old products.  I'm going to tackle a room at a time and get rid of stuff and declutter.  Thinking about painting but just don't know what colors.

              FR: Much better day yesterday.  I made slow cooker carnitas but they weren't done yesterday so that will be dinner tonight.



                Hello Wednesday!


                RR- Yesterday I spent 2 hours on the trails running. It felt awesome, I wanted to go longer but I would have needed some sort of energy and I had to go to work. Stupid work. Can't I just run? There is a trail I just started going up(its way steep) and I've decided to go further each time. Yesterday my knees were a bit sore at work from it. It's tough work! The trail climb is 1.6 miles and 2400' and then its a few miles of awesome ridge line.


                FR- I've got a a deer roast thawed to cook tonight. Probably with veggies and roasted potatoes.


                NRR- Nothing really new here. Work is still work and has its problems. Life is still busy. Running is still wonderful.


                rtr- Awesome stuff going on! A new car! I've never had a new car. That's exciting tasting for your wedding. I bet those four months will go quickly! And I do need to look into actual leash training for me dog. I know my dog really really well, but I don't really know much on training. She's actually DBF's dog so she was already trained(for the most part) when I came into her life.


                ou- Good job about still getting on the TM for your hill run. Do you find it getting easier?


                sjp- Dog is a yellow lab great Pyrenees mix. She looks like a fat yellow lab that has a bit thicker, softer fur. Really she's just pretty stocky, but she does have some pounds to loose. Smile


                Seattle- Even if you did slip up some on carbs its really good that you noticed how it affected you. Means your healthy habits are doing good!


                Mia- That's horrible about the death. It's always so shocking to hear someone died where it really wasn't expected. You seem to be running consistently, good job!


                  Got absolutely soaked on my run, I forgot how much I enjoy running when it's raining really hard.  My legs are still kind of tired and tight, but my knee/hamstring feels a lot better than yesteday and I was able to get a slow easy 5 mi in.


                  Mia - that's so sad about your friend's husband...  I hope your friend has lots of family and close friends around to get her through it.  Keeping her in my thoughts!  Way to go getting so much done around the house, it's great to use the break in between jobs to be super productive Smile


                  snowden - deer roast sounds interesting!  My dad used to hunt a lot but I don't know if I ever ate any deer meat... is it good?  Your running trail sounds awesome!  I definitely want to venture out onto some of the more technical/mountainous trails around here once summer comes and they aren't all muddy/buried under snow!