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Sleep on Tuesdailies (Read 4 times)

    Rainy morning out, wish I was still in bed!

    rr: did a 1.25 mile run before crossfit last night, the crossfit class, then worked on mowing yard.  Finally got inside around 8:45 to shower, then dinner around 9... It was a long night!  tonight is crossfit and if I get there early another mile before hand.


    nrr: had a really nice weekend.  Bosses cabin is peaceful - up by a river with a great view.  We sat around and talked - played cards and pool and such, ate, laughed.  Good time.  Rest of the weekend was just catching up on house work.  Short week this week. Thursday and Friday I am at a conference in Texas - then spending the weekend there to see a baseball game and get away.


    fr: trying to be good, but not much food around.  Plus getting in late last night I didn't feel like cooking - and this morning I didn't feel like making an egg...


    sjp: there are 12 of us that work for the company, and I think all but 3 came with their spouses so it was a full house!  so cute on your nephew - i bet you sil is egging that one on! ;-).  I agree that you can't slack on the arm muscles with a wedding coming up, hello lots of pictures that will go down in history...


    mia: wow that sounds like some race!!!!  If the pics you posted were from the race though, it was beautiful!  rest up!


    rtr: do you pinterest? I like following lowes and home depot - they usually have some nice painting ideas, or just search on pinterest.  I love a fresh palette!