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The Wednesdalies! (Read 12 times)


    Good morning!


    RR:  I'm not sure about today.  I want to fit something in, but I don't know what I'll have time for.  Hopefully the swim I didn't do yesterday, but I might have to stay at work late.  I don't like to swim too late because that means I hit rush hour and they're doing a lot of construction on the interstate I take home.


    NRR: Just an average weekday around here.  Work, then I might have to tutor, then hopefully a workout and hanging out with DF tonight.


    FR:  I think I'm making spaghetti and caprese salad tonight.


    Have a great day!

      rtr: send me some of your dinner - sounds awesome!  I wish I could not drive in rush hour - such a headache!!


      runnerabs: i am training for a marathon - the Flying Pig in Cinncy.  Your like of the 10k is my problem, it's just far enough that I push myself too hard then can't get the umpf to finish!


      mia: I definitely like the half the best.  You have time to settle into the pace - you don't have to push too hard, and it's over before the pain really sets in!  what type of job are you looking for this time?


      snowden: great job on saving minutes off your run time.  I like to see my progress during the weeks get better - so encouraging!


      nrr: well the groundhog was wrong - it is now snowing for the 3rd time since groundhog day, and it only snowed once the entire winter before then!  Oh well.  It's really pretty just  a pain to drive in.  Another busy day.  Kindof hoping that they close the university today and I get a night off class...


      rr: did 3.5 at the gym this morning.  Was cold and raining.  Wasn't actually too bad.  I definitely do better on the mill in the morning then I do in the evening.  I can sleep through it!


      fr: had some great talipia in a bag last night with roasted tomatoes and rosemary.  yum!



        ou-awesome job on your race, placing in your age group is fantastic! fingers crossed you get out of class due to weather!

        runnerabs-yes i was supposed to run NYCM, and ended up running a small marathon in nh, it was super hilly and tough but my training wasn't wasted. i also only run outside if its nice/don't have a choice/have a buddy to run with. i run before work so its too dark/cold/icy to run outside safely. i opt for the trashy tv/treadmill combo also Smile

        rtr-i could have taken a half day, but the headache went away thankfully! People are so obsessed with downton abbey...just not sure i could get into it? did you like it?

        MC-oh wow, that is busy. enjoy vegas, hope its at least warm!

        mia-a run with friends and then wine with friends sounds like an awesome day!

        seattle-hope your test went well!

        snowed-you are really cranking out the miles these days. do you have any races soon?

        RR: 10 miles this morning.  nothing crazy going on. i always have big intentions of lifting when i get home, and then it doesn't happen. oh well.

        NRR: just wednesday. working then meeting friends for happy hour i think. if they don't go i think dbf and i will go anyway.

        FR: pub food and beer will perk up a wednesday!


          Good morning!


          RR - Got my 4 mi and 3 mi in yesterday for a total of 7 - it was actually sunny out so it turned out to be a great day for double runs. Today is 4 mi tempo run over lunch and then lifting at the gym w/DBF after work.

          NRR - Midterm went really well last night - spent most of the evening studying, taking the test, and working on our next hw that is due today (really, prof??). Work will be busy for the rest of this week as well - looking forward to a nice relaxing evening with DBF tonight! We have been watching a lot of Scrubs lately - I've already seen most of the early seasons before but it's such a great show!

          FR - Really like this diet so far - it's yummy, and I have been able to stay in my calorie goals really easily even with the fairly high volume of workouts I've been doing. Not sure what we'll make for dinner tonight, but DBF is trying out the diet too so I'm sure we'll make something yummy!


          Back in a bit for shouts.


            Morning and happy hump day.


            RTR:  I hit lots of Construction on my wahi home from meeting friends last night. Should have taken me 30 minutes but took an hour To get home.

            OU:  hope your class gets cancelled. It's always nice to have an unplanned night off. i have been applying to Drs offices at Thais point but I'm pretty open.

            Sjp:  glad your headache went away. Any idea what amuses them for you ?  I used to get them all the time but haven't gotten one in a while ( knock on wood)

            seattle:  I bet it feels good to have the midterm over. Nice job on sticking with your food plan.


            RR:  meeting my friend for a run again. It's nice that he has his own business and can run when it's convenient for him. I missed running with my friends so much.


            NRR:  yesterday I polished my résumé and applied for positions at 3 different medical offices. Have to look into cobra today so I'm insured. That's what in most nervous about. I'm feeling like I have no direction right now, getting antsy but TLC keeps telling me to stop being so hard on myself. I'm trying.


            FR:  met friends for a glass of wine last night which was fun. I really did like my coworkers a lot at WW   Too bad the corporation treats its employees so badly. Today I'm meeting another friend for lunch. She was a member of mine at one of the companies I went to to give a meeting.




              Good Morning!


              RR- Did intervals on the treadmill yesterday at the gym. They are hard work! I was too wore out to do much strength training. I'm thinking an easy, slow run today. I almost never use the treadmill, and with the finger shoes I wear it always gives me a lot of blisters.


              FR- Just still figuring things out. It's not an easy thing to do. It's really hard to use my brain to say "stop eating food" when it's my brain that wants to keep eating, because my stomach knows when its full. .. if that makes any sense.


              NRR- Woo Hoo for my weekend! And it just so turns out that DBF has today and tomorrow off also. That NEVER happens! We don't have anything planned. I'm busy in the evenings still, but we have all day.


              rtr- I'm impressed you went out for a run yesterday after coffee and a hot shower to warm up! Rush hour here is when you are the 4th car in line at one of the two stop lights in town. Smile


              OU- The groundhog was wrong here too. We had one day of mostly cloudy, where the sun came out. It was so beautiful to actually be able to see where I live. Of course, I was at work. But I do have an incredible view at work as the airport is on its own island.


              SJP- I don't have any races anytime soon. Now that I'm getting into running I'm wishing I could do some races. I've never done one before.  The marathon I signed up for is August 3. But other races I know of I'll be out of town. Its such a small area that races are not common. And pub food and beer sounds like a great thing to get you through the week.


              Seattle- How awesome that the sun came out for your run yesterday! I know how great that must feel after running in rain and fog and more rain. Nice job on your eating too. I should look into the diet. I've never really tried a diet, but it might be good to incorporate some of the ideas into my eating for a while. I know I eat way to much bread and overall carbs.


              Mia- Its great that you're getting so much running in, especially with friends that you get to catch up with! I hope the job hunt goes well.


                Back from a windy but good 4 mi lunch break run and just finished a big chicken salad and a small bowl of mashed potatoes... yum!



                rtr - Hope you can get off work early enough to get a swim in!  I know I keep saying this, but I miss swimming...  what with running 5 days a week, lifting 2-3 days a week and hiking/climbing 1-2 days a week it's hard to fit in, but I just need to make time for it sometimes, it's so relaxing to me!  Spaghetti and caprese salad sounds delicious!


                ou - way to go on your run this morning!  Hope your class gets canceled so you can have a more relaxing night tonight - tilapia w/roasted tomatoes and rosemary sounds yummy.  I am trying to eat more seafood but I'm just not sure how to cook it as I haven't eaten it much before!


                sjp - I know what you mean about having good workout intentions...  I've been really good about getting my runs in but sometimes lately lifting has fallen by the wayside.  It's really helpful for me to have DBF waiting at the gym so I have to go, but when he skips I usually skip too haha.  Enjoy beer and pub food tonight!


                Mia - woohoo for having friends to run with!  I have a few that want to run with me but they are so much faster and always want to do long runs together and it just stresses me out too much.  Long runs are totally my "me zone out" runs!  Good luck with the resume and the job apps - I'm sure you'll find something great soon!


                snowden - it was so great to have sunshine to run in yesterday, especially since it doesn't happen very often here in the winter.  the next 10 day forecast is full of rain and wind and gray so I'm glad I took advantage of the nice weather while it was here!  I think the Perfect Health Diet book is really informative and an interesting read if you are curious about nutrition - you can tweak it to be as low carb or not as you want, too.  And I've definitely noticed that (going along w/your FR post) it has helped me stay full both physically and mentally so far, which is really nice.  Way to go on your intervals yesterday!  Those are definitely hard work.



                  rtr-DBF and i like white collar a lot, its on usa. do you use netflix? not sure if its on there or not though. its really witty/smart show if that is your thing.

                  seattle-i bet you killed your midterm! it is easier to fix meals with another person.

                  mia-ugh, construction and traffic is the worst. i hate dealing with that. hope cobra isn't too expensive (that is sort of impossible i think) and fingers crossed you find a job with benefits soon!

                  snowed-yeah i figured that there wouldn't be that many races in your area. is the marathon local?

                  RR: 10 miler this morning. felt pretty good. we are supposed to get another snow storm again this weekend but looks like sunday, so at least i'll run outside one of the days..ugh, over winter.

                  NRR: dbf and i went out for dinner after work at a sports pub, it was packed bc the high school basketball is going on this week, which is a huge deal here, so it was jammed. also supposed to go to DBF's parents this weekend (killmenow) for their birthdays but it looks like snow so not sure if we'll leave earlier or what is happening. i'm not interested in driving 2 hours in crazy snowstorm bc his mom is needy and wants us 'there' for her birthday. /rant.

                  FR: veggie burger and sweet potato fries last night, was delicious.