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    Good morning!

    RR:  Yeah, that thing I said yesterday about running definitely happening?  It didn't.   We were supposed to run at 5ish, so when I hadn't heard from my friend by 5:30 I texted her and she was still in an afterschool club that she runs and didn't know when it would be over, so I should go without her.  By that time I had lost my ever elusive motivation, so the run didn't happen.  However, today is a new day and we are running right after school.  The plan is actually to do a nice, slow long run of about ten miles, so hopefully it will be awesome and also hopefully it will break me out of my slump.


    NRR:  Three day weekend!  DF and I are going on a dinner date, not sure where, then probably watching the Wire.  Tomorrow we have a wedding to go to, so that should be fun as well.  I plan on relaxing a bunch this weekend.  Other than the wedding, I don't have any plans set in stone.


    FR:  Sweet potato fries won out last night.  I think I'm addicted.


    I'll try to make it back for shouts later.  Have a great day!



      mia-good luck with the new job, hope you are still enjoying it!

      rtr-how is the wedding planning coming along? you have found a venue? how about the honeymoon, i know you are a big traveler so I imagine a honeymoon will be big fun part for you!

      seattle-yum, skinnytaste has lots of good recipes.

      snowed-great job with the run, that is great! mmm, haven't had applesauce in a long time.

      MC-good luck in st. louis this weekend. never easy to attend funerals.

      RR: 10 miles on the treadmill this morning, nothing exciting. just watching all the sports scandals on espn.

      NRR: weekend. nothing going on tonight. tomorrow DBF has friends coming in town for a concert so i have a whole day to myself. i'll run and probably do some shopping. dbf is great about shopping but sometimes i like to go alone.

      FR: got some groceries last night, i'm sure there will be some good football food this weekend, go Pats!

        morning all!

        rtr: eehh the running thing happens - I accidentally sleep through my alarm.. ALOT!  enjoy a relaxing weekend.


        sjp: there is something nice about a solo weekend every now and then - especially when shopping is involved, go at your own pace and do what you want!  Go Ravens!


        rr: got out for 4 miles this morning.  legs were still tingling from the cold as I drove in this mornign (heated seats so I have that constant warm pressure on them!).  Tomorrow I have a tempo run, then sunday is a cut back LR, only 6 miles...


        nrr: so glad for the weekend.  It's going to be super busy so tonight I'm staying in and going to be early.  Saturday night going to a George Strait concert, Sunday night seeing Jekyll and Hyde at the theatre, and Monday night we host big Monday 8:30 game - ouch that is going to hurt...


        fr: tried starbucks blonde roast this morning -it's a little too mild, almost tastes like water!  and I use to hate blueberries, hated the taste - but discovered the blueberries in the WF berry mix are amazing - so much more taste, blueberry fan again!


          Morning, it's Friday!!


          RR - Rest day yesterday was delightful and much needed after deadlifts. Those are such a great workout - my booty is sore, lower back is sore, shoulders are sore... in a good way. Today is 5 mi tempo run over lunch, and then 800M swim at the gym after work. I haven't been swimming in a while and I miss it!

          NRR - Work is in kind of a lull right now... it's ok because I can get hw/reading done while I am here, but I am loking forward to next week when it picks up again! Hoping to have a productive evening of laundry, cleaning, and hw. I usually do my long runs on Saturday so I can enjoy Saturday night, which makes my Friday nights usually pretty low ke. Tomorrow DBF and I are going to look at the house with his parents - exciting! Then possibly rock climbing, then dinner and a movie (I've heard Silver Linings Playbook is good?). Sunday we may go hiking if it's nice!

          FR - Baked chicken nuggets were amazing again last night.  Probably chicken & veggie stir fry over rice for dinner tonight.




            RR- May be a rest day I got a lot going on, but that's okay I've had some good runs lately and am probably due for a rest.


            FR- I am super disgusted with all the food I last last night. I caved and bought ice cream and completely indulged. ... I should just throw it away.


            NRR- Eye appointment today.


            Sorry this is quick, I'll try to make it back later.