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    Good morning!


    RR:  This didn't happen yesterday, but it will today after work.  I'm planning on getting in between 4-6 miles.  My next race is a 25k trail race coming up over Memorial day weekend so I have that as my motivation for keeping my running consistent.


    NRR:  The meeting with the wedding coordinator at the hotel where we're having our reception got me super excited for the wedding!  Its just a little over nine weeks away!  So far (knock on wood) the wedding planning process has been pretty low key and stress free.  The hotel takes care of all of the details, which makes it much easier.  Today is work, then I think I have cheer club, then a run and tonight DF and I will hang out.  We just started watching Breaking Bad, so we'll probably watch some of that.


    FR:  Nothing too exciting here.  I've recently discovered the Quaker apple and cinnamon oatmeal packets and have been eating one of those, with an egg on the side for breakfast.  They are quite delicious.


    Foco:  Who knows what impact the protest will have.  All the schools in the district had a protest at the same time.  We’re getting married at an arboretum and having the reception in a hotel ballroom.



      rtr-i love the oatmeal packets!!! i remember when i was little i wanted my mom to buy the 'fruit and cream' type but it was only variety pack and we only liked strawberry flavor haha and NOW they make one with just strawberries and cream box. i bought some and every time i eat it, it reminds of being a little kid. glad your meeting went will with the wedding coordinator! stress free is good!

      MC-sounds like you needed a nice relaxing evening after being out late on the work trip.

      java-that is nice to go out for administrative's assistant day!

      RR: still a  couple miles and elliptical. i am really liking the elliptical these days. it goes by quickly and i've caught up on a lot of magazines!

      NRR: ugh, frustrated at work with a couple projects. yesterday i just wanted to scream. going home to dbf and just venting over dinner helped and then we caught up on some tv. it was certainly nice to go home to our own space. we are both in disbelief that we finally moved!

      FR: didn't make guac, maybe tonight. haha.

        rtr: I decided yesterday that when I get married (no I don't have a BF) that I am going to get married in hawaii - just a small beach wedding then a reception at a luau.  I'll throw a party when I get home for my friends to come to!  Have no clue why I decided that and not like it will stick since I''m not attached to anyone - I figure that should make wedding planning super simple!  So exciting that yours is only 9 weeks away!!!  Did you decide on a honeymoon location?  I think it is funny how these politicians think the answer is to cut the budget so drastically at schools - yet they turn around and complain that the test scores are at all time lows and we aren't keeping up with Europe...ummmm hello can we put two and two together????  Why don't we stop spending so much on pro athletes and give a bit more to schools...


        sjp: I do love being able to read on the elliptical.  I actually would skip running a few times when I was behind on my school reading to catch up on elliptical!  I'm sure having your own place is awesome!


        seattle: I've been pushing the shoe limit here too.  I wore bierkenstocks my first day back and sandels ever since.  My feet can't take enclosed at the moment!  I'm going to try running tonight.


        mc: we are into rainy season so I don't even try to mop the floors - i just try to keep the dog hair (I have a husky) and dirt at bay.  I will mop when I see a good break in storms or the floor gets so sticky that I can't walk anymore!


        rr: going to try some miles tonight with the running group.  They do 3 so if I feel good I will run it, if not I will just walk 2 miles.  I have a bib for the color run on Saturday - but I don't think I am going to do it.  I just don't feel up to get cornstarch out of every crevice on my body right now.  Java, want a free bib???


        nrr: kitchen is clean.  took forever, but the countertops are sparkly and the microwave is clean...didn't tackle the cabinets or the floor - but I didn't want to over do it!  Going to take down the bathroom tonight when I get home.  I just feel better when I walk into a clean room!  So glad it is thursday - I'm ready for the weekend!!!


        fr: I've been doing really good this week until I decide that I want ice cream at 9:30, must kick this habit!


          Good morning!


          RR- Same plan as ou!  Going to try to run 3 mi easy but if my blisters are ouchy I will probably end up walking or run-walking.  My legs feel pretty good, only a little bit of quad soreness this morning.  I am thinking of hitting the climbing gym after work tomorrow and looking forward to that as well!


          NRR- DBF and I had a really nice night yesterday, got some delicious pizza and beer and sat outside near the beach.  It was 70s and sunny and just gorgeous.  It's kind of gray and foggy right now, but it's been burning off just in time for when we get off work, which is perfect!  I think next week is looking like rain so I am going to enjoy it while I can.  Have some errands to run tonight and then probably just going to sit outside in the sunshine and do homework!


          FR- Grocery shopping tonight... much needed.  Going to make sure to stock my cupboards with lots of healthy stuff!  I think my body needs a "cleanse" from all the carbs I've been eating Smile



          Back in a bit for shouts!




            RR: Yoga earlier today. My legs are super tight after my run yesterday, so it felt good.


            NRR: Volunteered at Big B's school this am for grandparent's day. So fun to see all the kids with their grandparents! Just hanging out tonight.


            FR: still doing well, was under my daily calories again yesterday, but not by as much as Tuesday, so I feel like I'm fueling better.



            rtr - 9 weeks is soon!! Glad it hasn't been too stressfull.


            sjp - I'm sorry work has been difficult. I hope things calm down soon. I can't do the eliptical at all - I think I'm too short Joking


            OU - I actually have a lot of friends running that, and I totally would take your bib, but I'm doing a yoga handstand workshop that morning. We do need to run a race together though! I think we are at about the same pace.  And I did get married on the beach with only 13 family members in attendance - I highly reccomend it!


            seattle - enjoy the sunshine!! Hope your blisters heal up!


              Back from my 3 mi lunch break run!  Well, it was more of a shuffle, but I was going (slightly) faster than a walk, so... yay!


              rtr - ooh, a 25K trail race sounds like a lot of fun!  And definitely good motivation to keep with the consistent workouts.  Glad the wedding planning has been easy so far... some people make it sound absolutely crazy!  I might have to try those oatmeal packets sometime... sounds like a delicious breakfast!


              sjp - glad you and DBF are liking the new space!  I can't wait until my DBF and I can say the same thing... it may not be for a few months yet but at least there is a light at the end of the tunnel now that they finally got the house and will close next month!  Great that you have the elliptical as a backup for running...  I can't stay on that thing for more than a few minutes without going crazy!


              ou - I went running today so you can do it too!  Just expect it to feel super weird and goofy haha.  nice work being so productive post race!  I have been craving ice cream for over a week now...  maybe tonight I will get some and finally stop thinking about it!


              Java - glad you had some nice yoga this morning!  Stretching has felt so good for me this week.  feels so good on tight and sore muscles!  Grandparents day sounds adorable Smile