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    Morning all!  Let's roll!


      rr.  I got new shoes this weekend - Brooks Pure Cadence.  I've only done 2 miles in them so far but they feel great!  Definitely something I need to work in to but I'm excited about it.  Tonight I'll do 4 miles with some Yasso's thrown in there.


      nrr.  Mom is here through the middle of next week.  So far everything is good.  M has warmed up to her and that makes her happy.  Smile  Back to work today for me.  Ugh.  Not looking forward to it.


      fr.  Not sure what we're having tonight, mom is in charge of that.


      Have a great day all!


      mia.  Sounds like you had a great weekend!  Hope you have a wonderful second week at the new job!

        other monday... really????

        rtr: I have a few friends on MFP, but no I'm not big on the social aspect of things.  I'm just there to track calories - although now I know people can see if I post at the end of the day and see that I was "over" or "under" my calories which makes me think twice about having more food!  bummer on car - I really hate when places do a crap job then inconvience you!


        simon: how minimal are the cadence? will they take some break in time to get use to that?  I really want to try out the flows next time but I don't want a big transition - I would like to be able to start using them for 3-4 miles immediately.  Glad M is taking to grandma so well!


        jkr: bummer about grandparents.  that is so hard.  Mine have a rule that a kid has to ride with them once a week and if they don't feel safe they are allowed to take the keys away permanently.  Let's just say I'm glad they live in Ohio and I will never have that task!  My boss here was a really scary driver like that also - no one ever wanted to ride withhim. He just recently cut himself off (thankfully!!!)


        rr: 8 miles yesterday morning which was nice.  also did a 2.5 mile tempo run on Saturday night.  Trying to use the first 6 weeks of marathon training to do some speed work, since the mileage isn't extreme at that point and I want to do some of it!  not sure what I will do tonight.


        nrr: hanging out and watching football game tonight.  should be a fun time.  Other than that it is just another monday...


        fr: doing really well.  I've forgotten how tracking calories really makes you think about what you are putting in your mouth.  I can't say I feel any better so I think I've been eating the right food all along, just too much of it!


        wr: was back to 152 on saturday, so 6 pounds of water weight from my holiday binge episodes!



          RR: Not sure what's in store today.  Hamstring/gluteas maximus felt better this morning since I didn't run yesterday.  I didn't feel like an old person limping out of bed.  I wonder if sleeping on my own mattress has something to do with it as well?  Have to see what time I get home tonight and what I feel like fitting in.

          NRR: Spent yesterday doing some cleaning, watching the Seahawks game, writing out NY cards (I was delinquent on the Christmas cards so I got NY cards instead).  Feeling more or less ready for the week.  Hoping the "girls" at the new job are willing to show me some more this week and realize I am there to stay.

          FR: Not so good yesterday - chocolate.  I thought it was gone and more was given to me.  Sheesh!!  I have had a break from WW and counting PP for a couple of weeks and I probably need to get back on it more or less.  My other option is to go with the food plan they have at the nutritionist and buy some of their shakes.


          Simon: Hope your first day back goes smoothly.  It's great that M and your mom are bonding, I bet your mom is in heaven.

          OU: loved the pic of you with your new niece or is it nephew???  Do they live close by?  will you the baby much?  Great job on the weight loss your first week, that's always motivating!

          JKR: Hard to believe your sis and my DD are graduating this year.  It seem like they were just leaving for college not that long ago.  What is your sis planning to do after she graduates?  That's hard with your grandparents and the driving.  ARe they your mom or your dad's parents?  It's nice you are there to help them out.



            Morning!  Back to work already?  Ahh!


            RR - Had a good weekend, ran 8 mi and did some rock climbing with DBF (fun!) on Saturday. 3 mi easy run over lunch today and then lifting chest/tris/abs with DBF after work.

            NRR - Had fun watching the Seahawks game at a bar with my mom and some family friends yesterday - great game and Seahawks won! Woohoo! Weekend went by way too quickly though, 5 day work week is going to seem long! I start class again tomorrow so it'll really feel like getting back into the routine after the holidays. Probably doing some laundry and plan ahead cooking after the gym tonight.

            FR - Thinking pot roast w/chicken and veggies for dinner - throwing it in the crockpot this morning. Also bought some protein powder to put in smoothies and oatmeal, so that's good!


            Back later for shouts


              Hi all,


              RR: Yoga day today ... it's a strength/yoga class and was a definite challenge. Convinced me that I won't probably need another strength training workout besides doing this 2-3 times a week. I got out the calendar and counted up 15 weeks until my first half marathon on April 21. I don't think I've ever started running this early in the year, so I'm looking forward to being super-ready. I've been reading "Run Less, Run Faster" and don't think I have the base or confidence to run only 3 days a week and then run a half, but I think I'm going to keep running to 4 days a week.


              FR: I went to a Mexican restaurant yesterday with DH and had tortilla soup (very spicy and full of veggies) and a salad with mahi, so that was a food victory over my typical huevas rancheros or fish tacos that I usually have. Somehow I didn't eat chips, either. I think because they brought the soup so quickly.


              NRR: Back to the grind at work -- almost everyone will finally be back from holiday breaks, so there will be fires to put out all day, I'm sure.


              Simon: I have heard people rave about the Cadence -- I bet you'll love them! Hope getting back to work goes better than you think. Nice that your mom gets some time with M -- and is taking care of dinner!


              Ou: Good job on the 8 miles yesterday. I am pondering what to do about speedwork, too. I almost never do it. Cool on the weight loss! That's a nice little jump start.


              Mia: My Christmas cards always turn into New Year's cards! I heard a friend say over the holidays that they look forward to our cards because they're always late and they can read them when they're not so rushed. Talk about validating procrastination! :-) Hope your work week goes great.


              Seattle: Do you do a lot of rock climbing? I bet that's excellent for building strength.




                RR: Going to get back to it tomorrow! I haven't run in a few weeks, so it will be slow.


                NRR: Dad is out of the hospital and Big B went back to school today, so my life is finally returning to normal. Little b is still a bit sick, but was much better yesterday than he had been in a while. I really want this to be a normal week for us so we can get back to our routine.


                FR: Getting back on track here as well.



                B: hard-boiled egg, ww toast w/ butter, coffee w/ creamer

                S: special k bar, coffee

                L: tuna salad (made with greek yogurt), ww crackers, pear

                D: leftover chicken & dumplings, pineapple, cottage cheese



                Simon - woo hoo for new shoes! I need some myself, but it will have to wait a bit after all the $$ that was spent on Christmas and vacation.


                ou - Hope the game tonight is better than the OU/A&M game Friday! That was horrible!


                MIA - Hope the ladies at your new job warm up. Women can be really awful to eachother sometimes. Glad you are feeling better though!


                seattle - sounds like a great weekend! Hope the week is kind to you!


                  Morning Everyone.


                  RR- Got 5,5ish in yesterday and thinking I'll head out for a shorter 3-4 today.


                  FR- We're just going to skip right over this...


                  NRR- Today is 3 years for DBF and I! Since we never have a day off together we both took the day off work to be able to go out to dinner. When we hit 2 years it was crazy and unreal feeling. 3 years just feels right.


                  Simon- Good idea working into your new shoes. I'm still thinking that's what started off this whole foot problem with me. Glad M is taking a liking to your mom.


                  OU- I like your idea of incorporating speed work into your marathon training early on. I may have to do that too. It could be a good way for me to try doubles on a day or two a week to get some more mileage but not totally wear myself out.


                  Mia- Sleeping in your own bed makes a world of difference. For me at least. Whenever I go home I sleep on my old bed and I basically have to be dead tired to fall asleep in a decent amount of time.


                  Seattle- Nice running! I love rock climbing! Its an awesome workout and you have to engage your brain too. A few years ago I was in my schools little shed of a rock gym and tore my ACL and miscinus bouldering around. As soon as I was better I made myself go back in there and do the path again so I wouldn't be scared of it forever. There is a small rock wall here but I don't know anyone else who likes climbing. But they will be expanding it this year so I'll have to find somebody.


                  MC- Nice job on the better food choices! I need to hop on that band wagon again.


                  Java- Glad life is getting back to normal. Enjoy your run!


                    Hi everyone! One week from today is my first day of spring semester... trying to soak up these last few days of break by being as lazy as possible. So far, so good.


                    RR: Had a great LR yesterday! 24mi on my favorite trail here at my parents' in the town I grew up in. The weather was beautiful, legs felt strong, I was running in my favorite place, and had some good music on my iPod for the last 6 miles. So good! I have another 50k coming up on February 9th so I'm trying to get in a few longer runs in training. This will be my last week of super ridiculous high mileage... I've been really enjoying running crazy long over break. Can't handle these kind of miles during the semester when I'm actually responsible for doing something during the day other than recovering on the couch and refueling. Hah. Being paid for running must be fun.


                    NRR: Mom is back at work this week so it's just me and my sister hanging out during the day. I'm always bummed when Mom has to go back to work during the holidays... she works at a school, so she gets 2 weeks off at Christmas and most of the summers. It has been so nice to spend lots of time with her. I'm going to miss everyone when I go back to Richmond. On Friday I'm shadowing my professor who taught my Pediatrics course last semester. She works at the hospital across the street. I'm really looking forward the day should be so fun and exciting since she does exactly what I want to do when I graduate.


                    FR: Meh not too much new here. I made meatloaf and mashed potatoes for dinner tonight. Tomorrow is chicken cordon bleu and roasted broccoli. Yum.


                    Shoutouts next...


                      Forgot to mention, my New Year's resolution was to get back into the gym again! Once I started running high mileage I completely neglected strength training… as in, I stopped doing any form of exercise other than running. I just didn't have the energy or time for anything else. Now that I think I'm used to the mileage I need to get back into core/lower body work. It makes me a stronger runner. And I'm looking a little bony with no muscles… hah. So today was my first day back in the gym! Took it really easy. Still might be pretty sore tomorrow. We'll see. Hope I can keep it up!


                      Simon: What shoes did you run in before? I've never really deviated from Asics… but starting to wonder if another pair might be a better fit. What have you and your mom been up to? Do you have anything fun planned for her trip? Glad M is having fun getting to know her grandma! How nice that she's taking care of dinner tonight.


                      Ou: Wow that's a really good idea with your grandparents and the driving thing. I wish mine were that sensible. Unfortunately they are just convinced that they are perfectly capable of driving. Ugh. Not sure what we're going to do. I rode with my grandma once this summer and won't ever do it again. Not a fun experience. Good call on using the first few weeks for speed work. I've found that I just can't do speed work when I'm running higher mileage. Both is too much! Nice work on the calorie tracking… and great news about the scale! 6lb of water weight… I'll take that any day over "real" weight.


                      Mia: Where does the hamstring/glute hurt? I've been having some issues with my upper hamstring/lower glute that is just irritating! I know just what you mean about the chocolate thing… I crave sugar every night after dinner now that I've been eating it more regularly during the holidays. It's a tough habit to break! I also cannot believe that my sister and your DD are graduating. Crazy! What are your DD's plans for after graduation? As for my sister's plans… haha I don't think even she knows at this point. So far the only sure thing is that she's moving back in with my parents. And hopefully will have some sort of job. She is a Business major, so… not really sure what she had planned for that degree. The grandparents are my mom's parents. My dad's parents died when we were really young, so this is my only set of grandparents. They are really like a second set of parents to me… we spent SO much time with them growing up, and they've done so much for us… they paid for private school when our parents couldn't, they paid for college, they got us our first cars… we're really close and it's hard to watch them age like this.


                      Seattle: What are you taking classes for? I'm impressed that you work and then go to class afterwards. Don't think I'd be able to do that. Also, I'm jealous that you live close enough to trail run regularly! I love trail running but don't live near any really great trails. Luckily the town where DBF lives (and where I'm moving when I graduate) has some awesome, awesome trails I can't wait to run!


                      MC: I love yoga! My mom does that as her only strength workout and she's in awesome shape. I can't find a good yoga studio where I live now, but if I did, I would definitely do it 2-3x per week as my strength training. It's such great exercise and I think it's so relaxing. What half marathon are you running in April? Nice work at the Mexican restaurant last night it's really tough to eat healthy at those kind of places.


                      Java: Getting back to running might be slow, but cut yourself some slack and just think of how good it feels to even be out there again! I'm glad to hear that your Dad is out of the hospital now, that will surely help you get back to a normal routine. It's always tough to get back to real life after the holidays… and especially since your Dad was in the hospital and Big B wasn't in school.


                      Snowden: You like in Alaska?! How cool! Have you always lived there? What kind of work do you do? Is it awesome to live there? I've always wanted to visit. Happy anniversary to you and DBF! I know just what you mean… when DBF and I celebrated our first anniversary last Spring it felt really weird. It even feels weird going through our second set of holidays together now! Are y'all doing anything special to celebrate?


                        Twas a good Monday.  The day flew by and I felt like I was busy all day.  I hate being idle.

                        RR: There was none of that - no time today.

                        NRR: slow commute going into work this morning, I got there just when I was supposed to, I don't like cutting it close like that.  Commute was pretty quick coming home though.  tomorrow is a later day but it's going to be a long day.  I'm going to sign paperwork for the sale of the house ex and I owned, and is now sold, tomorrow morning before work.  After that I'm going to drop off my final items from my old job - a scale, some paperwork and some office supplies.  I'm still getting drop shipments of things so I hope that stops soon because I have to make a trip to drop it off each time.  Girls were nicer today but I think I also just had enough stuff to keep me busy so I wasn't annoying them by asking for things to do all day.  Still makes me nervous filling the medication and supplement orders because they are so many and such odd names, I'm afraid I'll give someone the wrong thing.  Tomorrow we don't start until 11 and get done at 7ish.  I'm going to TLC's after work and staying there since he is a closer commute and I have to be at work at 8 on Wednesday.

                        FR: Not bad, packed a healthy lunch and also a snack for the commute home so I wouldn't be famished when I walked in the door.  It held me over long enough to get some errands done after work.


                        JKR: sounds like our glute/hamstring pain is similar.  Upper hamstring, lower part of my glute.  TLC (stands for tender loving care since he's so thoughtful and kind) used the stick on my yesterday morning and rolled it for me.  That helped some.  DD has applied for a Fulbright scholarship and really hopes to get that so she will get to study in China for a year after she graduates.  I think she wants to stay in Portland if that doesn't work out but I told her she is more than welcome to come live here as well.  She doesn't seem to want to think about it because it stresses her out.  Those are some really long runs you are doing - wow!

                        Snowden: Congrats on 3 years together.  did you go out someplace nice for dinner?  I think you said DBF moved there after you did, what kind of work does he do?

                        Java: Glad your dad is out of the hospital and your boys are starting to feel better.  I hope you get back on a normal schedule, whatever that means.  I don't think there ever was a "normal" when my children were young.

                        MC: Love tortilla soup . . that's what I had tonight but I made it myself.    I also love fish tacos though and don't know if I could have resisted those.

                        Seattle: Where did you watch the game?  Did you say you made potroast with chicken in it?  Never heard of that.