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    Good morning!


    RR:  I had a nice run yesterday, so today I'm planning on heading to the gym for a swim.  I plan on swimming about 1600 yards.


    NRR:  Going out with DF's friends was fun last night, but we had to drive about forty minutes to get there and then again home, so we didn't get back until 10 (I know, I sound like such an old lady saying that).  Tonight I'm looking forward to a relaxing evening at home with DF.  After my swim I need to stop at the grocery store, then tonight I'm cooking dinner and hopefully we'll catch up on the Bachelor.


    Also, I want to talk to DF's sister and ask her to be a bridesmaid.  I never see her, so I guess I should ask her over the phone, but I find it awkward.  I'm sure she'll say yes, but I feel weird since I don't know her very well.  Two of my friends are my other bridesmaids and it was no problem asking them.


    FR:  I'm thinking of making portabella caps, broccoli and sweet potato fries.  Yes, I do believe the sweet potato fries will become a weekly thing.


    Have a nice day!  I'll try to make it back for shouts later.



      ou-its your favorite day! ugh, 5 days weeks are tough. how many classes do you have this semester?

      MC-that is so cool you and DH are in a band. do you play a lot?

      seattle-sounds like an awesome weekend with DBF. any news on the house for his parents, sorry if i missed it...

      jkr-happy back to school day! that is so great you are so in love with your future career, can't ask for more than that! when is your next race?

      snowed-wow another earthquake, i'm sure that is a little unsettling.

      rtr-correct, i'm pretty convinced his mom has an eating disorder and restricts food. i feel bad, but at the same time, i'm like DBF and I need to eat! way to go on the run!

      RR: 10 easy miles on the treadmill. definitely feeling better with regards to the cold. nice to be able to breathe while running.

      NRR: nothing too exciting, still battling ttom today, just feeling blah. DBF and i don't have much going on this week, so just relaxing and watching tv after dinner. supposed to get  a small snow storm tomorrow also.

      FR: dbf made baked chicken, then we made some rice and green beans to go with it last night, yum!

        morning all

        rr: ahhh 5am run, when I left you in December it was 40*...what is this 17* you spoke of this morning????? brrrr!  double layered on everything and did remember a scarf for my mouth.  3 miles, but pretty slow since I resembled a marshmallow.


        nrr: first day of class, I'm stressing out a bit because there is road construction on the exit I use so I'm not sure how I'm going to get there - trial and error I guess.  Not sure if I will keep this class (math gen ed), alot depends on this traffic thing and how bad it is.


        fr: had a lot to eat yesterday - made some good decsions, only a few lays from my luncheon box, and only ate half the cookie which is huge for me!  I did go back for seconds at dinner last night though - although a big portion of that was green beans...


        rtr: sort of marathon training.  race is 17 weeks away.  I'm doing a piece mill schedule for the first 6 weeks so I can do more speed work for some races I am doing, after that I will settle into slow longer runs.  I didn't want to jump back into boring running so soon.


        jkr: fairly busy semester, I'm taking 12 hours (9 grad, 3 undergrad), but 3 of the hours are an online course and 3 others are a weekend seminar, so not alot of time devoted on campus for the hours gained.  Sounds like Friday was fantastic for your career outlook, I love when you just find that "perfect" thing to do with your life!  what does your future job do, PT type things to rehab children?


        seattle: bummer on the seahawks, heard it was a fantastic game! atleast the pressure is off and you can sit back and enjoy the Thunder now (j/k!).  Yea, not sure how eating will work out, I'm trying not to go over 100 cals over my daily goal no matter how many miles...i don't need to eat back the 1000 calories I burned!


          Good morning!


          RR: A few miles after work. Thinking about taking the pup, but our run on Saturday didn't go so great and I feel like I just need a good run. I hate that he won't be getting his exercise though.


          NRR: Work and paying taxes today. I hate paying quarterly - HATE IT. But, since DH owns his own business and doesn't pay weekly like the rest of us, it is a necessary evil. Guess I should be glad that he had the money to pay since he didn't last year and it wiped out our savings. Obedience class tonight.


          FR: making tacos for the boys tonight before Winston and I head to class.



          B: 1 egg, grapefruit, coffee w/ creamer

          S: kind bar, coffee, lemon water

          L: PB & all fruit jam, carrots

          D: tacos, tortilla chips, guacamole



          rtr - I'm sure things will go fine with DF's sister. I bet she will be so honored you even asked! When we were having little b baptised I wanted my cousin to be his godfather, but since we only see eachother 5-6 times a year I asked him over the phone. I felt bad just calling him, but he was so honored I asked that he jumped in and said yes before I even got the question out. Bet it will be the same with DF's sister.


          sjp - feel like it's been forever since I've seen you around here! Think we both were sporadic for a bit. I'm with you on the eating thing - I have to eat! I'm glad you feel better!


          ou - I can't believe you got out this morning! I was a bum and decided to run after work so I didn't have to brave the early morning cold. You are crazy/awesome.




            RR - 3 mi lunch break run today. Finally had a good lifting session last night so I am glad about that!

            NRR - Planning to spend the evening studying. I like the online class because I can get as far ahead as I want and not have to sit in lecture if I don't need to, but I want to make sure that I still schedule time blocks where that is my only priority so I don't start letting things slide. Work has been pretty slow this week - should hopefully pick up soon though! Is it pathetic that I am already looking forward to the weekend? The weather is supposed to be much nicer than it has been, and DBF and I are going to go look at the house his parents have an offer in on, so that should be fun too!  They should hopefully hear sometime this week or next whether their offer was accepted.

            FR - Thinking homemade quesadillas tonight. I have been having a really hard time with the carb cravings this winter, need to be better about balance!




              RR- I got 7 in yesterday. I went out wanting a long run and that's what I got. I was definitely tired at the end. I think my average pace was 6.5ish mph. I think I'll go to the gym today for some cross training and some running recovery.


              Question- What do you use to track your running distance? Does everyone use a garmin? I don't have one and won't spend the money on one soon. Basically I just go out and run with no plan and come back and track it on mapmyrun.com But I'm not always convinced its accurate. I also rarely have 100% of a run on the streets. I usually add in some trail time. I used the map tracker on this website last night and I could zoom way in and see the wide trail I use a lot, but not really the smaller trails. Anyways I'm not too worried about complete accuracy, mainly I just don't want to think I'm running faster/further than I really am.


              FR- Had venison roast with red potatoes, onion and carrots from the crock pot last night. It was pretty good! And very filling. I don't eat meat too often and when I do I have to take it slow because all of a sudden I'm full.


              NRR- Dark, gloomy, rainy and foggy weather here the past few days. I don't think this Colorado girl will ever be used to rain in January.


              rtr- I'm sure DF's sister will be thrilled to be a bridesmaid. Sometimes I see the soon to be in-law gets left out of the wedding party because the bride has her close friends and doesn't know the (in your case) sister too well. I think over the phone is just fine!


              sjp- your dinner sounds good. DBF and I cook chicken rice and veggies a lot. Its out easy go to meal. Glad your feeling better!


              ou- good job on the food. That is a big deal putting half the cookie down! ...I had 3 in a row the other night. Don't stress too much about class. I'm sure the teachers have to deal with the construction as well and will understand if people walk in a few minutes late on the first day.


              Java- Hope your run goes well. With time and patience the pup will most likely become a better runner. Is Winston taking to obedience classes?


              Seattle- I'm terrible about carbs too. I always have been. And its such a hard thing to break. I'm been eating eggs a lot more lately and I'm really noticing the protein keeping me full longer. I just need to find more snacks that aren't lots of carbs.


                Hi all,


                RR: Need to hit the treadmill at work today but I have a lot of work stacked up, so I need to just stop at some point and go do that. I'm going to St. Louis this weekend to a memorial service with DH (a cousin of his died) and not sure how much running I'll be able to get in, so I should stockpile some miles now.


                NRR: Contemplating going to hear some music with my mom tonight in Denver but neither of us are sure we want to make the drive. Might skip it.


                FR: Cooked some quinoa last night, so I'll use that in my salads today. Pretty good stuff!


                RTR: Good luck asking DF's sister to be bridesmaid -- I'm sure a phone call will be fine. It's great that you're including her in the wedding party!


                SJP: The band doesn't play a lot ... we used to play about 4-5 times a month but we've backed off a bit to get some other things done. Might crank it up a bit more this spring. I love it that you can log significant miles on the treadmill ... that gives me hope that I can go at least half that far!


                Ou: You are tough to run outside in these temps! It's hard to get the clothes right. When I bundle up, I get more sweaty and then when the wind hits, it's really cold.


                Java: Hope obedience class goes well! Sorry about tax paying ... it's miserable even if you only have to do it once a year; can't imagine 4 times.


                Seattle: Hmmm ... quesadillas sound good. I get a brand of La Favorita tortillas that only have 8 net carbs in them ... you might check out those for carb control (hard for me, too ... I had an alarming amount of popcorn last night while catching up on Downton Abbey). Re: band stuff--I sing and play rhythm guitar (no fancy stuff), and DH plays fiddle.


                Snow: I just use the app on my iPhone (RunKeeper) to map out the runs, and I usually just run the same routes, so now I know what my X-mile routes are in any direction from my house or work. Great job on the 7 miles!


                JKR: That's cool that your DBF plays mandolin and sings ... mostly bluegrass? Is he in a band? I play guitar (just rhythm) and sing. DH plays fiddle. It's really just for fun. We could book a lot more dates but we have so  many other interests ... it's nice to be able to dial it up and down according to our schedules.


                  Hello everyone!


                  RR: On the TM this morning... it was in the 30s and raining... I don't mind running in the rain, and I don't mind running in the cold... but put those two things together and that's when I've hit my limit. Running just isn't fun anymore when it's dark, freezing cold, AND raining. Despite being indoors my run this morning was still lovely. 16mi easy. I've gotten used to the TM over break. It snowed a lot and the roads weren't really "runner friendly" so the TM was my only option. I actually ran 23mi on in one Saturday morning. It wasn't so bad.


                  NRR: Second day of class was good. Longer than yesterday, but still nothing too bad. Yesterday we had our Geriatric PT class, then today was Neuro Rehab and Cardio PT. Tomorrow is more Neuro, then Pharmacology. The semester is shaping up to be not too terrible. It's kind of nice to be back in a routine and around my friends again. It also helps that I have a four day weekend coming up. Hah.


                  FR: Last night I cooked a really delicious dinner! Scrambled eggs with ham, bell peppers, and onions. Yum. Followed by leftover Reese's frozen pb pie.


                  Shoutouts later... time to hit up the grocery store!


                    rtr - enjoy your swim tonight!  I have been slacking on that, only gone once in the past month...  I miss it!  Need to get back into it for sure.  I am with you on being an old lady, 10 on a weeknight is late!  I think it's sweet that you want DF's sister to be a bridesmaid - hope everything goes smoothly in asking.  It could be a fun chance for you to get to know her better!  And yes, sweet potato fries are usually a weekly thing here as well..  awesomeness!


                    sjp - glad you are feeling a little better after the cold!  Does running help your ttom at all? It usually makes me feel better temporarily but then worse after.  Cramps suck!  Baked chicken sounds fantastic, I haven't made it in a while (other than those chicken nuggets!).  DBF's parents are waiting to hear back from the seller's bank (shouldn't be too much longer), and we are going to go look at it this weekend since DBF and I haven't seen the inside yet!


                    ou - I think going back for seconds is totally fine if it is veggies...  I have become such a veggie/salad fan now that I've lost weight and I never thought I would.  They can be so good if you make them right!  Brr on your run this morning - it's been in the high 20s here a few times over the past week and that is cold enough for me!  I have just been sort of playing the hunger thing by ear...  I am ok with going over if I am actually hungry and I eat something healthy, not just b/c I'm bored or want a candy bar haha!


                    Java - yay for taco night!  I hate doing taxes as well, so glad I only have to do it once a year.  Hope obedience class goes well tonight - I'm sure it will be really nice when W is well trained enough to go on your runs with you!


                    snowden - welcome to the rain in January club...  winters are definitely rough up here, not so much because of extreme weather but just the constant gloom.  it's supposed to be partly sunny here this week and I am way too excited about that haha.  Nice work on the 7 mi!  I usually either guestimate, run on marked trails, or just run by time since I can guess my pace pretty well usually.  I have tried running with a Garmin before but I just don't like it that much.  I need to start eating eggs more often...  they are so filling for breakfast!  Much better than Starbucks croissants...  (whoops)


                    MC - good luck working in a run today - it's great to be busy at work but sometimes it's hard to juggle many things at once.  I'll have to look for those tortillas - sounds like a great compromise carb-wise!  I've never had quinoa before...  I've heard it is super good for you though!


                    jkr - your mileage and your treadmill running both amaze me!  We have treadmills in the basement of my work now but I still haven't used one.  I actually don't think I've run on a treadmill at all this winter, and I've run in some pretty nasty weather.  I work right by the waterfront so the wind coming off the sound can be pretty brutal sometimes.  I am with you on that - I am fine if it's cold, OR raining, OR windy, but two or three at once is yuck!  yay for an easier semester and a routine - that is always nice!


                      Just wanted to say that I enjoyed a lovely 3 mi run in some sunshine this afternoon!  I also found out that I am getting more responsibilities/work at work starting next month, plus a raise.  YAY!  I really like my job, both what I do and the people I work with.  <3!


                        Runtravel: Hah I am fast asleep by 10pm (even on weekends)... I actually don't even remember the last time I stayed up that late. I definitely have the bed time of an 80yr old! Glad you had fun last night with DF's friends. I think it's really nice that you're going to ask DF's sister to be a bridesmaid. I'm sure she will be honored and happy! Does she live nearby where you two could get together for lunch or coffee and you could ask her?


                        Sjp: Next race is February 9th, so about 3.5 weeks. It's a small 50k in Maryland, about an hour from my parents' house. Should be fun... I'm just hoping there isn't snow on the ground! Ugh I wish my cold would go away too it is SO irritating when I'm running! Outside I can just blow snot rockets (gross) but on the TM that's not really socially acceptable hah. I also feel like my nose is stuffier and runs more in general when I'm running. Weird. Hope you don't get hit too hard by the snowstorm tomorrow!


                        Ou: Ugh it is SO much harder to get out there and run before dawn when it's winter... just the thought of crawling out of my warm bed and going out in the cold is so unappealing. And no matter how many layers I put on, I always end up freezing when I finish. Spring needs to hurry up and get here! Too bad it's still January. Hah. Hope the first day of class tonight went well! Bummer about the traffic and construction I hope you can get it figured out for commuting. That's nice you have quite a few of your courses online and over the weekend. My future career in pediatric PT... I want to work in the hospital. If I'm working with kids in the PICU I'll be focusing on rehab after surgery, getting them out of bed and moving around and just being active. One of the biggest things that is emphasized in pediatric PT is to get the kids active and moving through play... which is fun because you have to be creative and spontaneous and kind of just go with the flow of the kids. If I work in the NICU (ultimate goal, but it will take a while to get there), I'll be working on getting the infants to develop strength in their extremities, posture and head control, and educating the parents on the best way to help their child develop normally. It's such an awesome field and there is SO much to learn!


                        Java: I saw a pic of your pup on facebook... so cute! Is he just not used to running yet? I'm sure it will take some practice.


                        Seattle: Glad the lifting session went so well last night! I always feel so accomplished when I have a good workout. As for the TM... I hate the rain and cold together more than I hate the TM. At least my runs is mildly enjoyable on the TM. When I'm wet and cold there is absolutely nothing that I enjoy about running at that point. Nice that your work has TMs in the basement! Luckily my apartment complex has a little gym right downstairs. When I move in with DBF next year I have plans to buy a TM and put it out on the screened in porch. Hah. Not sure what he'll think about that. What class are you taking online? Don't worry I'm already looking forward to the weekend too! Have you seen pics of the new house yet? CONGRATS on all the good news at work today! You totally deserve it.


                        Snowden: Nice work on the 7mi yesterday! I have a Garmin and used it for the first few years that I was into distance running. But the obsessiveness of the numbers got to be too much for me... I felt pressured to hit a certain pace/distance every run. About 1.5yrs ago I quit using it and have never gone back. I have gotten really good at estimating my pace based on effort, so when I'm doing my every day normal run I am just running for time. If I estimate my pace, then I can estimate the distance I ran. When I run on the TM that obviously tells me the distance. When I run on the trails at my parents' house there are mile markers and I always wear a digital watch, so I can check on my pace every few miles to make sure I'm running the pace I "think" I'm running. I usually am. In races I run based on perceived effort and that works very well for me. I have run with pace groups in marathons if I want to hit a certain time. Again, I've found that I'm pretty accurate with pace/distance when running by feel. That came with lots of time and practice. I don't think I'll ever go back to the Garmin. It's so freeing not to have one. Although, I know plenty of people who absolutely LOVE theirs and wouldn't run without it. To each their own... that's just my 2 cents.


                        MC: Hope you were able to hit the TM at some point today! I always "stock up" on miles during the week if I know I'm going to be busy and unsure of weekend mileage. DBF's very favorite music is bluegrass and that's what he plays the most. But he also does covers of some contemporary songs that sound pretty great... my favorite song that he does is "Wheels" by Dave Grohl (from the Foo Fighters). That's pretty cool you and DH play together! What kind of music do y'all like to play the most?


                          jkr - you always do the nicest personals!  Smile  I am with you there on the Garmin - the few times I used it I was just looking at it constantly and not enjoying running at all.  Even in a race now I will still just wear my stopwach, and only look at it every few miles or so.  I love to just zone out and run by feel.  I feel like I am ok on crappy weather as long as I am dressed warmly enough - I've had a few runs this winter where it took a mile or two for my feet and face to not be numb!  Hopefully DBF will be ok with the TM... if you are anything like me, he will be afraid of the thought of you *not* running haha!  I am taking the second class in a three part accounting series, and planning on taking more business/accounting related courses so that I have enough credits to sit for the CPA exam (although that's a couple years off...  I can't afford to go to school full time either time-wise or money-wise right now).  I have seen pics of the house and DBF and I have driven by it and seen the neighborhood - it looks small and older but cute.  I think if it's clean and in solid condition we can definitely make it homey... I love decorating/interior design as a hobby.  Whew, just wrote you a novel!