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    Hi all,


    RR: Swimming today! I bought some swimming aids over the weekend that the rest of the class has (they only use them for specific drills), and the coach and I worked with those a lot today. Huge help on the legs! It's amazing how much easier it is to swim when you aren't dragging your legs behind you! I'm on Day 10 of the exercise streak. Now that I'm in that mindset, it's not that hard (yet). I did do the evening yoga/sculpt class Friday. I did NOT get up early for swimming on Saturday, but DH and I went for a long hike with dogs, with significant elevation, and covered about 7 miles. Sunday I did a weight training video that I haven't done for a while.


    NRR: We really did not do much over the weekend besides the hike. DH worked, I read a lot and watched a movie. I thought many times about the fact that I should be painting. But never made a move to do it. I actually feel really refreshed this morning, so I think the hanging out was a good thing.


    Mia: Great job on getting back in the swing of running! That was quick. How annoying about your garage door. I need to work on food intake, too. I'm eating OK, but just too much.


    Seattle: How's your brother? Sounds like you'll be busy at work again this week, so it should fly by for you.


    SJP: Did you have a good weekend with your parents?



      MC-sounds like you got to relax this weekend! refreshed by monday is awesome. hike sounds wonderful--and yay to streaking!

      seattle-that is great your brother lives nearby. saw highlights from the seahawks game this morning, they put on a show.

      mia-did you have a good weekend with DBF? are you girls home for the holidays this year? it is amazing how a few workouts/good healthy meals will make you feel.

      RR: 15 on saturday which was a little tired at the end. 7 yesterday and lifting with dbf. this morning 10 on the treadmill. We signed up for the spring marathon today, yikes. i can't believe i'm doing this again haha. dbf really wants to do one, so we'll train together for those long runs.

      NRR: had a low-key weekend which was great. we saw my parents for lunch downtown saturday, then ran errands relaxed and watched a movie saturday night. yesterday we cleaned, organized, lifted and made pizza for dinner. nice to have a minute to breathe.

      FR: finally made pizza last night--was craving it and it was delicious!


        Good morning!


         RR– Had a tough but good 10 mi run with the middle 8 at half marathon pace on Saturday (ran that route about 20 minutes faster than I have in the past!), and then ran 3 mi with my mom and my brother yesterday.  Today will be a rest day, I’m sure my legs will appreciate it as last week was kind of weird schedule-wise and I ended up running 5 days in a row.


        NRR – Should be keeping busy this week with work, and focusing on trying to stay caught up and start getting ahead on schoolwork.  I don’t want to have to stress too much about it over Thanksgiving break, want to be able to just relax and enjoy the holiday!  Had a nice relaxing weekend – fun hanging out and drinking beer with my bro on Friday, and DBF and I went to get Mexican food and see a movie on Saturday.  We saw “Rush” which was a lot better than I had been expecting!  Yesterday watched the Seahawks win again and made enchiladas with mom, bro, and DBF.  Tonight will probably just be a homework night… so exciting!


        FR – Made so many enchiladas, I will have meals for days!  Definitely need to buckle down in this area, I have been feeling kind of tired and crappy lately and I think it’s because I’ve just been eating too many carbs and whatnot.


          MC - Way to go on the swimming and the exercise streak!  I definitely agree, once you get the ball rolling it's a lot easier to keep it going.  it's usually mostly getting started that's the hard part.  Your weekend sounds awesome and relaxing!  It's great to have one of those every now and then.  Brother is doing well, he loves the neighborhood he lives in (and so do I haha).  was nice to spend some time with him!  and yep, will definitely be keeping busy for the next few weeks... hooray!


          sjp - yeah, the hawks game was pretty fun to watch... much more so than the Husky game.  not sure what is going on there but hopefully they can turn it around soon!  your weekend sounds super awesome!  I haven't made homemade pizza in a while, need to try that again soon!  Awesome on the spring marathon, which one did you sign up for?  that's so cool that DBF wants to do it with you.  My DBF ran a half with me two years ago but I can't seem to get him to give running a try for more than like... one day out of every month haha.  maybe someday he'll get into it, but for now I am happy that he doesn't mind coming to races and cheering me on and such!