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    seattle-congrats on your raise! that is fantastic. good luck in training, those things can be so boring.

    rtr-oooh jealous of spring break. sounds like you are enjoying it! yes i am the maid of honor at my sisters wedding. she is pretty relaxed so it'll be fun.

    mc-bright sun is the best! feels so great after cold winter days. oh, too bad about your trip, but glad you got it rescheduled. and i LOVE march madness. the games are so good. dbf and i watched a ton of them also.

    RR: 8 miles at the gym this morning, then some elliptical. i barely slept last night so am sort of zombie-like today.

    NRR: dbf has a cold so was coughing in the middle of the night, then i was up from 245-430ish. my other roommate is also sick, so hopefully i don't catch it--though seems like the odds are against me.

    FR: i need coffee coffee coffee


      Good morning!


      RR: Nada today - resting up Smile


      NRR: Finally feeling like a normal person again! I've been traveling a lot lately but have been home since Wed. last week and I get to stay here until mid-April. WOO HOO! Just takes a lot out of me to be gone so much and still try to take care of my boys. I can't wait to catch up with you ladies!


      FR: Having a rough time in this area. Need to get more serious.



      sjp - Hey lady! Hope you stay well! Little b was up all night coughing last night, so I sympathize with you on a house of sickies!


        Oh man...  yesterday was a loooong day in the conference room and today will be more of the same!


        RR- ran a lovely 5 mi in the sunshine before work yesterday, and had a great climbing session with DBF yesterday.  Was able to get a couple routes I haven't gotten before so that was fun!  Running 8 mi (hopefully in th sunshine again!) after work today.


        NRR- Had a nice night with DBF yesterday - we pretty much ate dinner, watched a few episodes of Scrubs, and fell asleep pretty early.  I think we were both sleepy!  Just training and hoping to get some work done on breaks today, and probably early to bed again tonight.  So exciting this week haha.


        FR- Had some yummy flank steak and baked potatoes last night.  Thinking tonight spaghetti and french bread or something equally quick and easy.


        I'll try to make it back for shouts if I get a break but we shall see!  Tomorrow things should return to more normal!



          SJP: Hope you are able to stay healthy.  What color is your dress?

          RTR: glad you are enjoying your spring break.  Congrats on your PR!

          MC: Enjoy the time with your son.  What year is he?  Where is he going to school (new england if I remember)?  What is he studying?

          Seattle: Winter camping - you are brave!!  Glad the weekend was nice though.

          OU: nice job on your long run in that cold and wind.

          Java: good to see you again!!  Glad you are home for awhile.

          Snow: Has it stopped snowing yet?


          RR: Stairclimb was on Sunday and it was much easier than I anticipated, not sore at all from it.  Today going for a run with my buds.

          NRR: Had another awesome weekend with DBF.  Everything just seems so relaxed and right when we are together.  I always hate for the weeks to starts because I won't see him for awhile.  We spent the day together on Friday, had lunch, went to see some houses one of my TP's built (they are gorgeous!), I got a haircut, we watched some TV, went out to dinner, watched Life Of Pi.  Saturday DBF went home to get in a bike ride, I worked in the yard most of the day, digging out trees and spraying weeds.  Sunday I got up early for the stairclimb, did that and went over to DBF's house, showered and we had lunch and then went for a really long walk since it was a beautiful day.  It was so relaxing and we just enjoyed talking and being with each other.  Came home early yesterday and worked in the yard most of the day, pulling weeds and mulching.  Today I am sore from that.  LOL

          FR: Been okay, nothing too bad in the house so that helps.  I'm always good when I'm with DBF because I'm not really thinking about food.



            ...Just wrote my "woe is me" piece when my computer decided to update and shut off. Maybe a sign to stop bitching. Wink Basically I'm busy and ate like crap this weekend. But I'm not going to focus on that, it won't do any good. It seems like everyone had an awesome weekend with some awesome runs. Good job!


            SJP- Coffee is my answer for everything lately. It's a great substance. But really I should lay off.


            Java- Glad you're back! It must be extra hard to eat right when traveling so much. Welcome home!


            Seattle- Glad you got some sun exposure in before being stuck in a conference room. Nice job getting that climbing route down!


            Mia- Back to 45 degrees and rain. We were going through a drought, no rain for a week. Smile And I see that TLC is now DBF. Yay! Happy that things are going so well for you two.


              Hi all,


              RR: No run today just because of lack of planning ... I might slip in 3 miles before it gets dark. I really need to get it in gear since I have a half coming up in ... 4 weeks? Yikes.


              NRR: Trying to squeeze in some time with DS while getting a bunch of stuff done at work, too. We've postponed our mountain trip to Thursday/Friday, so just need to bust all this stuff out.


              FR: Took DS to lunch at one of our favorite old places ... tempeh burger for me (the best I've ever had), regular burger for him. I ate 2 of his fries (remarkable restraint on my part). And we each had a "nitty gritty" shake, which is an absolutely decadent, most wondrous chocolate shake with ground espresso beans. I have about one of those a year, and it is so well worth it.


              SJP: Boo for not sleeping, hope you catch up tonight. You are so inspiring to always run no matter what happens in your life or how tired you are.


              Java: I hear you on travel! I find it so hard to juggle everything when I'm traveling a lot. I just have a couple of very short trips coming up, so I shouldn't have much excuse not to stay on track with running over the next few weeks.


              Seattle: Yes, congrats on your raise -- awesome! How is the conversion to the new system going? Is that why you're spending a lot of time in the conference room?


              Mia: DS is a freshman at Colby College in Maine and will probably major in some sort of biology although he's undeclared so far. It is great having him home. He really appreciates being home. Things don't change much around here, and he likes to return to the familiar every once in a while. I had to laugh -- last week when his sister was here, her DBF unloaded the dishwasher (sweet kid!) and put all the silverware in the "wrong" slots in the drawer. Drove DS crazy when he got home this week, but he got them all re-sorted. Believe me, he's not that fastidious in other parts of his life ... like making his bed, etc.


              Snow: I hear you on the food temptations -- see my account of the nitty gritty shake above. Oh well. I'm sure I'll stop eating like an 18-year-old boy when DS goes back to college after his spring break ends.