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Freezing Fridailies (Read 7 times)


    Morning! its 32* out right now, and windy which makes it feel colder. not ready for winter!

    RR: 8 miles this morning and then elliptical. dbf and i did p90x core synergistics last night, whew that is pretty hard, and non stop. can feel it today for sure.

    NRR: friday! my sil/bro/niece/nephew are coming this weekend so that should be really fun. not sure what we are going to do yet but prob just hang out, maybe the mall or bowling. its hard with 4 y/o, 20 mos old, not sure where to take them!

    FR: need to grocery shop for a few things for the weekend.


    What does everyone have going on this weekend?


      Happy finally Friday!


      RR- 4 mi easy run today, either over lunch or after work, not sure which yet.  Then doing a 10K trail race on Sunday that has 900 ft elevation gain, should be fun!


      NRR- DBF and I drank a bottle of wine and gave his house a good deep cleaning last night, so fun and productive at the same time.  Tonight I will just be finishing up some homework and going to bed early...  I am so tired right now from this long week!  Not really sure on plans for the weekend except the 10K - probably watch some football, hang out with DBF, and get ahead on homework.  I have Monday off as well so that will be super nice!


      FR- Thinking grilled cheese tonight.  Salmon last night turned out pretty good actually!


        sjp - yay for your sister and her family coming to visit you this weekend, I'm sure that will be fantastic!  32 does sound super cold... brr!  It was nice here today but I looked at the 10 day forecast and it's all rain... oh the joy!  Not sure what core synergistics is but it sounds tough!  I really need to make more time for core/abs and stretching!