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    mia-that is great you don't have to work overnights--is that a possible shift? i'm sure you'll pass the test. must be excited to get started! dbf's parents have plenty of room, they downsized but their new place has plenty of room and a finished basement. dbf's mom still puts up a stink about holidays/schedules, but this year she seems okay since we are coming for 'actual' christmas. we'll never figure her out.

    seattle-do you get a break from class for t-giving

    mc-streaking it still?

    RR: 14 frigid miles on saturday with dbf, we ran the first 10 together then i broke off for extra. it was manageable but brutal winds. yesterday we had to run at the gym, it was 15* with feels like 5* after windchill, the wind took your breath away. this morning did 8 and then elliptical.

    NRR: great weekend, we had stuff going on and then relaxed a bunch too. went to see parachute saturday night, they were really good but there was a really obnoxious couple of people standing near us for part of it. yesterday we hit the gym, ran some errands and then stayed in the rest of the day, watched football did ab ripper and ate dinner.

    FR: trying not to grocery shop and eat up the fridge this week, have to get creative.


      Good morning!


      RR:  I finally went out and ran around my neighborhood yesterday.  Well, ran and walked.  I've been intimidated by it because it's really hilly, but I just ran the flat parts and the downhills and walked the uphills.  I think I was more out of breath from the uphills than the running.  I did that for thirty minutes and it felt really good when I was done.  I've been slacking with the exercise recently, so its nice to know I have that option right by my house.


      NRR:  I had a nice, relaxing weekend.  The weekend before I was super busy grading, and most of last week, until grades went in, so it was nice to not have to do any of that.  DH and I went to dinner in the city on Friday, hung around on Saturday, watched a bad movie on Netflix and Sunday I got went shopping and bought a bunch of Christmas decorations for our house.  I'm really excited to decorate for Christmas, especially since we have enough room for a full size, real Christmas tree.


      FR:  Tonight DH is bringing home Chipotle.  I have been hungry all the time lately, I think the baby is going through a growth spurt!


      SJP:  That's exciting that you signed up for another marathon!  What kind of band is Parachute?  I've never heard of them before?


      Sorry my postings have been so sporadic.  My schedule was crazy last week with getting my grades in.  Have a great day!


        Good morning, hooray for a 3 day work week!


        RR – Ran 4 mi easy on Saturday and 8 mi yesterday with the last 3 at tempo pace.  Felt great!  Today is a rest day, looking forward to the half this Sunday!  Hopefully the weather will hold!


        NRR – Had a nice weekend – DBF and I went up into the mountains to look for a Christmas tree on Saturday.  We didn’t find one yet but it was nice to get out and about and it was a gorgeous day.  Then we came back and had dinner and watched the Husky game, which was a fun one… scored the most points (69) that they have since the 60s!  Sunday just ran and did a lot of homework.  So glad it’s a short work week this week, just one last push and a bit more homework tonight and tomorrow, and I’ll have a break until Sunday!


        FR – Grilled chicken and veggies w/sweet potato fries for dinner.


          RTR.  I haven't lurked in ages but CONGRATULATIONS!!  How far along are you?


            sjp - I get a break from class for Thanksgiving, although half of that is because I have gotten decently far ahead in one of my classes.  I am definitely looking forward to it!  I can't help but chuckle at your DBF's mom sometimes, I know it's not funny or fun to deal with but I just don't know how peopl can get so ridiculous over things.  I have been trying to grocery shop less and eat more of the random crap I have on hand as well.  It's nice to get the pantry and cupboards down a bit every now and then!


            rtr - good on you for going out and getting some exercise in!  between that and the baby it's no wonder you're hungry!  Chipotle sounds pretty delicious right about now.  I am excited for Christmas decorating too, now that DBF has a house instead of just a room it will be fun to get a Christmas tree and do some decorating!