Weight Loss Dailies


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    Good morning!


    RR:  Today is a running day.  I'm not sure how far I'll go, but I'm planning on at least six.  It's supposed to be nice after work, so I'm looking forward to that.


    NRR:  DF and I had a great date night last night.  We went to a delicious Mexican place that we like to go to, then we were going to go bowling, but the wait was over an hour so we skipped it and came home and relaxed.  Today is work, running, then not too much going on tonight.  Kind of how I like my weeknights.


    FR:  Um, I don't want to count the number of sugary things I ate yesterday.


    Shouts from yesterday:

    Java:  I hoped your friend helped you get some clarity on the life changes you’re deciding on.  Since she’s a very good friend, I bet she didn’t mind eating with you while you’re all sweaty and gross.


    MIA:  Good luck on the class!  I hope you hear about the job soon.  Yup, one marking period left before summer break!


    Seattle:  Have fun in Cincinnati!  What is it, two weeks until the marathon?


    SJP:  I’m sorry to hear that your foot is giving you problems.  I hope it feels better soon!  Is your roommate sad that you’re moving out?

      Morning everyone!

      rtr: sounds like a nice date night! wow an hour for bowling? I can only think of one place around here that has that kind of wait for bowling - most of the places never have a line!

      snow: I'm usually indifferent to taper because it is so short for the half marathon - but the marathon one is so long!  And especially this time because I don't feel like I trained enough! I know I can't do anything about it now, but I feel like I should still be running!


      sjp: I hear ya on being over roommates.  Sometimes I feel that way. Right now my roommate works nights so it's like I have my own place - excepts with shared rent! Sorry your foot has been giving you issues, smart to be taking it easy.


      java: talking with a good friend when you go through life change thoughts is such a good idea.  It made me feel better to get it out and discuss it with a friend when I decided to go back to school.  Hope you get some playoff tix, but I agree I would definitely wait until atleast 2nd round, especially if we play the clippers!


      mia: MRI sounds terrible, ick!  Why did you pick medical billing? Are there lots of job opps in that area of the country with that skill set? I've always thought it would be interesting to do something in the medical profession - and not have to learn anatomy!


      seattle: I am running my marathon in Cincinnati!!!!!  Have fun while you are there.  We are definitely training buddies from afar for this season!


      rr: nothing yesterday - needed a day off.  Tonight I will probably crank out 3 miles.  The last two weeks of taper are so tame, I can get my runs done in less than an hour!!!  Getting really excited for marathon.  All my friends are running their marathons this week, so I'm just getting jealous and anxious!


      nrr: I've had a nice cold the last two days.  Yesterday I slept in some since I overdosed on NyQuil (not really, i just can't handle my drugs...).  Feeling better today - glad it happened this week and not next!  Sliding into the end of school. Things have really calmed down - most of my projects are complete so I just have little things here and there as well as one more test!  Hello Summer Break!


      fr: hmmmm, ya - need to grocery shop!


        Good morning!  It is looking like sunny and 70 here for the next two days, so happy about that!



        RR - Had an absolutely lovely sunny 4 mi lunch break run yesterday. Today it is sunny again (whee!) and I am planning on a 5 mi tempo run over lunch, and DBF and I are going to go on a hike after work, or if it's super nice out we might just be lazy and have a picnic at the beach Smile

        NRR - Got lots done at work yesterday and hoping to today as well. I am about where I thought I would be or a little bit ahead, so I am pleased with that. Two more days of hard work and then a nice long weekend away! (although I will miss DBF!)


        FR - Skinnytaste chicken nuggets and sweet potato fries last night, so good!


        Back in a bit for shouts!


          Good morning!


          RR: Planning on a few miles while Big B is at karate. My plan is to get him settled in class and then head out for a quick run. This will be the first time I will leave him while in class but it is the only way I can get a run in!


          NRR: My friend had to cancel dinner last night, so I ended up just going to yoga and then going home. Was a nice night.


          FR: Since DH will feed little b while Big B and I are at karate, I think I'll take Big B out to dinner just the two of us.



          B: Smoothie w/ spinach, greek yogurt, oats, chai seeds, oj, blueberries, strawberries, banana, and a bit of honey. Coffee w/ ff creamer

          S: quinoa energy bite, tea

          L: ham sandwich on ww w/ cheese, mustard, and lettuce, apple

          D: TBD



          rtr - glad you and DF had such a nice evening together!


          OU - I'm so sorry you've had a cold! I've had one too - I don't think either of us stood a chance with all the crazy weather we've had! I'll cross my fingers for you to heal up before the race!


          seattle - have fun with DBF! Sounds like you have a very nice evening planned no matter what you do!


            Hello Friends!

            mia-I think I'm just at my limit with my roommate, and just can't wait to get out. She was always like this, but was never home as much as she has been in the last 2 months (since her dbf is there everynight). SO, she would bang around in the kitchen etc, but it was 1x every other week, instead of all the time now. Yes i really do like my job. I get to work on a lot of different projects since we are a small firm, i also get to work on all phases, concept, design, and construction. we just have one project right now that will be a cluster for a while. haha.

            rtr-i agree, no plans for weeknights is nice. then if you want to do something you have the option, but if you don't feel like it, you can sit on the couch! i think my roommate knew it was coming and i'm betting she is going to miss where we live, it is really nice, i'm actually unsure where she is moving...

            ou-yes, the reduced rent was nice with 3 people. however, still sharing expenses with dbf. our own place will be worth the extra $$.

            seattle-enjoy that sunshine while it lasts!!!

            RR: same story, few miles and 1.5 hours of elliptical. man, sometimes i feel more tired doing that than running. i was sweating like crazy!

            NRR: busy at work again. have a couple meetings this afternoon. otherwise, counting the days til we move!!!

            FR: the sandwich thins i got this week are dry, boo.


              Happy Hump Day!


              RTR: Sounds like a nice night with DF.  I heard a "no" from job #1 yesterday after emailing and asking them if I was still being considered.  Now just waiting to hear from job #2.


              OU: What does your roommate do that she works night?  I used to hate taper but now I love it - always feels like I have so much more time. Why Medical Billing?  Well many of the jobs I've been looking at have that requirement, first off.  I wanted to get into the medical industry although I didn't want to go back to school for 2 years at 50 y/o.  10 month program seems doable and that type of job seems to be growing.  BTW, I do have to learn anatomy.  Hope your cold gets better quickly.


              Seattle: Sounds like you are loving the longer daylight hours like I am.


              Java: Enjoy your evening with Big B.


              RR: Not sure today, if I get home in time from Portland I'll go for a run.

              NRR: Drove down to P'land yesterday afternoon to visit with older DD.  I saw the cool downtown loft area where she has been working for the past couple of years.  Very Portlandia.  We went to dinner at an awesome Italian restaurant.  This morning up EARLY to get to the boathouse at 5:30.  I got to go out on the coaches boat, beautiful morning.  Next up going to see her art show, planning to take pictures if I'm allowed.  Then I'll head back home.  Going fishing with DBF on Friday - that should be fun.  Probably going to head up to see my younger DD at her school on Sunday with ex to go out to lunch and give her her b'day gift.

              FR/WR: Weighed myself yesterday and haven't gone up as much as I thought.  Still about 5 to 10 over where I'd like to be though.



                Oh yeah . . . Only 1 week until I leave for the Danube!!!



                  Morning! I wrote yesterday, then my internet did a freak-out and lost what I had written so I gave up. Smile


                  RR- I got a nice run in yesterday just over 8 miles. The trails were dry, it was weird, really weird. Almost thought Sitka was going through a drought. But no worries, I woke up to rain. So back to muddy trails it is.


                  NRR- Nothing too exciting.


                  FR- Grocery shopping day.


                  rtr-Great sounding date night! Enjoy your run tonight, hope the weather is nice.


                  ou- Do you go crazy during taper, or enjoy some free time?


                  seattle- picnic on the beach sounds amazing! and so does 70 degree weather! I'm jealous


                  Java- Yum that smoothie sounds good! Dinner with just Big B sounds really nice!


                  sjp- Ugh! I hate getting bad food from the grocery store! It happens here more fairly often. Probably because the food comes from so far away. But its frustrating!


                  Mia- Wow your day sound fun! Portland was fun to visit last year, it's got it's own culture.Wow only a week til your trip, you must be getting anxious!


                    rtr - sounds like you had a great night with DF last night...  I love mexican food!  I never used to eat it much but DBF is a huge fan and he kind of got me to be a fan of it too!  Yep, the marathon is a week from this Sunday... woohoo!  I am really looking forward to it Smile


                    ou - we are definitely training twins, and twins in the fact that most of my friends are running their marathons this weekend too!  I am getting a little antsy already, I'm sure later this week and early next week I will be going crazy with the light mileage.  It's tempting to fill that extra time with climbing but I am going to try to be good and just rest!  It's hard though, especially since I have really enjoyed the higher mileage!  glad your cold is getting better - I am chugging vitamins and super paranoid right now haha.  I told DBF I just want to wrap myself in bubble wrap for the next week and a half!


                    Java - have a good run tonight!  Bummer that your friend canceled on dinner, but it's great that you got to do some yoga and relax a little!  your food always looks so healthy and yummy!


                    sjp - nice work on the run + elliptical!  Props to you, I am so not a fan of running on the treadmill (I usually only do it if it's too dark out to run) and I really can't stand the elliptical!  I'll do it for like 5 minutes and say screw it haha!


                    Mia - glad you are having a nice visit in Portland!  I haven't been there since I ran the Portland Marathon in 09 but I think DBF and I may plan a trip to go down there sometime this summer.  Fishing w/DBF sounds like fun, I keep wanting to go with mine but we don't have any fishing poles/gear or anything!


                      snowden - cross post! bummer about your post getting eaten yesterday, so frustrating when that happens especially when you've typed a lot!  too funny about the dry trails...  does it rain pretty much year round up there or do you guys get at least a little break in the summer?


                        MIA - enjoy your time with DD - sounds like a great visit!


                        snowden - hope you have some good trail shoes! I can't run in the mud - too clumsy!


                          Hi all -- going to try to catch up with everyone since I didn't make it back yesterday:


                          RR: Going to do an easy 3 tonight to get back into it after the half on Sunday. I'm going to wear my old Mizuno Wave Riders instead of the new(er) Prophecy shoes and see how they feel. Might get a new pair of Wave Riders in the next couple of weeks.


                          NRR: Just flew in this morning from NY ... I think I was up at 3 am my time this morning for the flight, so slept the whole way and now I'm actually feeling pretty good and busting some stuff out at work. Always so glad to be back home ... the mountains are all snow-capped from our latest round of snow (six more inches while I was gone) and our snowpack situation is much improved, so maybe the summer won't be so direly dry.


                          RTR: Hope the weather stays nice for your run. Our favorite restaurants around here are always crowded, too. Do you and DF go bowling often? We just had a work outing last week at a bowling alley ... I am so wretched at bowling!


                          OU: Nice that you've made it to the taper stage! Hope your cold continues to get better. I bet you are so looking forward to summer break.


                          Seattle: Yippee for sun! Really glad that it's not snowing here today. Everything is bright and beautiful. Picnic at the beach sounds like a good call, especially since you're going away for a few days. Thanks for your insights on the shorter leg problem -- I have been reading up on this and it seems that some people really are diligent about the lift and some just aren't and there are mixed results either way. I'll just have to experiment more, I guess.


                          Java: Great idea to run while Big B is at karate. I used to squeeze in runs when DS was at soccer practice years ago ... worked out great. You are eating some tasty-sounding and healthy stuff lately!


                          SJP: Ugh, hope the days go quickly until you can move. At least you have a definite timeline, so not long to go. That's a lot of elliptical; it's no wonder you were sweating hard! Does the foot feel like it's getting better? I hate dry bread, too. Back to your question on Monday: My feet don't usually fall asleep but I think because I had the heel lift, the pounding downhill on the steep grade just jammed my toes into my shoes more than usual. So I think if I had done more long, hilly runs I would have discovered this problem. So I'm not sure what to do .. going back to my older shoes and nixing the lift for now just to see what happens.


                          Mia: I can't remember, was Job #1 the one you really wanted? Keeping fingers crossed for you on Job #2. At any rate, it sounds like your training/certification is going to put you in a great place job-wise. Your MRI sounded horrible, BTW. My job is in publishing, and most of my travel is either to see our publishing clients or to visit teams in our other offices, which was the case this week. I don't mind the travel so much but we're always trying to squeeze 14 hours of activity into every day when we travel, so it makes it hard to get runs in.


                          Snow: The weather for the half last weekend was pretty good ... cool but sunny to start, so I can't really blame that. It was really just not enough mileage in the last 3-4 weeks coming up to the race. I think switching to morning running will help going forward, but that's hard for me. We'll see. Glad your 8 went great yesterday -- nice that it was dry for once!


                            Had an awesome tempo run over lunch, ran my 5 mile route ~5 min faster than usual (it might be the fastest I've run it, actually!).  The sun felt really good and my legs felt nice and springy!


                            MC - glad you were able to get some sleep on the flight home!  My flight to Cincy leaves at 11:40 PM tomorrow night so hopefully I'll be able to at least nap on it...  I'm probably going to wind up jet lagged enough going to a different time zone for such a short amount of time!  I love my Wave Riders - I'm pretty sure this is at least the 8th pair in a row of them that I am on now.  They've worked really well for me so I don't see myself switching any time soon!