Weight Loss Dailies


thursdailies, yes!!!! (Read 9 times)



    seattle-haha, the cookies are regular base with pb m&m's in them. i won't lie, they are delicious.

    java-good luck with little b, having sick kids is no fun. hope he gets better soon.

    mia-saw the front/back yard, looks great! your lawn is so green! we are looking at a duplex. so only 1 other tenant for this landlord. the place is pretty new, so we really want it.

    snowed-glad you got some new info about calorie intake--hopefully it is more on target for your activity level. and you aren't starving with it. nice run yesterday!

    MC-yes i really like the bridesmaid dresses, they are very cute. and if they weren't, i could tell my sister, haha.

    RR: 8 easy  miles this morning, then 15ish on the elliptical. felt good.

    NRR: my sisters fiance is super sick, she thinks he has bronchitis or pneumonia so i don't think we are going down for easter anymore. not sure what we'll do now that we have a free weekend. weather looks really good. so hopefully something outside.

    FR: trying to be good. my sister is trying to lose weight so i'm tracking with her and being a support system.


      Good morning!


      RR- Got my run and climbing in yesterday.  Today is a rest day which is ok with me since it's raining and gloomy out again!


      NRR- Nice to be back in more of a routine at work and able to get stuff done instead of sitting in the conference room all day!  DBF and I had a nice night last night, but we didn't start cooking until almost 9 so I am sleepy this morning!  I have lots of stuff I want to get done after work today - need to get an oil change, do some grocery shopping, laundry, etc.  Hopefully it will be a productive day!


      FR- Chicken cordon bleu turned out really good last night.  Thinking skinnytaste chicken nuggets and sweet potato fries tonight!


      Will be back later in the morning for shouts!



        SJP:  sorry to hear your sisters DF is sick. I bet you'll find something fun to do, like go visit DBF's family. ; ).

        Seattle: it was gloomy there yesterday and rained last night. Looks like it might be sunny today. The weekend looks great!


        RR: meeting friend for run at 9. Probably 6.5 miles. Then back to my digging.

        NRR: dug about half the space for the patio yesterday, digging other half today Hopefully. That's hard work!  When it starts to rain again I have some painting projects to wrk on. Hoping to see DBF tonight but may not depending on his work schedule.

        FR:  need to go shopping. Fridge and cupboards are pretty empty. I have five 21 y/o' coming here on Saturday. They'll probably eat quite a bit after their regatta.



          Thursday already?!


          RR- Not sure yet. Kinda of a busy day today.


          FR- Chopped up sweet potatoes, bunch of bell peppers and and onion and baked with some olive oil. Had that with chicken last night. Yummy! Then... I had beer, popcorn and chocolate chips. Big whoops.


          NRR- Feels like spring this morning! Sun is out, air is crisp and the birds are talking!


          SJP- Nice job being a support system for your sister. I'm sure that will help you too.


          Seattle- A gloomy day is a great day to be productive.


          Mia- Sounds like yard work is great cross training!


            Hi all,


            RR: Well, I got a 3.5 mile run in yesterday, but not the 6-7 I should have. Today is just packed so nothing today. I am really starting to think seriously again about running in the morning. Even trying to run at lunch is becoming dicey as work often interferes. I will contemplate that over the weekend.


            NRR: I successfully defended my master's thesis today! So glad to have that done. I have a few minor things to correct and then I'll electronically submit it to the grad school on Sunday. I believe that's the last little hoop I have to jump through. Yippee!! Now you can all stop having to hear about it. :-)


            FR: More chocolate chip cookies made by DS. I try to limit myself by only eating the corner pieces (which are my favorite).


            SJP: Bummer about your sister's fiance ... so many bad bugs going around. Is your sister a runner, too?


            Seattle: Good to get all those errands done on your rest day. Hope the sun comes out for you again soon!


            Mia: Is the digging making your back sore? I always discover previously unknown muscles when I do things like that. Yes, I bet you'll need to stockpile some food for the crew kids.


            Snow: Enjoy the spring weather! It's getting really nice here, too -- typical right after a blizzard.