Weight Loss Dailies


Wake up! It's the wednesdailies!!! (Read 13 times)



    mia-do you prefer a trainer to crossfit? sounds like you are on track with eating right and being active. ((hugs)) to you and dbf, losing someone unexpectedly (and not) is so difficult.

    java-is work super busy right now?

    seattle-saw some pics on fb, you guys are crazy! in a good way of course. mmm, we just got a bbq grill and its awesome.

    snowed-ugh, sorry about the job stress. are you feeling better about the marathon?

    RR: 8 miles this morning, it was about 60* and cloudy. our weather is so crazy right now, should be much warmer than this in july.

    NRR: had a great time with one of dbf's friends last night. we are tentatively planning a hike with him and his gf in august. been trying to do it for a year, but everyone gets so busy. going to run some errands after work for my sister for wedding stuff.

    FR: had veggie burger, rice and broccoli last night, was delicious


      Good morning!


      RR: Probably nothing today. May try to squeeze in a run between work and Big B's karate class. We will see how that goes.


      NRR: Have a few loads of laundry to do before the trip. Plan to start packing tomorrow night after our house gets cleaned. I told DH we should tell the lady who cleans to just come next week since my brother and his wife are staying at our house to watch Winston while we are gone and she's pretty messy (same person that can't help clean at the lake). Nothing worse than coming home to a dirty house! But, it's pretty icky, so I guess I'll leave them with a clean place to stay instead since they are doing us a favor and Winston can stay in his own house rather than being boarded.


      FR: Meh.



      sjp - Work is only busy because I'm trying to get ready to be out all next week. I have a few things that just can't wait till I get back, so I'm trying to cram two weeks of work into one. I'm jealous of your 60s! It's supposed to be 100 here today!


        Good morning!


        RR – 3 mi lunch break run today, and then climbing at the gym w/DBF after work.  It will be nice to get back into the routine of things – and my excitement about climbing was totally renewed after the outdoorsy weekend so I can’t wait!


        NRR – Interesting day yesterday…  found out that the house I am living in is being sold and so we have 30 days to vacate (on a month to month lease).  I am not particularly attached to the roommates but I really like the house and the neighborhood, so that’s a bummer.  I have found some places that look like good backup plans so time to get on that.  Not looking forward to moving but luckily I don’t have a lot of stuff!  Need to find somewhere else month to month as DBF and I will likely be moving in together mid-late fall (yay!).  Hoping for a quiet day at work so I can get some homework done!  I am keeping up pretty well but just can’t slip at all with summer quarter being so short.


        FR – Wound up making tons of food yesterday – orange chicken, teriyaki chicken, blueberry oatmeal muffins, chicken enchiladas, and spinach sausage pasta bake.  My freezer is so full, it’s awesome!


        I have been bad about shouts this week but I will make it back today for sure!


          Good Morning!  Weeks almost half way over.

          RR: I am SORE today.  Not a bad sore but I definitely know there are some muscles I haven't been working and they are talking.  Last night was kickboxing in class.  I think I need to go to an actual crossfit class and not just this boot camp thing to get a real taste of actual crossfit.  Planning to run this morning and go to class again tonight.

          NRR: Got lots of schoolwork done yesterday, going to finish it up today hopefully.  Probably some weeding today if it's not too hot out.  Dogs got up super early today, of course they are sleeping again now.

          FR: I feel like I'm doing really well, the only thing I have been "cheating" on is eating fruit.  No carbs or processed sugar and my body is less bloated.  I know how much better I feel when I eat properly so don't know why I "stray".  I've been roasting veggies at night and then putting a little feta on top for dinner and they are so good.


          SJP: I am liking this crossfit gym because the classes are so different and much smaller.  I like a trainer but don't have to be alone, a small group is fine.  I need to be challenged though by a person or I don't tend to challenge myself with weights.  Running wasn't getting my heartrate up as much anymore, I think my body got used to it.  I needed a kick in the booty.

          Java: YOu are brave to have your SIL staying at your house and nice to have it cleaned before you leave.

          Seattle: Your pics of the weekend are awesome!  Did you stay right on the water?  Where was that?  ALthough I live kind of far (Auburn) I would be happy to rent you a room on a monthly basis until you and DBF can get into the house.  I have a 3 bedroom and I'm the only one here at the time.  My girls come home once in a while but there's still room.

          RTR: You probably won't see this but HAVE A GREAT WEDDING WEEKEND!!!  CONGRATS!!


            Hey everyone! I feel so out of the loop right now.  Work is just nuts and I miss getting to come and relax here for a few minutes.  I also have an intern I am sharing a desk with this summer which makes it a little harder to goof off!


            mia: will they let you op out of the boot camp?  I think the actual crossfit classes are much more fun then boot camp, and with your history of lifting I don't think it would be a stretch for you to fit in.  You might see if there is another gym in the area and drop in for a "free class" just to experience it.  I think most gyms do a free one to see if you like it.  Could just say you are shopping around for a new gym - or that you are traveling or something.


            seattle: that is my biggest fear is that one day the owner will sell our house and we will have to move immediately.  Good luck finding a month to month.  and I so agree that a nice weekend doing what you love totally revitalizes your desire to do it!


            sjp: I would love some of the 60* here, it is suppose to be over 100 today!


            rtr: Congrats this weekend!!!!!  So excited for you!


            java: where are you guys going on vacation? Mexico?  Enjoy the time away from this heat box!!!  What type of shoes did you get this weekend, I love new shoes!


            snow: package is on it's way.  Hope the watch works well for you.  It's several years old but I never had a problem with it.


            rr: 3 really hot miles last night.  Did some running in grass and fields to stay away from the asphalt.  Tonight is crossfit night.


            nrr: just busy busy busy.  This week and next week then CO vacation, so I am super stoked for that.  Pretty much the only thing getting me out of bed in the morning!


            fr: trying to be good.  Was also trying to do a little of the paleo type diet this week, but just not for me.  Had an avocado with a baked egg in it yesterday for breakfast and it was just too much protein and mush, not enough bread!!!!


              Had a nice lunch break run, it was cloudy and a little cooler than it has been (it's been pretty sunny and high 70s/low 80s for weeks now!).



              sjp - enjoy the BBQ!  I love to grill all the things, especially in summer when the weather is perfect for it.  Hope you guys can make the hike date work out - it's so hard sometimes to plan things when there are more than a few people involved!


              Java - good luck getting everything done before your trip - hope you can squeeze in a run today!  Fingers crossed that your house doesn't get too messy while you are gone!


              Mia - sounds like you are keeping busy with the school, crossfit, and running!  Veggies with feta on them sound so good - I usually use parm but it would be fun to switch it up a bit!  I know what you mean on the feeling better when I'm eating healthy - every time I splurge on something I usually wind up going "ugh, why did I do that??' afterwards.  That is so kind of you to offer a room!  I am going to look around and see what's available but will definitely keep you posted Smile  We camped on the beach the first night and a really sweet camp spot just above the beach the second night - we started at Third Beach (near Forks and LaPush) and backpacked down to Toleak Point.


              ou - I am right there with you on feeling out of the loop, it's been tough coming back to work after such a long weekend and I've just been tired and distracted!  That's great that you have a vacation to look forward to, that always helps so much Smile