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    mia-we go fishing way up north of nh. its pretty remote, pretty much nothing to do, unless you fish. haha. they do have bikes you can use since we stay at the lodge, so maybe i'll do that. sorry you are feeling stressed. is school busy?

    seattle-fall weekends are fun for football! sorry about your pinky--at least you can still run?!

    mc-SO glad to hear from you and that you are okay. that flooding is so scary. sorry about your back, has it always bothered you?

    RR: 10 frigid miles this morning. it was 40* with a breeze when i started. was probably high 40's when i finished. i wore gloves, yikes!

    NRR: went to the library to get books for the fishing trip, i don't really enjoy reading (i know i know) but once in a while i will. its not that i don't like reading, its that i choose other stuff, and i'll read a chapter and think 'okay what can i do now'. haha.

    FR: made some fresh salsa last night. so easy and so good.



      RR:  Blargh, none of this since Saturday, and it's probably not going to happen tonight either.  I have to be home right after work because a contractor is coming to do an estimate for some crown molding.  If he comes early enough, I'm going to try to make it out for a three mile run.

      NRR:  I've just been busy with work and the house lately.  The floors get put in next week, so we still need to finish painting the downstairs before that happens.  We're getting carpets upstairs, which will come later, so we have more time to paint that.  Today is just work, wait for the contractor, then hang out with DH.


      FR:  We've created a Monday night tradition in which DH brings Chipotle home for dinner.  I'm a fan of this, obviously.


      SJP:  Your fishing trip sounds nice and relaxing.  What books did you get?  I love reading!


      Have a great day!



        RR: Probably not happening.

        NRR: Taking younger DD back to school today.  After that I need to do more school work.  Seems like the school work has doubled the past couple of weeks with the more involved courses.  I'm okay with that but of course this week and next I have lots going on. I've had a sinus headache the past couple of days, I think it's because of the weather.  Babysitting was fun yesterday but I am sure happy I am out of that baby stage now.

        FR: Been doing pretty well.  I think I've gotten my sweet tooth under control by not having sweets in the house and not having $ to go buy them when I feel like it. ; )


        SJP: The fishing sounds peaceful.  It is just you and DBF going or are you going with friends?  Yes school has been busy but other stuff happening as well.  I had to take care of some insurance issues which I got resolved yesterday, as well as some other stuff - so I'm starting to feel better.


        RTR: I bet it's fun seeing your house becoming what you want it to be.  Did you limit what you paid so you could do some renovations?


        Seattle: Ouch on the pinkie!  That doesn't sound fun, hope it starts feeling better soon.  What course(s) do you have coming up?


        MC: Sorry about your back.  I hope the chiro is working proactively with you to get it better for the duration instead of just quick fixes.  My trip to Grand Canyon is a Rim to Rim hike/jog.  I am going with a group of 30 women from all over the country (and Canada).  Heading to LV on Friday, bussing it to St. George, then on to the North Rim.  Sunday we hike it and Monday we head back to LV.  Going home on Tuesday.  Should be an experience of a lifetime.



          Good morning!


          RR- Had a lovely 4 mile run yesterday.  Planning on 3 over lunch today and then hopefully some lifting and/or climbing at the gym with DBF, pinky dependent.  It still doesn't feel 100% yet.


          NRR- Spent most of last night working on DBF's b-day present, I decided to make him a book of a bunch of favorite recipes and recipes I think it would be fun to try.  Hopefully he will like it!  Hoping to just relax and cook dinner w/DBF after the gym tonight.  It's a busy week so it's nice to have at least a little downtime!


          FR- Not sure on dinner, probably pulled pork sandwiches and veggies?


          Will try to make it back for shouts this afternoon!


            Hi all,


            RR: Covered about 4.5 miles at lunch today, with about 3 of that actual running/jogging. Clawing my way back after not really running much over the past two months. It feels really good! Headed to Seattle for work tomorrow so will plan to hit the treadmill at the hotel for 3 miles tomorrow.


            NRR: The sun is finally out here in Colorado, and the cleanup from the flooding is in full swing. DH and I are gearing up to play a couple of songs at a friend's wedding this weekend, so we'll focus on that tonight. We're also wrestling with our Internet connection in the house, but I think the router is/was the problem. We bought a new one last night, so I'm excited to see whether that is indeed the case!


            SJP: My back has been funky for the past 18 months, and I've basically been self-managing with chiros, massage, and PT. Now that I've had an MRI and know for sure that nothing is horribly wrong, I'll just forge ahead with exercise when I have back episodes in the future. Kinda felt like I wasted money with the MRI, but I guess you don't know until you know.


            RTR: So much progress on your house, that is terrific! I love Chipotle, too. We eat so much Mexican-style food at home.


            Mia: That Grand Canyon hike sounds tremendous! Should be great weather, too. Hope you get the sinus headache under control. I think the back thing will fall into place with consistency on both running and the strength training. My theory is that in the late spring, I am really focused on the two half marathons I typically do back to back, and I let the strength training go (because I have limited time). I'm thinking about forgetting the half marathons and focusing on 10Ks this next year to see whether I can keep up with the strength training throughout and not let that aspect go. It's obviously really important for my back health!


            Seattle: Don't you love lunchtime runs? So refreshing. I am so grateful the heat has broken here and it's cool enough to run at lunch.


              Had a nice 3 mi tempo run over lunch.  Today was the first day in a *long* time that I actually sort of wished for a long sleeve shirt!


              sjp - dang, 40 degrees there?  that's quite a temp drop if I remember correctly!  too funny, I love reading, to the point where it is detrimental sometimes because I skip other things and just read, haha.  yes, I would much rather have my pinky finger injured than my pinky toe... running is priority!


              rtr - ooh, I like the Monday night Chipotle tradition.  maybe I can convince DBF that we should do something like that!  I bet the house is coming along great, I know it's a lot of work but you know that it will end up exactly the way you want it!


              mia - I am going to be right there with you on the schoolwork pretty soon!  it's tough to juggle everything sometimes.  this quarter I am taking business law and excel for business so fingers crossed that they are not too difficult!


              MC - lunch break runs are the best!  such a nice mental break and makes me a lot more productive in the afternoons than days when I don't.  Glad the sun is finally out for you guys!  Unfortunately it looks like it will be gray and rainy for your trip here.  Good running weather though!  How long will you be in town?


                Seattle: Just Wed. night ... flying back Thursday night. Will be in Bellevue area for a few meetings.