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    Good morning!


    RR:  I'm running after work today, probably 6 miles.  I didn't run all weekend, I didn't find the time, so it will be nice to get outside and run.


    NRR:  The weekend was busy, but really fun.  We had DF's work party on Friday, which was at a swanky hotel.  Saturday we met with an officiant we think we're going to go with and then we had DF's sister's party and on Sunday I met up with a friend from high school for lunch in Jersey.  I also started Christmas shopping.  Thank you Amazon.  Today is just work, a run, then DF and I will hang out and probably watch a Christmas movie. 


    FR:  I'm making Spaghetti tonight.


    Have a great day!

      Happy Monday all.  One week,  I can do this!!!!

      rr: didn't happen this weekend.  Did a 5 miler on Friday, but then life got in the way.  Would like to get out for 3 tonight if things work out.


      nrr: I'm an Aunt!  My brother and his wife had a baby boy last night- he was a month early so needless to say it wasn't planned at all!  We got a call as we were getting out of the nutcracker.  Anyways, last night was a loss, they weren't prepared at all so I went and stayed at the hospital while she was in early labor while my brother went home to pack some bags and feed the dogs and such.  I left about 8:30 and they had the baby at 10 - quick moving!  anyways, going to meet him tonight after work.


      fr: yea - ate way too much at office xmas party on Saturday, wasn't really that hungry yesterday - yet still managed to down a lot of chips and salsa.  Made some new years resolutions list this weekend - and weight loss is on the top! 



        rtr-that sounds like a fun weekend, and another wedding item checked off the list! must be getting really excited for break.

        ou-congrats auntie!!! enjoy meeting the little one, that is exciting.

        RR: 15 saturday, 7 yesterday in the snow and then 10 this morning on the treadmill.

        NRR: had a great time at my sisters this weekend, finished up xmas shopping too. tonight is our holiday christmas party, its at a bowling place, so its pretty fun to have something to do and not just forcing conversations. haha.

        FR: had homemade pizza on saturday night and drank some yummy beer. was really fun.


          Good morning!  Monday again...  at least I have a four day weekend to look forward to after this week!


          RR - Will probably do 5 mi on the treadmill over lunch - weather is supposed to be rain and wind up to 60 mph, sheesh. Then lifting chest/tris/abs at the gym with DBF after work.

          NRR - Had a nice weekend relaxing and watching movies with DBF, and spent most of yesterday doing laundry, baking cookies, and watching NFL. Hoping this week at work goes by quickly, I am looking forward to a four day weekend for Christmas!

          FR - Sloppy joes tonight, I haven't had one in years and years but it sounded like a nice cold winter night dinner!


          Back in a bit for shouts!


            Quick post for me!

            RR: The only day I got out for a run was Saturday and I ran about 5 miles.  I was at TLC's house and this time didn't get lost.  He set up a "nascar route" for me . . . all left turns.  I could handle that.  It was snowing a little while I was running.


            NRR: TLC's cycle club party on Thursday night was fun.  I was exhausted Friday because I drove to work from his house and it was an hour commute and I had to be there by 7:15.  Friday worked, went to Costco (UGH!!) and then back to TLC's.  We were both exhausted so we took a nap and then went out for Thai which didn't sit well with either of us.  Saturday we went of a bunch of errands and then he rode his trainer while I went for a run and then off to the family party.  I was so nervous, but they were super nice and I ended up having a really good time.  I was pulled aside by a cousin and told how good it was to see TLC smiling after many years of not doing that.  : )  Woke up in the middle of the night with horrible tummy cramps and had to go to work still. : (  Barely made it through and came home and slept for the rest of the day.  Feeling better today. : )  Last week of working for WW.  


            FR: Not much yesterday except soup and a bagel.  Doing okay in this department though.  I haven't had too many Christmas treats except at parties.



              Hi all,


              RR: Nothing here lately as I get the back stuff sorted out. I have three adjustments with the chiro coming up this week. Been checking out some other gyms/swimming options/etc. just deciding what to do next. 


              NRR: Spent much  of the weekend cleaning and getting holiday decorations up. Kids come home tonight so just a few last-minute things to do this afternoon. Will work the rest of this week, but maybe try to do some of that from home so I can see more of them. 


              FR: Made version 2 of the Thai curry steak soup--it's better this time because I added some mushrooms and green peppers.


              RTR: Hope your 6 miler goes well!


              OU: Wow, that's an exciting time to have the baby arrive early! Is the baby doing well? 


              SJP: You are busting out the miles even during the holidays ... I'm so impressed. Homemade pizza and beer sounds wonderful.


              Seattle: Enjoy the 4-day week.


              Mia: 5 miles in the light snow sounds peaceful! So glad for you and TLC--you sound so content!


                I'm still here! Smile


                RR- Running? What's that? I'll have to let you know tomorrow what I end up doing today.


                FR- My mom had been using MyFitnessPal and had succussfully lost weight. Slowly. But it's staying off. She stressed that the thing that has been harder but has helped so much was getting a lot more protein into her body. So that's going to try to be my focus. I eat soooo many carbs, so I'm going to try replacing some carbs with protein. 


                NRR- Well while my mom was here we were lazy and read books a lot. But also walked and hiked a lot. I only got 1 run in. Which was over a week ago I think, and I have a bruise on the top of my foot from that run. It's pretty tender but I can still do my normal routine I didn't run into anything so I'm thinking I stretched a muscle and the bruise is from trying to massage it out.. Other than that, work has been kind of hectic, but I'll always take hectic over slow. 


                rtr- Busy weekend! Are you still doing your ten mile runs? 


                ou- An Aunt! That's exciting! 


                sjp- Nice job on your consistent runs.


                Seattle- Sloppy joes are awesome for cold weather! Enjoy.


                Mia- Things sounds great with TLC. Which I'm guessing is "the man"? Enjoy your last week at WW.


                MC- I hope your back is okay and gets to feeling better soon. Maybe yoga could be an alternative workout for a while?


                  rtr - I hope you have a nice run this evening!  It's always good to get back out there after a few days off.  Sounds like your weekend was a blast - and productive to get some wedding stuff and Christmas shopping done!  Do you have any favorite Christmas movies?


                  ou - I am with you on the one week countdown!  Hope you are able to fit a run in tonight.  Congrats on being an aunt, so exciting!  have fun meeting the little one Smile


                  sjp - way to go on your running mileage!  Pizza and beer is one of my favorite things to do on weekends...  I think DBF and I have really perfected our recipe, we've made some absolutely delicious ones lately.  Bowling sounds great for a Christmas party - it's totally less awkward than standing around making small talk!


                  Mia - glad your tummy is feeling better today... woohoo for last week of work at WW!  Yay for meeting TLC's family, glad it went so well!


                  MC - that soup sounds delicious.  I have been in soup mode lately... craving pho.  Nom nom.  Have fun spending time with the kids tonight!


                  snowden - props to your mom for getting on MFP!  My mom started it a month or so ago as well.  I definitely think bumping up the protein and the healthy fat can help, they keep you fuller longer for sure.  I know what you mean about preferring work to be hectic rather than slow...  mine should be pretty steady paced through the end of the month so that's good.  I always enjoy it when I've made it through the slow weeks and have more to do!


                    Hello again!


                    I ran four miles after work with a friend.  It felt good, but I wasn't in the mood to run more.  On Wednesday we're planning another, longer run.



                    Seattle:  As for Christmas movies, I really like Home Alone, Christmas Vacation and Love Actually.  You?  Hurray for a four day weekend coming up!


                    Snowden:  No, I got a nasty cold, so I stopped the ten milers for awhile.  I might try to get back into those after the break.  It sounds like you had a great time with your mom.  What did you read?


                    Foco:  Enjoy your kids' visit!


                    MIA:  How do you feel about it being your last week at WW?  That's so sweet what TLC's cousin said.


                    SJP:  Bowling for a holiday party sounds really fun!  Have a great time!


                    OU:  Congrats on being an aunt!  Is this your first?


                    Have a great night!