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    RR: 10 treadmill miles this morning, it is pouring here and there was threat of t-storms so i opted out. haven't watched morning tv in a while! dbf and i lifted last night, back and biceps, and feeling a little sore today--yay!

    NRR: went to bed early last night and feel much better today. i was so tired yesterday. dbf's friend is in town again (his work has a branch here and he comes quite a bit) so we may meet up with him.

    FR: trying a new pub in town, its local beer and food from farms in the area. burgers and such.

    mia-is dd's old dbf bad news? maybe i mis-interpreted. that is cool dbf can fix cars! sounds like a fun thing to take out on sunday afternoons. any word on jobs?


    ou-bet you like tuesdays when you are on vacation!



      RR: Ended up skipping crossfit last night and going for a long walk up the hill with my friend.  I was achey yesterday and it is my TOM, bleh!  The walk helped lots.  This morning going with friend to watch her son in a gold tournament and then we'll go for a run.

      NRR: Like I said I was just achey yesterday.  Did some school work, housework, and was also lazy.

      FR: lots of veggies.


      SJP: Always good to avoid thunderstorms.  No word on job yet, they said within 2 weeks and it's just been one week now - but I'm still getting anxious.  I don't think DD's ex is bad news, in fact, I like him, I just think he's a bit immature.  Maybe he's grown up some in the past 6ish months.  He was supposed to go to the same school as DD but decided to go to community college instead to save money.  I don't think DBF's car will be ready to drive anytime soon, it is totally stripped and the body is going to the body shop to be painted.  He has pulled the engine out and is going to work on getting it to run again.  I don't doubt he will do it, but I'm guessing it will take some time.



        Good morning!


        RR – 3 mi tempo run over lunch today – looks like another warm and sunny one.


        NRR – Whew, busy day yesterday both at work and at home!  I was pretty busy at work all day and then got home and spent 3 hours or so reading for class and getting caught up on homework.  Only four more weeks to go…  I can do it!  It’s tough when it’s so nice and sunny out and I just want to laze about!  Today is DBF’s one year anniversary at REI (I forget who asked when I last mentioned that, but he loves it there!) so we are going to dinner and probably some beers to celebrate!


        FR – Not sure what the plan is for dinner, I’m sure it will not be the healthiest and will probably involve some beer, but that’s ok for special



        Will try to make it back for shouts today!


          DBF and I apparently got our wires crossed and we are planning to celebrate tomorrow, not tonight... whoops!  Oh well, more time for homework tonight (yay...).  I had a great 3 mi tempo run over lunch, ran one of my fastest times on that course that I can remember!


          sjp -  love the "yay" to being sore - I definitely feel the same way, you know you've gotten a workout in that way!  How is morning TV?  Do you mostly just watch the news?  I like to watch HGTV when I am stuck on the treadmill... haha!  Glad you got an early bedtime and have a fun night planned - I love the local beer/local food concept, you'll have to let us know how it is!


          Mia - Boo to the achiness...  I hate feeling that way especially when paired with everything else from ttom.  Fingers crossed you hear from the job earlier rather than later - waiting is always the hardest part!  It seems like your DD is a smart girl so I"m sure she'll be able to steer clear of ex BF if he is still immature, I'm sure it's hard to trust that your kiddos will make the right decisions always though!